Fashion News: Interview with Swavor Clothing ( )


Christofer Brito is so happy and fortunate to hold an interview to the one great new clothing brand called Swavor Clothing ( ). Check my interview below for you to know what’s stuff they’re still cooking for us all..

  1. Tell me about your self?

My name is Christofer Brito, I am the Artistic Director at Swavor clothing and the creator behind the  classic swavor logo.  It is always been an honor to be placed in such an important role in the brand. Especially because I consider myself a very big fan of what we do. I live, breath, and dream everything and anything that has to do with fashion. I am currently attending my 2nd year at the fashion school ESMOD RENNES, I’m proudly one of their first Cape Verdean students. I’m working towards obtaining my degree in fashion design and pattern making.

2. Where you guys based? Country and City please.

We are based in the USA the D.M.V (DC,MARYLAND,VIRGINIA) to be  exact. The brand itself was born and is based in the Maryland area in the city of Rockville.

3. Tell me about your company and the brand ( Please explain all in here, like when & where do you guys started, who with you with? and how many of you in the company( staff and team) also, who is the brain or the CEO of the company?

 Swavor stands for shiek,Wealthy, arrogant,victourious,original,retail.  The concept behind the brand was created by the c.e.o  of  swavor, Shek Tarawallie in the year 2010. At the time I had met shek in a community college in Maryland. The brand was still just an idea. Luckily I had the skills to give the brand the tools it needed to advance. I was quick to realize that Shek was a marketing genius who only needed the right people around him. Swavor started off with exactly 191 dollars and two shirts that would be later known as “the classics”. From there we started to build a buzz around our hometown in the dmv area.erviewThe swavor staff members consist of Brandon Gatling (a.k.a Concrete Jungle) who is our media director, Shek Tarawallie who is the owner and the brain of the company, myself, and of course our representatives all over the world. 

4. Your brand is mainly on? Example – Street fashion wear, high-end fashion and so on. And please do explain why have you chosen to be on that field, why not to the other line?

The whole idea behind swavor is what makes it so interesting. We want to bring street wear and haut couture colliding together. We hope to bring to the table something new and fresh that no one has ever seen before. With the help of Art and history we don’t only make a simple collection or just smack designs on a t shirt. We are able to give a history lesson on the great conquerors of the world, through the art work they have left behind. Ultimately we hope to create our own genre in the fashion world.

5. What is your edge, you think ( the company) to the other same brands?

We do things very differently; we never follow what the next trend is going to be, or what people are going to be wearing this season. At swavor we like to take our own path and choose for ourselves what we think the next trend should be. In return our customers and our loyal supporters know whatever product they purchase from swavor no one else will have. We never copy or imitate anything that a brand has already done, in that term you can say we are pretty ignorant.

4. Your brand looks so dope, where do you guys get all of your inspirations/ideas on these creations or pieces you’ve had made? ( and please tell me on what certain design of tee or any pieces you’d really liked and in what thing/s it inspired with) Please gimme the item link for this one, or better yet, send me over the photo/s

When we begin a collection, shek will always be the one to find the perfect inspiration. It usually comes from a certain painter, a certain time in history, or even the mood of the world. One of the best examples, is the “death of socrates”  t shirt which depicts the moment when Socrates was forced to drink the mortal poison.  This was a painting done by Jacques Louis-David who is best known as Napoleons Bonaparte’s personal painter. This was an idea that Shek came up with to incorporate art with fashion. It was one of our most talked about piece of the season, and a best seller. It was a genius idea that really set the stage for swavor. Another best seller and a piece that will always be known as a swavor classic, is “America by Christofer Brito”.Its a true collectors piece that is very limited and a real collector’s edition which makes it  very difficult to find. I designed the piece myself to simply pay tribute to swavors love for its country. I was fairly surprised by the positive reaction it received after its release. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting it.


Morte de Socrates’ by Jacques Louis-David – $50.00



America’ By Christofer Brito – $59.99

5. Do you guys have account? if so, what it is?

No unfortunately we do not have a lookbook account yet, but It does look tempting. I will have to bring it up at the next meeting I have with shek.

6. Do your company get featured already? ( in the magazines or any form of media? if so, where it is? do you have any link on it? or at least a photo/s? if so, could you also send me over the photos or news paper scan photos if possible.

Yes, we have been featured on the Blueprint magazines next issue which should be in stores mid September 2012. Shek had the chance to conduct  an interview with them about the brand, which I do recommend reading if you like to know a little more. We are also featured in ESMOD Paris blog who wrote an article about myself and the brand. It is in French but you can run it through google translate in whatever language u require. We are expecting to be in a couple other fashion magazines and blogs very soon.


Check other Magazine interview here:

7. Do you guys have online shop/s and nearby / real stores? if so, what is the link and the where its located ( full address please)

We don’t have a store of our own just yet, but we do have our own online store. It can be reached at A second official seller of swavor online is karmaloop, the link is; If you ever find yourself in the Washington D.C. area we are in a sneaker boutique called kickk spott. Their address is  1436 WISCONSIN AVE NW; WASHINGTON, DC, 20007.

8. I’ve noticed most of your items are these men’s wear? (if I dont mistaken) Also, do you guys had plans to widen your market to girls fashion wears too?

We try to make our products unisex, so that both females and males are able to wear our cloth, and still be able to look great. Yes we are definitely looking into making cloth strictly for females. A swavor couture line is in the works at the moment as a possibility for the future. 

9. I know most of my readers would like to know your social media accounts and where they’ll usually find you, could you please list down all of your accounts? like twitter, facebook fan page, email, phone number/s and more..

Absolutely you can reach us on, , Feel free to contact us.

10. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally; our team makes sure that the transactions are always safe and secure.

11. Lastly, what do you want to say to all of my readers? ( you can put and tell everything here, like, your current promos, new collections and all.

I just hope you guys are able to enjoy swavor and hopefully enjoy our next collection, which I think will be one of our most original yet to come.  We are appreciative for the support and thank you for taking the time to read this great interview. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Brand Name: Swavor Clothing
Place of Birth: Maryland
Twitter: @SwavorClothing

Lacoste Color Blocking 2012 Fall/Winter Collection






I must say, last year Lacoste Fall/Winter Collection is much better than to this,own my opinion, though these pieces are still good but yet I found the last year collection way better and quirky than to this. Because look, its like these patterns and designs are been seen already into other brand’s season collection. But please bear with me here, this was only my own sight regarding this collection, Lacoste Color Blocking 2012 Fall/Winter Collection. But overall, this collection is much to have still..

About the availability and further details about the collection? oh no, sorry folks, because I haven’t have any information in my hands now, however, soon I got to know further and as the brand, Lacoste, updated their info about this collection. Sure thing! I will fully update you here on this awesome collection. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may visit the blog,, often. Thanks!


GOODENOUGH 2012 Fall/Winter August Releases


I know most of the dope guys out there are pretty excited to have their own pieces from this brand GOODENOUGH Fall/Winter collection 2012. Because look, these pieces are much way better and has its swag in every pieces from the brand’s,GOODENOUGH, collection. However, I only suggest you to have a great washing machine as you got some swagger pieces like these one. Of course, for the clothes to be lasted and can be use long time. Yeah! that’s the awesome secret which most guys doesn’t know yet. Because dudes nowadays are doesn’t much knowledgeable about how to proper keep the clothes. But I believed, soon you got to read this. I’ll definitely sure that you’ll consider your way to have this great washing machine.

The pieces on top are the one includes on the brand GOODENOUGH Fall & winter collection for this year 2012 that has been released this August already, I believed. However, I’d still doesn’t know yet the further details about these great pieces here like the availability,pricing ranges and in what main materials that these pieces made. But no worries, soon I got to know further. Sure thing! I’ll update you again in here.. Thanks so much and please dont forget my tip okay? which having a great washing machine is a must as you invest to some dope pieces like this GOODENOUGH collection here. Thank you!

By the way, thanks to @Fairyhobmother for giving me an awesome gift. Folks, you may also have a chance to receive some Fairyhobmother love by simply leaving some comments below. He mights visit your blog as well and get in touch for further offer or gifts. Thanks!

Melie Bianco hand bags


Though the blog is mainly into these dope men’s fashion and celebrities, I still occasionally include some of the chic pieces which girls would like to know about. Yeah, today, I suppose I’m pleased to tell y’all about these awesome bags that I found recently which are definitely hip too.  As soon as girls discovered how awesome the designs and how hip these bags are, I am sure that they will be hooked. I am talking about these Melie Bianco hand bags. One of the samples was this bag in the top photo. What do you think about it? Dope or not? I know you’ll definitely like it as much my sister’s do.

Another good thing about the brand is they really have reasonable prices on each of their bags. And as I’ve checked it, they are ranging about 50-300 bucks on each designer’s bag they have. Still good though, right? You may check the other info about the brand on their main site. Just search it over Google for more details. Also, I’ve heard that even celebs these days are having their Melie Bianco hand bag because the brand name is getting more and more popular. Personally, I really suggest a girl to have this brand of bag than to the usual bags out in the market these days.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may keep on visiting the blog for more fashion updates. Also, I will post on the other fashion brand that you must have to check about.



Seungri rockin on his Lacoste top



L!ve Cool Cats Short Sleeve Tipped Pique Polo by Lacoste

Recently, while I was roaming to these fansites of the Kpop group Big bang. Ive seen this awesome photo where Seungri, Big Bang member, wearing a great top and I must say, it gained so much attention to the netizers even today. On the photo on top. Seugri is wearing an nice Polo shirt from the brand Lacoste that has a item name of  L!ve Cool Cats Short Sleeve Tipped Pique Polo, you may check online as you wanted to have the same shirt like seungri have here.

Again, about the pricing and such details. I dont know it yet. However, soon as I got time to search further. I will definitely update this again on this blog. SO – please follow me on twitter for more fashion updates. Thanks so much!

Stussy 2012 Fall/Winter T-Shirt New Releases





Being connected in to these social media sites like facebook is indeed fun and informative. Because through this site you may update yourself on what’s hot and not when in regards to fashion as long to the world wide news. Today, while I was roaming on the facebook new feeds. I found out that the awesome dope street fashion wear brand called Stussy is had been released their new set of tees for their fall and winter collection that you may see on the top photos. I know most of the dudes out there are now getting crazed on these new set of tees because I admit, even me, I really do like the stussy rather I must say, all the pieces from the brand, Stussy, really speaks to my styles. That’s why I pleased to blog this brand, Stussy, often to this blog,

About the availability and the pricing ranges? well, I suggest you to take over on the brand’s main site here: and as for the pricing range, more or less the tee is approx. 24$ each as always. Why I know? because I’d often check their site..hehhe by the way, have you heard about this wiping a hard drive already? if not so, let me update you by my next post so please keep on checking this blog for more updates. Thanks!

Porter 2012 Fall “Jam” Collection




I dont know if it just me or you also got noticed it, where companies rather brand names today are used to have their own label of bags where they are like into same designs and concept like what you are seeing on the top photos. Yeah! admit it, you’ve also seen these kind of bags to the other brands,right? most especially the white design bag one. I think, Koreans are the one made this lead on today’s fashion today. Because Korean dramas are often uses these kind of bag as the main character fashion’s statement. I just noticed it though..

By the way, those bags on top are from the brand Porter for their fall ” Jam” collection. You may search online folks for more information about it. Because as this moment, I haven’t yet know any further details about this collection, however, like what I’ve always saying. I’ll update again as I got the full details of it soon.. Thanks so much and have a great start of the week to everyone.


The New Jansport bag



Recently, the famous bag brand Jansport had released their new set of bags. However, this bag is the only picture I got of the new collection, so please bear with me then, but you could search on over Google for the further info about the collection. And if I dont mistaken, Jansport had collaborated on the one other brand, and still, I dunno the brand name yet..hehe Okay, I will update this pretty soon for the full details. Please check often the blog,, for the updates and other fashion news.

By the way, Ive heard recently that most brands today are asking for equote term life insurance for their staff and employees. I will separately update this soon too. 🙂 Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Leather Kicks


On today’s men’s fashion. One of the most trends was this leather kicks, the one you’re seeing on the top photo. Because this kind of shoes is really versatile that might be use in any occasions. The kicks can be wear in your office, casual party and even to formal one. That’s why this kick is the most lead among all the kicks trends these days.

By the way, I’ve heard that omnimount is conceptualizing their own leather kicks. I will update you soon once it confirms. However, I suggest you take a look the site,omnimount, linked the link on the keyword, for more updates. Thanks!

Must-Have Scarves for the Perfect Wardrobe


Gone are the days when scarves are just mainly a winter staple. Yes, this fashion accessory often worn during the cold months in order to warm the neck  had reinvented itself and can now be worn all year round. A scarf can add color into a plain and boring outfit. Hollywood celebrities who jetset to different countries also wear a scarf as part of their airport fashion. Aside from the comfort it brings, it certainly has become a statement piece for fashionistas.


In order to complete the look of a perfect wardrobe, having just one scarf is not enough. If you are into fashion, invest on the following must-have scarves as they would come handy in the long run:


The Silk Scarf


This lightweight material is the perfect accessory for the summer season. Go for a silk scarf with fun and colorful designs that can easily brighten up an entire outfit. Some women even use a silk scarf to accessorize over sized handbags by tying them on the handle. Play with the different options available and learn a few tricks on how to wear them.


The Cashmere Scarf


It is the scarf for the winter season. Cashmere is very soft and smooth yet it provides warmth. Now some people are too lazy to dress up during winter time and often opt for an all black wardrobe: coat, top and boots. Add color to this ensemble by wearing a bright pink cashmere scarf. Wear it around the neck and have the ends dangle a little bit at the front or back. You can find videos on how to wear it in different ways.


The Printed Scarf


Printed scarves are for fashion forward individuals who love a little mix and match. Most women stay away from scarves with animal prints because they think that it’s hard to find outfits to complement it. Leopard print and floral scarves are the trends for this season. The key in order to avoid a fashion overkill is to not wear it with a printed top. Use this to break the monotone look of  plain black top but not as an accessory for an animal print blouse.


Dianne is a freelance content writer who loves shopping and fashion. Currently writing for tørklæder she sees this as a way to share information about scarves.