SISTAR – LOVING U (male version)

In general, people rather my readers sees this site,, is into entertainment and fashion at the same time now. Because I wanted to widen the site readerships and built the right kind of theme in it which took so long for me to distinguished though. But now, I am already pretty sure that entertainment and fashion are the ones great to put up here, that’s why I rebranded it to this niche few months back and still am working on it and putting some entertainment kind of posts are the ones I enjoyed to do about now here.

That’s why then, let me share with your this youtube video that I’ve found a minutes ago while I was checking it for the further or for might topic should I put in to this site and luckily this video entitled ” SISTAR – LOVING U (male version)” which one amused me because the song itself is indeed catchy and the arrangement of the sounds is perfectly put in together and the videos added too made the whole song quite entertaining and great to watch as well.

I intended actually to blog about some entertainment news but suddenly I more fond with kpop songs and musics. It’s perfectly fine, than to these news hang in the internet today. I think, I simply liked the unusual topics as part of an update of this site,, but occasionally I am also putting up some entertainment news as part of my site’s archives and of course for me to have a great of readership. Okay, I think I need to finish this post out and get back with my errands and finish all of it before the sun will goes down.


Facts about Tom ford eyewear

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If you look around and ask the fashion followers about there favorite and most preferred eyewear, the only name that will come out of them will be Tom ford. We should know the reason behind the success of tom ford and how it becomes the icon in fashion. It has played a great contribution in the optical industry and has been well-known as the best and influential manufacturer of the eyewear from the last decade. That’s why Tom Fod eyewear has become the first choice of every one right now.

Let’s see how tom ford became a legend in the fashion industry and from where tom ford came up on the path of its successful career. Tom ford’s way to the legend of fashion started when he went to the city of New York when he was just a teen ager. There he took the admission in NYU in the department of art history. 1986 was the year when tom ford became attached to a legend fashion designer Cathy Hardwick and he became one of his favorite staff. Just after two years, he became director of design in a famous company Perry Ellis. Later in 1990 he got attached with Gucci as a designer of women outfit. He spent an extraordinary time in Gucci. In 1994 Gucci appointed him as creative director.

When Tom Ford joined the Gucci, the company was going to be bankrupt. Tom ford turned the status of the company around. Tom ford brought the glamour back to the fashion industry and pulled the profit of $4.3 into the Gucci. But in an unexpected event tom ford resigned from the Gucci n 2004 and dived into the industry of fashion.

After that tom ford brought a great revolution in the optical industry and launched great varieties of the eyewear including vision glasses and sunglasses. Now eyewear of tom ford has become the foremost brand in fashion industry. You can have the best styles and designs of the sunglasses. These beautiful sunglasses of outstanding designs have been manufactured in Italy as it is the hub of fashion industry. Tom Ford eyewear has become the most favorite and preferred brand of many celebrities and it will remain to be their favorite brand. You can buy lot of new and fashionable designs of tom ford brand. You can choose any design like Italian or American. You will never be disappointed with the tom ford’s glasses and you will feel like a star after experiencing them.

As these sunglasses have been designed by an experienced and popular artist that’s why their price is a bit high. You can have the Tom Ford eyewear at a price ranging from $200 to $700. If you are keenly looking for a nice offer then you should search these glasses online. Many sites are there that provides you the sunglasses at very affordable rates. There is another option as well; if you have to save a reasonable amount of money then you will have to buy these glasses in whole sale. Later on you can sell these glasses to your friends or relatives at your own selected rates.

Vintage wedding rings for the occasion

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Since the recent past, His and Her Wedding Bands have started to gain a good lot of importance as they relaxed, and they feel very satisfied. Modern jewelry has its own grace, but vintage jewelry plays an important role in everyone’s life. That was very good in 1920 is known, and known as old-fashioned jewelry. The knowledge of the actual value of vintage jewelry is a high productivity. This mainly includes rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. Gold and silver plating is for some of the clothes made jewelry, but it does not mean that the larger parts to be manufactured with such expensive metals. Vintage rings are the cheapest and most attractive part of such jewelry. Famous costume designs have greatly increased along with the hike in their costs.

Modern people always want some kind of change with respect to any matter that they acquire for themselves. If you are the one who really wants are some recent, but highly valued changes then known that ancient trends should be accepted again by the people.

Wedding Rings are the most important example of this category. Along with this, a woman can seek for the breathtaking trailer. This type of jewelry is a truly worthy and is considered the most valuable part of life. Wedding rings and Wedding Bands are a symbolic part of human heritage, which remains the fact that the couple together when they have made commitment is taken into account. The original band was a solid gold band that was very simple and stable in its diversity. Another fact is that time changes everything, and it applies in the case of vintage jewelry. Other than these, are vintage rings with constant breathtaking views, to be purchased by certain changes within the ring or the metal available. The best part is, as engagement rings, which are commonly known as a bridal sets. Rings can be used for any type of occasion, what it can be selected. It may also be suitable for women or for men of all ages.

The designs of such rings are depending on the situation or the occasion. One should bear the person, a good knowledge about the different types of vintage jewelry. If an individual is new in this field then no problem, he can either take suggestions from a jewelry expert or through online searches. Prices of different trinkets hanging things like:

1. Design

2. Type of metal used

3. Types of stones used

4. Size of the jewelry

The jewelry will be made available from the online stores or from the shopping centers, but the quality must be guaranteed before any kind of treatment process. The net worth of vintage costume jewelry also depends on the shift in demand. Knowledge of understanding collectable items required for a profit and with the latest fashionable ornaments. The design and the model can be formed depending on the choice of the individual or the owner.

Why You Should Try Online Dating

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Although some people may not like the idea of meeting their special someone online, the fact that online dating has become more popular over the years cannot be denied. It has become the most popular way to meet the man or woman of your dreams because the internet is easily accessible and there are hundreds of dating websites to help people find a partner. You no longer have to go to a bar, make small talk and eventually pick up strangers or wait for a friend to match you with a person with the same interests as you. Online dating is faster, easier and more convenient. Nowadays, it is considered a generally acceptable form of dating.

Probably the main reason why people choose online dating is because they get to select from many potential “candidates”. You can select the perfect person from millions of members. You can filter everything from physical traits like height, weight, hair and eye colour, to ethnicity, religion etc. You will definitely find potential life partners just at the click of a mouse and from the comfort of your own home. You will also get to meet people with the same hobbies and interests, and be on the same page as to the type of relationship they are hoping to have. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about being rejected. It is not a big deal if you do not hear from someone since you can always choose again.

Charity and Fashion


Presented by ChanLuu

Fashion designers are often admired for their creativity and talent while models are idolized for their beauty and elegance. Some people might think that these individuals have no substance beneath their stylish personas but the truth is many of them are advocates of charitable causes and use their popularity and influence to help those who are in need. Ralph Lauren’s charities are the Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts’ The Burberry Foundation helps youths all over the world succeed in their school, work, and creative life. Chan Luu on the other hand, created the Ethical Fashion International which helps provide jobs to the people of Kenya and Haiti. Another charitable fashion designer is Donatella Versace whose Starlight Children’s Foundation helps improve the lives of needy children. Kenneth Cole’s charity Awearness – The Kenneth Cole Foundation helps raise awareness of various social issues. They are only but a few of those charity-minded individuals in the fashion world.