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Sponsored Video: Uncaging Football #uncagefootball

July 24, 2014

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Everyday life has become so busy and fast-paced that I sometimes get the feeling that I do things automatically just like a robot. Because of this, I do not get to enjoy the good things in life the way I used to. There are even times when the activities that I once loved doing no longer appealed to me. I have become less passionate about them which I know is something that I should instantly curb otherwise I would be living an unhappy and meaningless life. I realized that I am too serious and rigid and that I am living life for all the wrong reasons.

This is pretty much the same message that Tiger Beer’s latest campaign, Tiger Street Football 2014, conveys. It is more easily understood because of a short video featuring Deco (Anderson Luís de Souza), a retired Brazilian-born Portuguese professional footballer, who happens to be one of the few players to have won the UEFA Champions League with two different clubs – FC Porto in 2004 and FC Barcelona in 2006. It shows him walking in an empty stadium, thinking how football is such a beautiful game. He thinks that sometimes instead of playing with their hearts, people play with their heads. They lose track of why they play football in the first place. Since football is so beautiful, Deco wonders why people keep it caged and says that true football should be free. This means that it can be played anywhere, even on the streets (as symbolized by the stadium exploding), with fun and passion.

Tiger Beer, the world famous Singaporean beer brand brewed in 11 countries and available in over 75 countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East, presents #uncagefootball, transforming football for the better and “uncaging” it from its traditional chains through Tiger Street Football 2014 which is a great break from traditional football. Fans are invited to share their views on what they love and hate about football by July 28 and suggest new rules for the game by visiting the Tiger Uncaged Football Website. The fan with the best rule suggestion will win a trip for two to Barcelona and will meet Deco. Only those from Singapore, Australia, and Cambodia can join.

Please visit the Tiger Facebook page to stay updated with the latest information about Tiger Beer and subscribe to the Tiger Youtube channel to view all their campaigns. You can likewise spread the campaign by tweeting and sharing Deco’s video on the Tiger Twitter page using #uncagefootball.

Sponsored By: Tiger Beer

Finding Fashionable Outdoor Footwear for Women

July 24, 2014


Outdoor footwear for women can come in all sorts of designs. Women’s outdoor footwear also comes in various fabrics and textures. Beyond fashionable, outdoor footwear is typically functional for hiking, walking and other outdoor activities.

Matching Function with Fashion in Women’s Outdoor Footwear

Roughing it in the great outdoors does not have to make a woman rough around the edges. No matter if she is a rugged outdoorsy type or just someone looking for some adventure off the beaten path, she can find stylish, functional outdoor footwear without giving up her womanly touch and sense of style. Women shopping for outdoor footwear want comfort and style as well as a highly functional design for whatever types of activities that they plan on doing outdoors. Given the recent releases of numerous shoe designers, woman can find outdoor footwear designed for them that allows them to match function with fashion.

Outdoor Footwear Designed with Women in Mind

There are countless shoe designers who want to capture the eye of women who are in the market for outdoor footwear. They pour over countless mounds of market research garnered from consumer polls and market surveys, keeping the end user in mind as they put together footwear designed for women who want to go on outdoor adventures or just get the outdoorsy look. These designers release outdoor footwear designed for women that are designed to work for women and what they want out of such footwear.

Better Deals and Offerings Online

Women shopping for outdoor footwear have gone through the ordeal of going from store to store, searching for the right fit, the right feel and right fashion in women’s outdoor footwear. This type of shopping venture tends to end with a woman feeling drained and frustrated as well as empty handed in her search for the right outdoor footwear. Whether it is the mall or at an outlet store, sometimes a woman just cannot find what she is looking for in stores. Outdoor footwear for women is not immune to this predicament.

One of the best options for women seeking the best values and the best offerings on outdoor footwear is for them to shop online. Online retailers like Sneaker King tend to have extensive inventories as well as detailed product descriptions. Women can use Sneaker King to shop women’s UGG Boots and other name brand in women’s outdoor footwear.

Best way to shop online

July 23, 2014

 photo Menscloset-lowres_full_zps9a32357d.jpeg

On this modern days, we guys are used to be shopaholic too. Because guys wanting themselves to be looking stylist more often due maybe of their profession or they just wanted to be look like their fashion icons or whatsoever. Whatever could it be, it is doable for everyone to be looking great and rock these awesome trendy pieces which are available in the market today. However, most of the time, these pieces we’re like to have were these designer’s pieces and have the mostly high valued prices in each that we couldn’t consider at all. Because still, majority of us wanting to have their eager items on the practical way than spending a lot of bucks in just single item, right? so – here’s the deal! you may try to check out these online stores than to the nearby mortar stores. Because over online, there’s really a tons of stores that are catering these well known brands and yet they used to have the best deal you could ever have than having it on to the physical stores. And one of the best store I used to hang and where I used to buy my stuff was this shop called They did have the most dope items that we guys should have…

 photo FP_east_20140722_apo_zps22b212c3.jpg

Actually, at this moment. East Dane is now having an 25% off deals on their entire items over the site. Just use the coupon code : 25EXTRA upon checkout for you to avail the deal. Also, if you had missed this, no worries then!! because you can still check on their sales items over this link: for your convenient. And not just that! East Dane also offers an free shipping worldwide and free returns to these customers residing in the US and Canada. So, what are you waiting for dudes? go check the shop now and take the advantage this deals while it’s still on..

Good hotels are the important subsidizers to a great vacation

July 23, 2014

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When one goes for a vacation, then lures for comfort and ease of life. The comfort of the life totally depends upon the staying place. If the staying place is not good and compatible to us, then enjoyment and pleasure of the trip is reduced to half whereas if the staying place is convenient, the joy gets doubled. The hotels not only provide you the night stay but also an unforgettable experience and joyful everlasting moments of life. It is the best place to just relax and get extreme care of yourself with their great services only and only for you.

The hotels not only provide you a best location for your vacation stay but also for some great party occasions to celebrate with your friends and relatives.

Hotel packages in Tallinn are one of the best hotel packages in Estonia and people of various countries can enjoy their culture with the utmost luxury services by the hotel management system.

Services of the hotel:

  • Perfect ambience: The interior of the hotel really matters a lot. If you book a room for your stay, then the interior and its surrounding environment will be such that only and if you appoint for some special occasion, then the arrangements and ambience will be built accordingly to grace the occasion more beautifully.
  • Crowned head treatment: When you avail for the accommodation services of the hotellipaketti tallinna, then you will feel like you are the most important person on this earth and all the focus of the manpower staff will be employed under your services to allure you with all the comforts. Excellent housekeeping and flawless services are one of the most critical services of the hotel management department.
  • Great connections: The hotel system provides the best communication services so that of you want to communicate with the hotel staff members for some material or have some query, then the housekeeping person will be immediately reported to you with the instant call from your end.
  • Inside movements: One can not only enjoy the blissful stay at the rooms but can also spend valuable time at the other areas such as swimming pools, games room, spa rooms and gyms. The special amenities are provided for the children, they can enjoy at the kid section and the elders can enjoy at the bar sections also.
  • Immediate room services: The room services like cleanliness and food facility are provided various times by the hotel management system. The standard and luxuries of the room will alter as per your pocket allowance.
  • Online bookings: One can easily pre book as much as rooms required online only and can plan for the vacations without any stay issues. You can make some advance payment through your smart cards and avail to all the services without any much effort from your side.
  • Safeguard facilities: The hotel apart from providing extravagant facilities to their customers provides utmost security to them as well as their belongings. The special guards are kept to ensure your safety at first. All other safety precautions are also preserved for some natural hazards.

Portable Hi-Fi Headphones That Won’t Break the Bank

July 22, 2014

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No one likes to spend a ridiculous amount of money on anything. However, when it comes to personal style one must strike a balance between quality and style and headphones are no exception to the rule. With Privates Wireless Headphones by Outdoor Tech, you don’t have to empty your wallet. Instead, you get cool and convenient set of headphones at a completely affordable price. With a wireless headset, you can jam to your favorite tunes in style anywhere at any time. Walk down the street, chill by the pool, hike up a mountain, or go for a jog without having irksome cords get in the way. Privates’ Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly connect your phone, laptop, or tablet so you can enjoy music without hassle.

Comfort and Convenience

Canvas wrapped around the headband makes the Privates’ design durable and long lasting. With seven colors to choose from, you can get the perfect neutral or vibrant hue that works with your style and personality. Swivel ear pieces and adjustable sides move to fit your head just right for maximum comfort. Aside from the convenience of going wireless, swipe technology allows for super easy usage. A touch pad on the right ear piece means you can adjust the volume or change tracks with one swift movement. Simply swipe your finger up or down to make the music louder or softer and swipe right or left to go on to the next song or back to the previous one.

Cool Features

When you try out these incredible headphones you won’t want to take them off, and you won’t have to for at least 10 hours. During those hours, you can do more than just listen to music. One button allows you to take hands-free calls whenever your phone starts to ring. To keep you updated on how much juice you have left, a fuel gauge shows displays the remaining battery power. When you want to tuck the headphones away for easy transport or storage, you can fold them to fit into smaller spaces. If you don’t have access to Bluetooth technology or don’t have Bluetooth devices, you can use the jack to plug in the device. You can also plug the headphones in and use them if you forgot to charge them. Every time you slip Privates over your ears, you can tune out the world around you and relax to your favorite tunes in a high quality and stylish fashion.

Outdoor Tech’s Privates headphones are made to make your music experience more enjoyable and convenient. Cool swipe technology makes the headphones easy to use and adjustable features make them comfortable to wear. This is a long lasting music experience you don’t want to miss.

The fit and pride for the replica Breitling watches

July 17, 2014

A watch tells you “the time” so true and perfect the statement is. A Luxury on a wrist is everyone’s wish but not everyone may afford it. Since years watches are symbols of a person’s affluence, Style and personality. One can wear them but what matters is how you carry them under your sleeves with sense of pride and generosity.

Breitling watches have been known for that perfection and an “aura” it casts on others looking at them. This time piece is a token of pride and precision for the owner for his lifetime. Since years the glory and shine of Breitling watches has cast its spell on many admirers. The price of these time machines can actually make a big hole on ones bank account as they cost thousands of dollars depending upon the specific model one chooses to wear. It is beyond a reach of a common man except he may always wish to own one.

Now to put those sparks in the eyes and offer that sense of pride is where the replica Breitling watches fit the bill. Not only one gets that satisfaction but also the feeling of that luxury on your wrist to own one without a hefty price tag. Many of these Breitling replicas are available way within a common mans budget and affordability.

Gift to Cherish – Replica Breitling Watch

Whatever the moment or occasion is for anyone a watch is never a NO. Thus, a replica Breitling watch makes a perfect fit as a gift for anyone. Be it a friend, relative, father or a husband who appreciate the art of fine craftsmanship and understand the value of finer things in life this comes as a chosen gift for them. No wonder people who would look at it would undoubtedly be impressed.

Going by the fine quality of breitling replica watches it is utmost difficult to mark out a difference between it and the authentic timepiece. Price difference for sure is one of the most visible and known difference but for an average person it is much difficult to spot on the same.

 photo Breitling-John-Travolta-David-Beckham_zps4014c2a7.jpg

Replica Breitling watches are available in the same design as the authentic ones. Be it the craftsmanship, style, luxurious looks, comfort, elegance it is all the same. For all reasons it is a perfect gift for people who wish to associate themselves with the tag and luxury. A right value for price and a look and feel of luxury timepiece is what makes Replica Breitling Watch as top seller where people desire a luxury watch with a pocket friendly price tag.

Known for their unmatched Quality, revolutionary designs, unique style, Luxurious tag and amazing features makes Replica Bretiling watch an undisputed prized possession for anyone. With technological revolution purchases have been easy online. One may go online browse and pick up a replica product matching the same top of style and luxury at much affordable price.

With so much of top in line qualities and luxury, you have all the reasons to wear a replica Breitling watch on your sleeve and “May the TIME be on your side”.