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5 ways to make your outfit more stylish

October 24, 2014

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While fashion is something that is currently in and can be bought, the style is something yours, something you can create.

Yes, we do agree that editors, bloggers and fashion magazines can be helpful by sharing their style advices, but people who have become style icons and eternal inspiration (Jane Birkin, Carine Roitfeld, Alexa Chung and others) have become that only by their own with their impeccable and authentic feeling for styling.

Because at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters: how have you stylized your complete look, and creation of styling is free. You don’t have to pay anything, it is only necessary to master key points, relax and let yourself go.

Autumn is coming. Cold mornings, the trees are a sleep, sunshine and rain is changing places daily, our heads are tucked into hoodies, the hands are swirling around pockets, and we are drinking a favorite hot drink in our favorite bar. Hot coffee during the cold morning, this looks like a scene from our favorite autumn movie, and main actors are definitely looking good in these scenes and their clothing and fashion styles are impeccable.

We are bringing you this time 5 tricks that will help you to make your styling flawless and completely noticed this autumn. Before starting with different styles, watch this year for sweaters, because this autumn sweaters will be one of the most important and at the same time one of the most favorite things in fashion. Sweaters could be worn during whole year, but they are especially trendy during the cold months. Depending on the weather conditions we choose softer ones made from cotton, wool or cashmere. During the last few fashion weeks we had opportunity to see collections for spring / summer 2015, and famous bloggers, models and stylists have transferred that to the streets, and in these stylings the sweater has had the main role.

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Roll up your sleeves and jeans

Long sleeves are just made so you can roll them up, especially if you are wearing shirt. Also a few buttons should be unbuttoned, and sleeves should be rolled up to the elbow or just below it. The same case should be with jeans. These two types of stylization are the easiest way to make your outfit look cool and leisure. For elegant look, our proposition is to wear black saloon pants, it is quite enough to look classy and trendy.

Wear a blazer around your shoulders

There isn’t anything more fashionable then silky blazer leisure thrown over the shoulder, and if it is in navy blue color, there you have it, a bonus! Today you can buy for more than affordable price buy a model that will look elegant and chic, and then all you have to do it is throw it over your shoulder.

Make a tie around your waist

The easiest way to put accent on your waist, without a belt is to tie your blouse or shirt in the middle into small hitch. Bowties and ribbons are for kids, it is much more creative and attractive to just put it in your jeans, pants or skirt.

Part tucking in

Instead of tucking in the whole shirt In your pants or any other lower part of clothing, do it only with one part, in a way that the rest is freely falling over. This is one of the simplest ways to make your clothes look leisure. You can do the same with your shirt, jumper or blouse.

Seal the things with belt

Slim leather belt is a great accessory which can transform each and every outfit. From shirt, a belt can create a dress, and from sash a great detail for trench and it can also freshen up the coat or oversized jumper. Also, the belt doesn’t have to be put exactly at the waist; you can let it fall to your sides if you want to have a more laid back look. For this styling you don’t need much time, and the effect is more than great.

Before you hit the streets and the mall for a tour of shopping, be sure to check your finances, because financial crisis is still around somewhere. If you have tendency to put yourself in debt when going on a shopping spree, you can try talking with debt consolidation professionals such as national debt relief or freedom debt relief. They can help you minimize and organize your debt consolidation and in that way you will be able to have more money to spend during your shopping sprees. Sounds good, right? There isn’t anything better, then some extra money to be spent on improvement of your personal styling.

Wearing Clothes According To Your Body Type

October 21, 2014

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To look your best in the clothes you wear, you should know first your specific body type because understanding your body figure is an essential aspect of building your personal style. Remember that not all colors, designs, fabrics, and trends suit every figure. The five general body shapes are Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, and Hourglass (the most ideal body shape). Once you know your shape, you will be able to correct and hide parts of your body so you can achieve a balanced silhouette.

If you have an Apple figure, opt for colors that will make you look slim suck as black, brown, navy, and gray. Avoid overly busy prints or patterns and instead go for subtle prints. Choose fabrics like matte jersey, cotton, and wool. Pear-shaped women should wear darker colors to slim the rear, hip, and thigh area. She should not wear an all over pattern or print and opt for fabrics like matte jersey, cotton, and polyester blends. Those with a rectangle shape should wear bright colors to create the illusion of a bigger body. Wear bold prints and patterns and choose clingy fabrics like silk and satin as well as stretchy ones like spandex and cotton.

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A woman with an Hourglass figure is lucky because she can wear almost any color. Keep in mind though that white, cream, light pink, baby blue, and canary yellow makes you look larger than you really are. Most prints and patterns look great on a woman with this figure. Since curves should always be emphasized, form-fitting fabrics like spandex, leather, cotton, and matte jersey are the best. Steer clear of overly heavy fabrics. The Inverted Triangle body shape is the most athletic-looking silhouette characterized by wide shoulders and lack of curves. Wear clothes that will draw attention away from your shoulder line. Opt for clothes that will make your hips and thighs look fuller and rounder.

Caring For Your Leather Briefcase

October 21, 2014

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There are different types of bags that men can use such as backpacks and messenger bags but a leather briefcase is something that can be used for a very long time because of its durability. Furthermore, its style is timeless. If you work in the corporate world, you should have at least one, like for instance a Marc Jacobs Classic Leather Briefcase. However, briefcases are subject to moisture, oxidation, and abrasions so it is important to take necessary steps to take very good care of them. Cleaning your briefcase with water, soft cloths, and leather conditioners will maintain the briefcase’s appearance while preserving its soft grain and flexible texture.

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When your leather briefcase gets wet, blot the wet spots right away with a dry cloth. Do not rub it and have it air-dried. Condition the leather briefcase every six months by using a conditioning product that is used primarily for leather. Use a soft cloth or a sponge applicator to apply the conditioner. You should also wipe the inside of the leather briefcase at least once a month by using a damp cloth. Remember to store them in the closet when you are not using them, away from dirt and sunlight. It is best if you place them in a box or fabric bag. Also bear in mind that if you live in a hot and dry place, it is advisable to condition the leather every three months instead of six to keep the leather supple.

If you want to shop for a leather briefcase, you may do so at East Dane. This well-thought off store gives a straightforward take on men’s fashion. Those who like well-constructed, classic pieces and do not care much about trends will find shopping in East Dane totally enjoyable. They have a wide selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories. You will find items from both famous and new designers. Some of the well-known brands are Adidas, Calvin Klein Underwear, Converse sneakers, Gucci, Havaianas, Marc by Marc Jacobs collections, Paul Smith, and Ray-Ban.

A Rolex For Everyone

October 17, 2014

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A Rolex is every person’s dream watch. It has been around for generations and is considered the ultimate status symbol since only wealthy individuals have the luxury to buy them. You can safely say that a man who owns one has “arrived” big time. There are many popular branded watches, but a Rolex stands out. Nowadays, you can buy one if you really want to because there are online stores that sell affordable used Rolex watches that are in great condition. It is just like having a brand new watch.

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One such store is Swiss Wrist, the premier destination for discounted authentic preowned Rolex watches. They have been in business for many years, thus having built the most extensive watch dealers network in the business enabling them to purchase from the biggest dealers across the entire industry. Furthermore, their goal is for customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases. All their timepieces are meticulously restored to mint condition by their team of highly-skilled and experienced technicians. Among the wide array of Rolex watches they sell are used men’s, women’s, vintage, sports and black Rolex models. One of their more popular sports models is the Rolex Daytona.

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Buy with confidence since all items have a three-year warranty. Swiss Wrist also gives you the chance to earn extra money by buying your used Rolex watch. They pay market price and give free quotes for all watches of interest. You can likewise trade your Rolex for an upgrade. The great thing about this store is that they also sell a vast selection of new and unworn Rolex watches. They deliver through UPS or FEDEX. Items will be received 2 days after shipping. As for payment methods, they accept Google Checkout, Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bank Wire transfer, and Certified Check/Money Order for domestic orders, and Bank Wire transfer for international orders.

How to buy the original Printer toner cartridges and ink for your printer

October 15, 2014

The Toner cartridges having its own life near about 1 & ½ years or max 2 years and this is the position apart from the toner cartridge is generic, OEM or refurbished. In the event that you scarcely ever make utilization of your toner, you could perhaps wind up needing to toss the entire shabby toner cartridge away after several years of simply sitting inside your printer. How computer toner cartridges of a printer go bad in-between a year? The first thing you need to know that what the toner printer happens to be and how just it acts. Normally toner was made for that simple purpose of putting text or images on paper. Although they may be fairly equivalent in purpose, cheap toner cartridges are very different than printer ink.

In the time you are a caring user of a computer printer, and then you have to calculate that the experts have conceived when circumstances of such kind emerge:

Reprocess: this is one of the good thing to reuse the toner cartridge at the time its gets exhausted. Since it is hard to reuse it independent from anyone else, you can clearly purchase quality-reused things from the stores close you or you can even purchase them from the online stores. These toner cartridges are normally not made up by the style of creative companies. Motionless the quality of these toner cartridges is great in reality and they give magnificent execution as well.

Restore: Replacing the empty cartridge is another method to workout your problem. You can supplant your current cartridge with the ones from presumed organizations. The cartridges from Brother or HP can be great options for you. You can a lot of alternatives with your machine retailers. Though, persons are viewing more attention when purchasing them from online market nowadays.

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Refilling: The choice of refilling is moral less low cost than the other options. Here, you can refill your cartridge with new ink. Notwithstanding, you ought to take help of the individuals who are talented to do these things. Notwithstanding, prolonged procedure can be a touch of humiliating for you. In this circumstance, it is constantly great to purchase another toner cartridge. It could be faster and safe then any additional method to trace out the problem connected with the toner cartridges. The HP toner cartridges are one of the best module at present days which one chosen by the user of computer printer who are serious.

Have some time to investigate about a company before buy their goods. Suddenly, all the company are not same. It is well worth recollecting that remanufactured toner cartridges have attributes equivalent to that of another rebate toner cartridge. Either sort of cartridge can essentially diminish your printer costs.

A renowned company will provide a strong guarantee. They will regular propose for a money back assurance. In the event that any organization’s guarantee for their toner cartridge is short of what a year, you have to discover an alternate organization. In the event that you know any individual who has long ago purchased anything from the organization, have a go at talking with them about their experience. At last you have completed this, having experience to buy your cheap rate toner cartridge and take a test page print.

Fall Fashion Must-Haves For Men

October 13, 2014

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Nowadays, there is no excuse not to wear stylish clothes because of the abundance of online stores. You can shop anytime you like at your convenience. Even some men are into fashion and always follow the latest trends. This fall season floral printed shirts are still trendy. Think of it as a modern Hawaiian shirt. Along with shirts, well-tailored printed pants and shorts are also in fashion. Wearing sports coats and bomber jackets is also a cool fashion statement no matter what type it is (leather, wool, athletic etc.). It is also nice to wear color blocked shirts in horizontal and vertical patterns paired with either pants or shorts.

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Since it is the start of the cold season, wearing thicker clothes is a must. Patterned or printed jackets in camouflage, plaid, and floral is another trend. This looks good when paired with solid colored pants or shorts. Men can also wear well-fitted high rise or rolled pants but keep in mind that this style would look better with casual pants compared with a suit. Other must-haves are men’s blazers, Parka jackets, and duffle coat.

You can find all these trendy pieces at many online stores and one of them is East Dane. Launched in 2013 as the brother site to and a division of BOP LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of, it is a well-thought off store that gives a straightforward take on men’s fashion. Whatever your personality is, there are clothes here for you from both famous and new designers. They have a wide selection of clothes like men’s vests, shirts, pants, jeans, outerwear etc.; footwear like rubber shoes, boots, and sandals; and accessories like bags, belts, hats, and jewelry.