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What’s your “Go to wear” clothes?

May 21, 2015

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Might most of you aren’t that fond of wearing those basic clothes for your daily errands. But to others these finds were fine and can actually pull off the total style. Actually, for today’s men fashion basic styling and clothes are the hottest because they’re the usual comfortable and with the proper mix and matches it can definitely turns good as long you’d know the right pieces for you. You can actually check out East Dane Shop for the list of basic items that you might use as you pleased or at least wanting to try this kind of fashion styling.

Actually, when it comes to my own fashion statement, I really prefers basics whether for my casual and formal wears. Though it is great if you could wear off those high-ed clothing for certain occasions or events and yet I think basics were the most safe to wear especially now that people were fascinating to “normcore” fashion where they can turn the basic clothing into finest ones. I think this kind of fashion were gone started in Australia that slowly evades even the asian market, hence we better try it on now because it might gone big soon – to the fashion scene.

 photo 11137103_919903614699398_7340732843060970834_n_zpsoc2g4rlc.jpg

But of course you can still rock the Classic Styling by having the right pieces and accessories at East Dane. But you have make sure that each pieces were can get along to one another, I mean it does compliment each other especially the color’s matching. You can check the idea styling on the top photo for you to have the visual on how you can style yourself dandy and pretty neat this summer season

If you had learnt the idea already and knew on how you can turn basic clothes to normcore. I think to finish it off, you should have a great pair of shoes that can spice up the total outfit you’d trying to pull off. No worries, East dane got all the trendy shoes available today in the market from the high-end brands down to the local brands they have.

Top weight loss sports

May 19, 2015

Obesity is one of the major problems faced by millions of people all over the world. Being obese is one of the most disgusting health conditions which a person can attain in his life. An obese people will face issues both in his personal and professional lives. The problems in his personal lives start from mere health issues to marital relationship conflicts. A person who is obese will be the storehouse of various lifestyle diseases, and it includes high blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. Sometimes, these problems may climb some new heights and will result in myocardial infarction and stroke. An obese person will also have huge problems in his bed. Most of the ladies love to engage in wild sexual encounters, and they always try to unleash new sexual positions. But an obese person will find it hard to become flexible in bed, and he will literally fail to take her to new heights of ecstasy. His problems in professional lives includes hesitation to present himself before others, and inferiority complexes. These issues will impact his career growth in a very negative manner. This article will provide you details of some top sports which you can play regularly to cut off those extra packs of flesh from your body. For more details, please click,

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Play football: This is one of the best sports you can play in a regular manner to cut off your weight. Playing football demands huge physical activities, and it will help you to lose your weight in quick time. A person who plays football regularly will be stronger in his legs and thighs. He will also have impeccable cardiac strength which he attained over continuous running through the football ground. If you wish to maintain your body fitness along with cardiac strength, then playing football will be the best option for you.

Try badminton: This is another game which you can play to cut off your weight. Badminton is best for people who wish to cut off their abdominal fat. This game demands much bending of hip, and here lies its positive effects on abdominal muscles. Playing badminton is also beneficial for your heart health, as it demands much reflexes. You can also try tennis as a part of your weight loss campaign.

Try running: Sprinting is another best way by which you can shed those extra flesh pieces from your body. Sprinting for 800 meters will shed lots of sweat, and this will help you both internally and externally. It will make your body free from fat deposits, and you will also feel rejuvenated from the inner core. If you are not fit enough to run hard, then you can try jogging. Old people can do walking in the morning and evening to cut off their weight.

If you have started your fitness campaign, then make sure that you are doing the physical activities for at least 60 minutes a day. For more details on physical fitness and weight loss exercise, please click the link given below, Methandrostenolone is c17 alpha alkylated.

Dazzling Your Way to a Party

April 28, 2015

 photo Jennifer-lopez-high-heels_zpsszbrgvgj.jpg

I am sure I am not the only one who is fond of shopping online. A busy person like me hardly has time to do leisurely things let alone shop for the things I want and need. Thanks to online shopping I can now buy whatever I see at online stores even during my spare time. I also like the fact that they carry a lot of unique and affordable items that you sometimes do not see at brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, you can choose items to your heart’s delight because of the multitude of online stores around. Even popular designers now have online stores where they showcase and sell their old and new collections.

If you are someone who adores beautiful, dazzling stuff, then you will surely like shopping at Luxbutterfly. This online store sells a luxury line of high quality pearls and crystals footwear, eveningwear, bridal gowns, and evening accessories. All their items are made from the finest materials of pearls and crystals. You will definitely look elegant and be the belle of the ball when you buy their blings. Luxbutterfly prides itself in having top quality craftsmanship and having 100% curated and hand made designer pieces. They also offer customized designs for shoes and clutch bags.

 photo Dakota-johnson-high-heels_zpsywi50pqs.jpg

If you are confused as to what items to buy just click the tabs Designer Series, Little Flats, Pearl Heels, Crystal Heels, Purses, and Perfect Sets. Do not worry because it is quite easy to maneuver your way around the website since it is simple and uncluttered. Shoppers will also like the fact that they deliver worldwide within 15-28 business days. You can return and exchange items within 7 days from their delivery date in their original condition if ever you are not satisfied with your purchases. The shipping cost of both the previously received and soon to be shipped items will, however, be paid by you.

Paint your summer with blue

April 24, 2015

 photo blues1_zpsexhqj70l.png

Summer is the most perfect season,for me, to wear off all the colorful fashion finds that you’ve got on your closet. Hence, you better check your closet now and have all your colorful finds in set for this summer season. Actually, I am not that fond on wearing these colorful pieces from different brands such as: RVCA, CK, Marc Jacobs and more that this shop called East Dane is catering to their shop and selling over on its reasonable prices. But since it is now on trend and a lot of dope guys are wearing it now too, I think it’s fine of me too though to try out something quirky and out on my comfort for a change.

 photo blues_zpsf71cvzls.png

Actually, I prefers clothing that are in basic colors like black and white but since it’s gone to summer these days. I think, It should be some colors for me to get in on what’s the fashion for men has to offer today when it comes for today’s trends. I am thinking off to wear some blue for my accessories because I’ve heard that color blue is one most look forward color this summer for men’s hence we better yet have ourselves some blue finds for your summer fashion.

 photo east_zpsx6j7nufx.png

As you pleased to buy some summer clothing for yourself this coming outing you’ve planned. I think the best shop to shop was this East Dane because they’ve got it all from the regular brands than to these high-end brands that most of you are surely eye-ing about.

You can either check their Style Guide for you to have an idea on how you can rock your summer. Because they’ve complied all their lookbook photos there because you can learn easily on how you can mix and matches clothes without hesitation that you might overdo it.

Skin Care: Accessorize with this!

April 22, 2015


The environmental conditions existing these decades are quite disheartening as the pollution level has never stopped increasing despite the many efforts put by many green minded people. As the day goes by, one can see the fumes and the dust settling on the ground and the houses or vehicles which is a telling sign that situation is quite bleak and something serious needs to be done with it. There are several effects of the changing climatic conditions on humans. One such condition is the skin problems. They arise because of the pollutants that get caught up in the pores of the skin especially the facial skin because it is the exposed part of the body and is soon to get affected due to any rough weather. The facial skin needs special attention more so now than before.

The solution:

Of all the thousands of skin care products that are available in the market, developed by expert and noted dermatologists, the facial cleansing brush has become more popular these days and the sales of the product is going through the roof. Since it is affordable, and it is very light weight, it can be carried anywhere even in the small purse and can be used wherever you want to. This gives you solutions to several skin issues such as ageing skin problems like dullness,wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and many more.

New skin:

While the brush is used on the facial skin, it gives athorough massage to the entire face and the facial muscles get relaxed and the skin gets toned and tightened. The old and dead skin cells are fallen off and the new younger looking and moisturized new skin cells are revealed on to the surface which makes the face look radiant and youthful. It improves the blood circulation on the facial skin and takes out all the impurities clogging the pores in the face. Since the pores get enlarged as you age, the skin quality and look becomes dull and with the use of the product, it is cleared and the pores get smaller than before. The oil, grime and other dirty things clog the skin pores and with the use of the brush, the pores are cleared and there is no room for unclean pores anymore.


The product has very important features which include soft brush which is circle in its appearance; the bristles are made of very good quality raw materials and the brush head isable to last longer. It can be used when wet and dry. It can be operated on battery. It can be used in the bathroom where it is wet as well, but the brush is not damaged. There are adjustable two speed levels, the batteries can be charged easily. There are offers available when you buy a brush, another brush head is given free of cost. This works well than just our hands while we clean the face as the brush rotates at a speed which will pull out all the impurities and the grime out giving you a very clean and clear skin to flaunt.


The brush can be shared with others if there are no serious skin issues or acne which can be infectious to the other person and if the brush is cleaned well, there is no problem with sharing it. Since it is water proof, it can be used with soap and water or cleaning lotion and water instead of using your hands. The facial cleansing brush ensures better cleaning compared to your own hands. Grab it!


Tips to Maintain a Perfectly Groomed Facial Hair

April 21, 2015

 photo street-style-men-with-beards_zpso0wdyit5.jpg

To keep stubble or not to keep stubble is the question that confuses a lot of men. Long back, a clean-shaven look was accepted to be the signature of a well groomed man whereas a beard look was frowned upon as a sign of carelessness and caprice. Time has changed and so has the idea of stubble. From notch celebrities, corporates, authors to college students-everyone is upright about adopting a rugged, macho and intense appearance with facial hair.

  1. Regular maintenance

Once you decide to rock the beard look, you have to get your hands laid on a trimmer every week unless you want to look like a haggard couch potato who is too lazy to shave. Shaping your beard is an essential part of grooming. You can read amazing articles about the art of shaving at Groom and Style for a comprehensive research on the topic of beard growth and styling. Achieving a clean, edgy and dashing look with facial hair needs a wee hard work. Girls with a fondness for intellect over anything simply go weak on their knees for men with stubble. Isn’t that worth your time and patience?

  1. Shape it, trim it

Shaving off the excess facial hair from the areas outside the natural growth of beard is the hack. Begin with the lower part of the neck and top area of the cheekbones. This will help you to get a clean look and will enhance your facial features. Having said that, do not go overboard with shaping otherwise the stubble will lose its natural charm and rugged is best to use a shaving cream that doesn’t lather too much. For a smooth razor glide, scrub the dead skin cells of your skin with a gentle face wash before you start shaving. Then apply a shaving gel or shaving oil on particular reas.Leave it still for half a minute to allow the facial hair to soften. Now pick a razor or trimmer and glide it carefully in the direction you wish to. Don’t remove too much or you will spoil the entire look.

  1. Choose a right style

Choosing a beard style that suits your face cutting, hairstyle and personality is extremely important. Going wrong with this part can end up making you look like a bandit or ship wreck no matter how adeptly you shave. Decide your style according your face’s shape. The safest method is to try multiple styles one by one in order to come up with a perfect one. Grow a full beard and then start trimming in different directions in every two weeks. While shaving the cheek and neck lines will give you a more defined look, you can go playful with a goatee or absolute classy with a moustache and sideburns. If you have a long thin face, a full beard look will suit you the most.

  1. Having the right length

the length of your beard drastically impacts the way your stubble face looks. Too long facial hair makes you look puffed while too short simply fails add any spark to your overall look. The best part about beard is that even if you don’t like a particular length, it will grow back to its original form in just a few days. So, there is no bar in trying different lengths time to time. Groom and Style recommends you to get experimental with your beard and get a haircut according to it.