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Nigel Cabourn Honors the “Desert Rats” of WWII in His 2017 Spring/Summer Collection

July 7, 2016

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Brands and labels these days are starting to release over their own season’s collection for the next year as a bunch of same field are doing the same thing too hence they should do their own as well as there’s some designs that they should protect too. In away, this early released is kinda helpful in each brand because in the usual scenario brands or labels are cant inevitable to have the same designs as designers are keen to have sort of inspiration on the past trends so this were basically the best thing to do, I think so.

 photo nigel-cabourn-2017-spring-summer-collection-recap-7_zpsqh3cc4e0.jpg

Few days back, the brand Nigel Cabourn had released their possible pieces that you could avail by their next year summer and spring collection. And I must say, these pieces were indeed quirky where they did used an earth color in them instead of the usual neon colors that majority of the brands were making. No doubt, why others loves them so much because they just way different that to the usual hit especially on today’s fashion that made them as I said quirky.
 photo nigel-cabourn-2017-spring-summer-collection-recap-5_zpsrqk1svfq.jpg
These pieces were also perfect for the outdoor activities, actually it supposed to wear off in outdoor as you have to do your thing in the remote area and at the same time Nigel Cabourn wanted you to be still in fashion hence they created these pieces for us all dope guys. You can check all the details over their main website and when they’ll be going to release this to avail. And as I’ve heard they’ll be going to release this earlier than the usual as people are eyeing to have some already, but am not still sure though about it so better yet for you to check them oftentimes.

ONLY NY 2016 Summer Lookbook

July 5, 2016

 photo only-ny-2016-summer-lookbook-1_zpsvwuh5kh4.jpg

I simply loves the summer feels of this brand’s lookbook. Because as you know I am really fond myself wearing some colorful stuff that can lift up the spirit kind of fashion statement, I dunno I just like to see myself wearing in any neon or colored finds when it comes to my own fashion sense. That’s why I felt in love already when I gotta see this ONLY NY 2016 Summer Lookbook which indeed speaks to my own style and am actually thinking off to mimic these lookbok or styling for my own self as I need to go in any occasion that is in need of kind of fashion style.

 photo only-ny-2016-summer-lookbook-9_zpso45ymvvu.jpg

 photo only-ny-2016-summer-lookbook-2_zpsrt2qzlfk.jpg
Majority of the Asians, like myself, guys really likes having a touch of brightness in their statement as this goes well on our culture maybe or perhaps on our bubbly personality? I dunno, I just found all Asians looks good in this kind of statements that of course includes myself. Hence no doubt, as you find more Asians soon who’ll pleased to have any of these pieces and then have their own personal fashion taste added to it.

By the way, before I forgot these lookbook and its pieces are from the brand ONLY NY that is includes to their summer collection which I think, as this moment, this pieces where already out in the market and ready to avail anytime you wanted. Just check the brand, ONLY NY, main website for more details and you gotta see in there too the pricing range in each piece from this lookbook.

Versatile shoes for all occasions

July 1, 2016

Tommy Ton for - Fall/Winter 2011 - Shoes 1 photo Shoes-1.jpg

Men’s these days are into fashion as well, unlike before where men has a limited access with some fashion finds that can make them looks good as they wear one. But today, as the fashion evolves and been accepted by majority of men today – fashion brands and label are more fond of releasing or having sort of finds for us all dope guys.

Actually, as we talks about men’s fashion I must say, we guys has only the basic style as we wanted to be looking neat and not so exaggerated where for our daily wears but if you have somewhere to go like after the work or so I then suggest you to rock on your kinda casual wear or these versatile finds that can be perfectly in any kind of occasions, maybe. If then you are looking for the finds that can help you achieve this look try then to Check out Caterpillar shoes at ZALORA through this link as they have some awesome shoes to choose from that can definitely makes you looks good as you rock them on.

Tommy Ton for - SS2011 Mens Fashion Week - The Shoes 8 photo The-Shoes-8.jpg

Surely, shoes are the main piece for men’s fashion thus you should have yourself one great as you wanted yourself to be as trend as others. Because shoes cant make you go wrong as you are men as mens are keen to have the most trendiest for themselves hence it’s better to go along on what’s trend today than you got yourself insecure by wearing these outdated kind of pieces.

What You Need To Know About Men’s Waistcoat

June 23, 2016

 photo Mens-Street-Style-MPU_zpsijr1130l.jpg

A waistcoat is a sleeveless upper body garment usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men’s formal wear. Traditionally it’s the third piece of a 3-piece male business suit. A waistcoat can highlight or hide areas of your body as required and when worn the right way, is highly suitable for any occasion. The good thing about a waistcoat is that there’s still room to experiment with layering. You can wear it during the summer as an alternative to a jacket and wear it in winter with suits to add intensity and texture to formal looks.

 photo top-8-coolest-street-looks-menswear-7_zpsjq2lagd3.jpg

There’re a couple of things you need to take note of when shopping for a waistcoat. First, it has to fit perfectly. Make sure it has high armholes and fits tight across shoulders and chest without any pulling around the buttons or fabric at the back. Second, think of the reasons why you want a waistcoat. Don’t color match it with your other suits if it’s not part of a three-piece, instead choose colors that complement or contrast. Third, make sure it’s buttoned up but leave the bottom button undone to avoid pulling the material whenever you sit down, raise your arms, or turn your body. Fourth, if you want to wear your waistcoat without a jacket, choose one that has its own lapels. Lastly, select fabrics like cotton, linen, and tweed to add texture and depth to your getup.

 photo AKS0153_zpskxo7yuyt.jpg

Noose & Monkey has a variety of beautifully designed and perfectly tailored waistcoats at your convenience you can check their latest collection here: This online store’s concept is to focus on the two sides of every man and to play with twisting those sides. Aside from waistcoats, customers can pick from categories like suits, jackets/coats, trousers, shirts, accessories, and prom wear. They use UKMail and DHL as couriers and offer many UK services or an express worldwide service. UK shipping is free for orders over 150 pounds while international shipping is free for orders over 200 pounds.

The Comeback Of The Seasoned Bow Ties

June 21, 2016

Bow ties have made a successful comeback with the time. Earlier it was started to be considered something worn by the pediatricians and geeky proletarian. All through the last decade, the resurgence of bow ties has been evident with more and more people endorsing the use of this ubiquitous accessory. Over time it is clear that people do realize that this piece of cloth is more than what many believed it to be. Long gone into oblivion the bows have made successful comeback owing to the modern day changes brought about with pioneers and its own charisma. There are several reasons to bow ties making such a dramatic comeback.

A spectacular resurgence

The upheaval in the condition of bow ties can be attributed to various events that have happened overtime in the past decade.  Major improvements in the design and development of the ties along with several promotional events with celebrity endorsement to the accessory gave it a boost. Consistently being portrayed on the media, these bows have generated ample curiousness among the masses for it to be considered a serious threat to neck ties as competition. Among the various new pattern and designs is the feather bow tie that has made it to the people. The confident corporate stamping and high profile endorsement to it as a style statement has given it much headline. Add on the numerous do-it-yourself instructions all over the internet and you know why there is a sudden surge in the popularity.

 photo IMG_3273_zpshqbqimc6.jpg

Many of the popular TV shows are making it a point to help bow ties gain the lost ground. There are people all around who are getting inspired by the continued limelight on the fashion statement. This is largely because they can see their favorite artists on the TV with a bow tie around their neck. The major push revived through celebrities voluntarily picking b-ties as a fashion statement makes if for popular liking going towards the bows. A plethora of the super celebrities including sport stars and even the tinsel town prominent actors, singers, and even the veterans wear it out regularly. The move for the accessory from nerdy to sexy has been quite dramatic with so many ad agencies making it a point to show it as a means to portray macho commodities. Add on the factors that even the most stylist version of bow ties are easily affordable through online portals make it even more exciting.

Open secret

It is no more a hidden fact that people have a lot to ponder about when it comes to male accessories. Here one thing that has made a mark of its own is the bow ties which are now gaining popularity regularly. The feather bow ties is one of the most exciting additions to the classical bundle of b-ties. The diehard followers of the bow tie have long been advocating it by all means possible like making it visible at every event including tuxedo parties and other fashion meets.

Enhance your online presence

June 18, 2016

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