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How To: Style Your Hair 3 Ways

April 14, 2014

Video Credit: AJ O’Day

It’s been quite awhile when the last time I updated this blog with my series of post called ” how to”. Because I am busy doing some of my offline tasks which needed to be settle or to be fixed real soon. And since I think that I did whatever matters needed to be done already, hopefully I did it right this time, I can now find a time to search lil bit on what should I post up for the category and this video over youtube from AJ O’Day is the right one to post up and gone this blog updated.

Actually, I am not good in styling my hair because I simply like to have this right after bed kind of meaning, I dont want to comb often neither to pull the fringe up just to have the trendy kind of looking hairstyle. But of course, I’d still wanted myself to be looking dope by having different hairstyle and I think, this video may help us all on how we can style our hair in 3 ways. Go watch the video now and let me know if does a help on your or not. Also, thanks to AJ O’Day for making this video up for us all lazy men who wants to try out different styling for our hair that we may rock with…

Why You Should Try Online Dating

April 10, 2014

 photo online-dating_zps73826281.jpg

Although some people may not like the idea of meeting their special someone online, the fact that online dating has become more popular over the years cannot be denied. It has become the most popular way to meet the man or woman of your dreams because the internet is easily accessible and there are hundreds of dating websites to help people find a partner. You no longer have to go to a bar, make small talk and eventually pick up strangers or wait for a friend to match you with a person with the same interests as you. Online dating is faster, easier and more convenient. Nowadays, it is considered a generally acceptable form of dating.

Probably the main reason why people choose online dating is because they get to select from many potential “candidates”. You can select the perfect person from millions of members. You can filter everything from physical traits like height, weight, hair and eye colour, to ethnicity, religion etc. You will definitely find potential life partners just at the click of a mouse and from the comfort of your own home. You will also get to meet people with the same hobbies and interests, and be on the same page as to the type of relationship they are hoping to have. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about being rejected. It is not a big deal if you do not hear from someone since you can always choose again.

Sponsored Video: The Dove Campaign

April 10, 2014

Charity and Fashion

April 2, 2014


Presented by ChanLuu

Fashion designers are often admired for their creativity and talent while models are idolized for their beauty and elegance. Some people might think that these individuals have no substance beneath their stylish personas but the truth is many of them are advocates of charitable causes and use their popularity and influence to help those who are in need. Ralph Lauren’s charities are the Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts’ The Burberry Foundation helps youths all over the world succeed in their school, work, and creative life. Chan Luu on the other hand, created the Ethical Fashion International which helps provide jobs to the people of Kenya and Haiti. Another charitable fashion designer is Donatella Versace whose Starlight Children’s Foundation helps improve the lives of needy children. Kenneth Cole’s charity Awearness – The Kenneth Cole Foundation helps raise awareness of various social issues. They are only but a few of those charity-minded individuals in the fashion world.

Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals

March 31, 2014

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-2_zps4ffaa403.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-3_zps5a55d429.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-4_zps772f6759.jpg

Others might started their summer season already, depends on where they resides, but here where I currently based in, I must say that summer season is officially here because  the sun shine is everywhere now , plus, it keeps me feel hot and the sweats are pouring allover my body which made me quite uncomfortable. But overall summer is indeed fun, right? because this season we can wear off anything light pieces such as: tanks, shorts, trunks and either you can topless as you fond enough. hehe That’s why I am kinda excited too when the summer season comes.

Today, the brand called Stussy had released their Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals  which can make each guy there dope and hip on today’s fashion. You may check out their cooked pieces at top photos for you to consider. I personally liked that tank top they have as well the floral shorts. Because it can gives you an comfortable looks as you wears them, Also that type of styling are the ones trend today for men’s fashion so you really better to have it as you wanted yourself to be as hip for this summer hot season.

As for the availability and pricing range. As of now, I haven’t get the details yet in hand. However, after a week or 2 the brand itself, Stussy, will then release the details as well to release these pieces in the market. So – we better wait to them to get these pieces available for us soon..


All Great Finds at Eric Dress

March 28, 2014

 photo eric_zps385dfe76.png

Girls are indeed fascinated with these items or stuff that are glittery or quirky enough to have. And if regards into fashion, girls loves too to have all these great finds which they find useful as well in their daily living. I preferred shoes and heels. Yes! girls used to wear heels oftentimes than in to flats these days. Because usually girls are these career women now who has these duties to attend to the company she’d be working with. That’s why being presentable, by wearing heels – I supposed, is a must for girls to wear on.. However, there’s no other way for girls to have  these quirky wedges available than buying them online. That is why I made this post up for you to know on which legit shop online where you could buy off your shoes. Now, I am suggesting you to take a look this shop called where most of the chic items were houses. They’ve got varieties of shoes from heels to wedges in free sizes. Also, they did sells on some dresses as well for your prom date neither in your own wedding day. Go check out their site today for you to see for yourself on how great the shop is..

 photo 10904300_1_zpsad615f57.jpg

Amazing Flower Print Peep Toe Cut-Outs High Heel Prom Shoes – USD $ 89.99

This kind of high heel shoe is perfectly in any night gatherings such as: weddings, prom, engagement parties and other kinda formal events. And other good thing of this killer heel is.. you may pair it off or match it up in any nicely done dresses you’d got in your closet.

 photo 10875459_1_zpscd8a600e.jpg

Sexy & Comfortable Leopard Wedge Heels – USD $ 86.99

And if you go on to your casual wear. I really suggest you this heel sneakers here from Ericdress Shoes. Because it is looking comfy and perfectly as well to our weather today which is summer season. You can pair it in either skirts or pants, it is up to your chose.

 photo ericdress_zpsbbfa6594.png

Also, Ericdress does sells some Cheap Clothes Online from casual to formal. And I am suggesting you now to head at their shop today and dig up their each pages for you to see their awesome dresses available that may fits in to your style as well.

Alright, that’s it now and and I think I’ve said it all about this awesome shop online ( I’ve recently found. And let me know if you did got any items from them over my comment box below. Because I might give you some freebies soon from them.. Just keep me posted for me to consider you for the freebies, okay?. I’ll let you know the details soon.. Peace yow..