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Men’s Cool Fashion Trends

September 18, 2014

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Men’s fashion is again abuzz this time with trends for the autumn/fall season. Clothes, footwear, and accessories are becoming more and more stylish and chic, thanks to these trends. Floral prints was once solely a woman’s staple but over the last few years the trend has crossed into menswear at both designer and high street level. The trend which was very popular last summer, has carried on this season. Furthermore, layering and fabric choice is essential when preparing what to wear everyday since it’s colder. Designers continue to use shearling fabric as a lining for men’s boots, gloves, and outerwear and is also visible on the collar of a jacket or coat.

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Figuring out what outerwear to don can be hard since something that you wear at an important business meeting might look too formal on a casual outing. For the office, a neat double-breasted coat in black, navy blue, gray, burgundy, maroon and scarlet shades, is a must. For a less formal look, a duffle coat in camel and neutral shades is great. Parka men’s jackets are likewise a staple and can be worn with your favorite jeans, cardigan, and sneakers. For that Britpop look, try throwing it on over a checked flannel shirt and straight-legged dark denim.

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The trendiest color for men’s fashion this season is orange, from bright acidic shades to subtle apricot hues. It’s said to be the new black. It looks great combined with deeper shades like black and navy. Anywhere in the catwalk you’ll see orange outerwear – men’s sweaters, overcoats, roll necks, bombers, jackets, and suits. For all these stylish clothes, shop at East Dane. It’s the brother site to and is a division of BOP LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of This online store gives a straightforward take on men’s fashion. Not only will you find items from famous designers but there are those from new designers as well. They have a wide selection of clothes (shirts, jeans, outerwear, pants, sweaters etc.), shoes (boots, sandals, sneakers), and accessories (bags, belts, jewelry, sunglasses etc.).

Wear Classy Blazers & Coats

September 18, 2014

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As we talk about men’s fashion today, there were a lot of pieces we could choose from with in both local and international brands and labels. However, there was this certain pieces that we should have as we wanted ourselves to be dope and be hip for today’s trend. And am talking about mens blazers and mens vests as you, yourself is fond of casual styling. Though, you can still rock with those street wear basics tops but I think casual styling are perfectly in any season especially for this heading season, Fall. A lot of men are actually getting crazed for these colored blazers because you can pair it off in either shorts or chino pants, meaning,  this type of find is well fitted in any styling you can come up with. Plus, it can brings manly appeals in you and you’re more likely looking neat by simply having it.

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And for accessories, I highly recommended mens scarves. Because scarf can serves as accentual for your total outfit, also, it can keeps you feel warm this fall season.. So, what are you waiting for? shop pieces for fall today at East Dane for you to be “IN” for today’s fashion trends. No worries, because East dane is the one reputable online shop that accepts various of credit cards around the globe, plus, they did offers return shipping as you not that satisfied on the items you’d got. Of course, they did offer an free shipping world wide without minimum spend.

Must-Have Fashion Essentials For Young Women

September 15, 2014

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Women have so much to take care of in order to be ever ready for any occasion at any time. Like furnishing new home, building a suitable wardrobe can be expensive. Shopping for trendy pieces and for fun versus saving to invest in the classic items is debatable. Many times we have growing impulse to purchase certain things which we hardly wear. Meanwhile we return to certain quality items that have stood test of time.

Which are these expensive items are worth saving for? We have prepared list of items that every women should have. We have even included items that are budget friendly and can be got at good discounts using Ebay India coupons.



Ballet Flats: Comfortable and chick ballet flats are a must when heels just won’t do. They can go with anything and look nice.

Good quality running Shoes: Get good quality, comfortable running shoes whether you use them for going for hiking, gym or simply exploring the city.

Thin strappy Sandals: Thin strappy sandals will always remain in style and you cannot go through summer without a pair of strappy sandals. You can always buy one using an Amazon India coupon code.

Pair of Black Heels: A pair of these black heels will last for life time. These are very essential and will be suitable whether you are going to office or shopping.



Tailored Blazer: A tailored jacket is essential for every closet. Wear it with jeans or over a cocktail dress. Ensure that the silhouette is fitted for keeping it feminine and classy.

Stretch Jeans: Get a pair which fits you properly and it will go with almost everything.

Little Black Dress: Nothing can be classier than Little Black Dress (LBD) and should

be kept simple. A light piece of jewelry could be added to make you look appealing.

Light Cardigan: This is wardrobe staple whether you try to stay warm or require good layering piece. It could be paired with fitted pencil skirt to go to office or a weekend.

Fitting Skirt: It is ideal staple for looking nice and sophisticated for meetings, interviews or dinner parties.

Striped Tee: A striped T-shirt is a must for you as it is casual, easy to wear and adaptable. Wear it with ballet flats and pair of denim for a classy look. You could wear it with printed pant and go bold.

All Weather Coat: It is always good to be prepared for all weathers and have an all-weather coat. If you are going on a shopping spree do not forget to check out the latest offers and coupons on

Right Lingerie: Get yourself measured correctly for finding the correct size and select lingerie which is comfortable and will go under a variety of style tops.

Smart and Suave Leather Handbag: Medium to large chic and functional leather handbag will be suitable for any young girl and will last for years. Carry your mobile and other essential items in it easily wherever you go.

Classy Sunglasses: Select the style and shape that gives you the feel of a star.

Understated Jewelry: Keep the piece that you wear all day long simple and classic.

Elegant Watch: Have an elegant watch which is a nice layering between gold bangles. It will keep you punctual and make you appear smart too.


A Closer Look at the Play Cloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Strange Fruit” Collection

September 15, 2014

 photo a-closer-look-at-the-play-cloths-x-saucony-shadow-5000-strange-fruit-orange-1_zps94d42aeb.jpg

The brand Play Cloths had teamed up with Saucony for their “Strange Fruit” Collection, that may released pretty soon in the market.. I must say, these kicks are very quirky and I simply liked the idea of fruits inspired for this concept. Because it can gives an refreshing styling for everyone who was fond of ruling these kicks here. And for me, these kicks are totally dope. I also wanted to have that grey one on the last right because I think, that will be perfectly suits in any styling I’d wanted to pull off because of its bold color.

Actually, I was a fan of Saucony long time ago already because their kind of shoe designs are really speaks to my style as well they did have the most reasonable shoes and yet quality haven’t compromised and it’s fashionable at the same time. Hence, you’ll probably got the best deals as you have yourself one of their shoes. And it does makes looking trending by just having any Saucony alone.

As I’ve heard, these collaboration shoes has an price of $140 USD as it’s released soon. But I am not still sure though since the both brands hasn’t released any update yet as of now. But no worries folks, because I’ll keep you posted once I got further details about this Play Cloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Strange Fruit” Collection.

Choose the Right Colour for Your Bedroom

September 14, 2014

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Colour has long been associated with emotion changes and chemical reactions in the human body. The right colour allows you feel better staying in the room and indirectly affect your daily life physical and mental activities. These amazing colours have different effects to one’s mind and body, it is very important to select the suitable when painting or designing your dream home. Here are some simple tips on choosing the proper colour and their reaction.

First of all, we will want to consider about the room. What is the room for, whether is a bedroom, living room, dining room or workroom? Let’s make a quick example, if one room is designed for bedroom, make sure the colour that you select is a calm and peaceful one which essentially help to improve your sleep.

Secondly, you might want to take the mental or physiological effect in your consideration. This mean chooses the colour that you love to see in your room instead of just following its effect. Even though these colours have specific effect which have been stated by the professional, but it doesn’t mean it will make you feel delightful. So, choose a few colours that you feel comfortable and pleasant first before dealing with its effect.

Common Reaction to Colour

Red – Love, energy, power, strength, passion, creativity, sexually stimulating

Blue – Tranquillity, love, loyalty, security, calming

Yellow – Cheer, warm, creativity, happy, frustration, anger

Purple – Spiritual, cooling, peace, royalty, luxury, moodiness

Orange – Courage, confidence, friendliness, excitement

Green – Healing, freshness, calm, cooling

White – Purity, cold, bland, clean, fresh

Black – Menacing, foreboding, unhappiness, classy, formality


Good Jeans For Good Years

September 9, 2014

 photo 15231_10202706905849058_3272458890961241481_n_zps404226c8.jpg

 When it comes to men’s fashion, there’s a bunch of array to choose from with, we have these formal wears as well some street wear pieces which are perfectly to every dope guys out there especially for  those students for their back to school fashion. Actually, whatever styling you wanna pull off, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’ll know on how to mix and matches the clothes and of course on how you can take good care of your clothes for good years. But you know what? there’s a certain pieces we could get up as we wanted to wear them for long time and one of the pieces that I recommend was this good jeans. Yes!  jeans are ones great that may surely lasted and it is ironically getting better as it is getting older, I mean as you wears it for long time already. Check those blue jeans at your dad’s closet they’re all looking classy and neat, right? so we men are better to invest to jeans than to the other type of bottom such as chinos, khaki, cargo and more. But dont get me wrong, because other type of bottoms available today are also in trend and still great to wear off and can help you out really to be looking dope.

 photo backtoschool-tommy-shirts-720x394_zps92c42133.jpg

And other great thing was, Jeans for bottom are perfectly paired with your favorite shirts for your casual styling. Also, if you wanted to feel more comfortable and into a basic, plain polo and tees are still legit. Hence, basically jeans are perfectly fine to have for today’s men’s fashion trend. And if you are a bit worried on where you could have these variety of jeans. No worries then, because the online shop East Dane has it all. Just check them out today and see for yourself on how great their variety of jeans were selling over their online store today.

 photo east_zps3c9572aa.png

East Dane offers an international free shipping too which is way awesome than to the other same online stores in the market these days. So. it is practical for you to have your pieces here, East Dane, than to the other online shops. And for those chic girls, east dane has an sister company called Shopbop where all the chic pieces for girls were listed. Go check it too if you have time. Thanks!