Dealing with Cowlicks: Tips For The Grooms Who Have Cowlicks

 Cowlicks occur as a result of hair strands growing in opposite directions. While this may not sound very bad, cowlicks are nasty and taming them is pretty troublesome.

If you have a cowlick and are tired of the wild strands of hair that never seem to hold as you want them to, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four tips to help you deal with cowlicks.

 Identify Cowlicks

Cowlicks can be identified easily- you just need to look for a swirl of hair strands to spot one. A cowlick on the crown of the head is common, but a lot of people have cowlicks towards the front of the head and near the hairline. It is also possible for a person to have two cowlicks!

Identifying cowlicks and the times when hair strands are most uncontrollable will help you decide on the course of action.

 Try a New Haircut

Cowlicks can make hair strands in the area stand out from the rest or make you look like you have a bald spot. Depending on where you have a cowlick, the right cut and hairstyle will help tame the unruly tuft of hairr.

➢ On the Crown

The best way to hide a cowlick on the crown of the head is to go for a buzz cut. In case you don’t want to cut your hair very short, and if you’ve noticed that your cowlick is manageable when your hair is a particular length, ask your barber to cut your hair accordingly.

Alternatively, you can grow your hair long so that the weight of the hair causes the cowlick to stay put. Style long hair in a messy bun to hide the cowlick, or get a taper haircut with long hair along the front of the head up to the crown and short cropped hair on the sides.

➢ In the Front

Cowlicks in the front of the head and near the hairline are the worst. If you have such a cowlick, get a military cut to keep hair tamed. You can also grow your hair long and style it in the direction of hair growth.

If you want to style hair in the opposite direction of growth, you’ll have to use styling techniques and products as discussed further.

➢ At the Back

Cowlicks at the back of the head or at the nape of your neck can look just as awkward. Go for a tapered cut near the neck and visit your stylist regularly to keep hair trimmed to the perfect length. You can also grow out your hair and style with the right tools and products.

 Heat Style Your Hair

If chopping your locks isn’t an option, heat styling is the way to go. The process isn’t rocket science, and you can get the hang of it quickly even if you’ve never used heat styling tools before. What’s more, heat styling can hold wild hair strands in place until the next time you shampoo!

Be armed with necessary tools and supplies- you’ll need a blow-dryer, a flat iron, styling sprays, a heat protectant spray, brushes, and combs.

Remember to work on wet hair; if hair dries out before you’re finished styling it, spritz with water. For some people, simply blow-drying hair in the opposite direction of growth is enough. If you have a stubborn cowlick, use a styling comb or a round brush to hold hair in place and then blow-dry it.

Another way to heat style hair is to use a flat iron. Using this tool is particularly easy when dealing with cowlicks on the crown or at the back of the head. Just clamp the iron as close as possible to the scalp and pull hair through it slowly. Curve the iron slightly to get desired results.

Heat styling your hair too frequently can result in split ends and damaged hair, so always use a heat protectant spray before styling. Follow up with a hair spray to hold the hair for a longer time. Most importantly, exercise caution when working with heat styling tools.

Use the Right Products

You’ll find a variety of hair creams, pomades, and sprays to help tame your cowlick. With creams and greases, you only need to take a little product and work it between your fingers before applying to the hair to hold strands in place. Note that using a lot of hair product can make hair look limp, so use sparingly.

Not all cowlicks can be tamed with hair products, so you might need to heat style your hair first and then use a hair product on a few strands. Furthermore, hair products like sprays, pomades, and gels won’t work for stubborn cowlicks; choose a stronger product like wax instead, and finish off with a hair spray!

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Cowlicks are tricky and there’s no way to get rid of them. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any hope! With the tips given here, you now know that managing cowlicks is possible and easy. So get working on your cowlick right away!

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