Want to lose weight!

I admit that last year’s holiday season, that i gained too much weight in me, that is why i am looking forward to get back on the real me.LOL Anyways,now, i am seeking some great way to lose weights easily and ill rather try this  cycle trainer courses because i heard on my colleagues, that this course has a great routine though to get your fat burn and such thing,Im too exited trying it though,hopefully soon ill enroll my self for this.

While, others suggested me this pilates instructor that is nears to us, because people often said good things about him,so why do i give it a try,right? so yeah, by tomorrow morning, ill go to him place and ask about the pilates classes schedule that he have, so that i can manage my time though,trough all of my activities each day,Alright, let see on what’s gonna happen soon as i pursue this offline activities.

Awesome free stuff

Ive been stumbled on the site MyFreeSwapper.com because i was searching on some Free Stuff Found On MyFreeSwapper.com that i may consider with soon and i think i found this very awesome services in terms of Real Estate Listings On MyFreeSwapper.com because yeah, on that site, you may see a lot of services that can may help you on your needing , such as home stuff,Job listing,some freebies, and even a yard sales maybe, what a great site, right? so you, if you are seeking such things, you just head up on the site and click the services that you wanted with, so yeah, thats it for now and i hope i can help you a bit,regarding this matter.thanks!

Love the first month of the year!

As the new year’s comes. All we eager is to have this prosperous and well blessed year ahead right? but some people are indeed lucky by fate, but on others might get some not so wealthy stuff along their way,  and yeah, last year isn’t that much good on my end then, but yet still i am  looking forward to have my lucky day by this new year days, and indeed. I think 2011 is my year because as this first month of the year has been started out, A lot of opportunities has been open on my way too, that i amused about and overwhelmed as well nowadays.

Today,new advertisers are knocked on my door and of course ill allow them though to let them in to my blogs and make me feel special then as they give such great deal, yeah they’re quite bunch, and yet still i have these other advertisers who they wants to have close deal with me that i am still thinking off, because they wanted to much that i can able to serve with into this blog as long onto my other blogs,due with some plans that ill be aiming of, so yeah thats it for now and maybe by tomorrow,ill blog something informative and useful for those newbies out there.thanks!

Finally google updated, I got pagerank 3 now..yeppey

Yeah, you heard it right that this blog is now on the third spot on Mr. Google’s eye, though this blog has a pagerank of 2 when i first time using it because i just bought it on my friend blogger though, as you could remember but yet still the blog was totally poor in terms of quality of backlinks way back time. But i think now, this blog has a great foundation and has it great quality of backlinks already that is why i gained this page rank of 3 on this blog  in just 5 months of running it, and yeah the alexa rankings was good then.

Google updated one the major at this moment of time because a lot of reports has been buzz out on the web that we aren’t usual seen as Google updating by the minor only, so yeah confirmed, today,Google updated in the major one and i know most bloggers are having a party celebration to their own blogs now because they had this thinking that having a great pr has the one that they might use to earn some good amount of money though along their way, and yeah maybe i will be applying now this blog( istarblog.com) into the awesome broker company that i was aiming to get into with, which the payu2blog.Alright i think i need to end this up and let see if someone will considering my pagerank of 3, thanks!

dealing with the new born star!

Formally this blog is tackling about entertainment. but due with some strategies that recently pumped out into my mind, all things has been turns out into this personal blogs because i do believe that having such personal blog like what i am doing right now on this blog is the best thing do to at the moment because advertisers are indeed picky by choosing such blogs that they might consider on their offers rather network, so yeah that’ s the main reason why this blog is now tackling mostly personal stuff of mind and i hope you dont bother it,aren’t you? anyways this last days ago, i am too crazing to have my other new advertiser, a new private one becuase my recent advertiser is wouldn’t response in my emails and questions that is why ill be seeking for other one who can help me to have such opportunities using the bloig and yeah i think im indeed lucky, why? because as i checked out my twitter account this guy, sorry i cant mention the name out to here. wants a bunch of blogs to promote his new album and i know some of your are familiar with to him already but i am not sure though because based on the info that ive been gathered the guys was a new singer that is trying his got to take place on the Hollywood and maybe online media is the best way that they might think to consider with for their promotional and such, Actually been asked them already for the offer because i got some well ranked blogs on my list but seems that they dont have enough budget to pursue my offer to them because they stop communicating to then, yeah too bad because i was expecting a new advertiser on my way but yeah thats life then and i hope as i made my other blog soon thats the one who can get those advertisers eye(hopefully) by then i am pretty sure that i can maximize my earning each month. Really looking forward into that!

I was blogging for money?

Yeah, i am not a hypocrite to blog for nothing because all bloggers nowadays(i believed) are intended to earn such good amount though using their blogs then and we all know that internet is the best place to earn such good amount without having any bosses who are watching your shoulder’s out! yeah we can earn as much as we wanted using our blogs but you should know first on what is the best tactics or strategies that you may do to improve your blogs and to get those advertisers eye, On my personal opinion content is the big factor to have a great advertiser soon on your end because we are here, we can write what ever that we wanted with, without any restriction that we needed to follow beside we bought our own place just to blog all that we wanted right! but yet still you must bear on what you are writing because it can destroy other people out if you thrown some non responsible words in a certain person, in short we have to be professional and all that and we need as well to avoid those any cursing words that we been adept to hit if people asking, online and real world are indeed different! we must watch our word as we talk on our own blogs..

Actually this blog is yet still doing is part to built the reputation online because were just new running this but we are really looking forward that near soon this blog will be well known around Google and earn as high that we wanted..yeah we are looking forward into that, i hope all plans will be suits on time, let see, but for now let this post close for awhile and wait for our update regarding this, thanks and be positive always!

Done renewing my Hostgator Account!

Last month of december this blog is messing up truly that i cant help with because my former web hosting is having some glitches on their end at that time and i think right now the hosting will be closing any of this moment because they cant now give such great services that they been promised on their clients when they are starting out, well thank God that i am not longer with them now because i realized that having some problem on my hosting is really brings me a lot of stress and a lot of my online activities will get affectedly hugely that is why ive been decided to moved out on the one of the best web hosting companies nowadays which on hostgator, actually if i am not mistaken i blogged this already last december right? that this blog is moving out on the old freaking hosting and yeah this blog is under and running by the hostgator and thanks to theme because i dont often experiencing any down time and even any glitches and such like on my old hosting who gives me a lot each day..LOL

And now my first month has been about to terminate by the 20th because i chosen the monthly basis of payment because i dont have enough breads to consider their yearly package at this moment but no worries because i use to receive 60usd from my advertiser monthly that is why its ok for me then to pay monthly for my hosting, and yeah as the 20th will be held i got some funds already and done paying my bills already to avoid being down and blocked by the main server..hahah ok thats it for now and let see if i continuously running this blog out on the hostgator!

Use of Twitter!

Twitter is the second top social media nowadays because people getting crazed on how other people tweets them self out and such, that is why maybe people uses twitter as a place to promote their things as well, yeah you heard it right because some companies are using twitter as they medium to let other people know about their services and even on whats on their site and all that!

So yeah, what is twitter on you? i mean what is the uses of twitter on you? well for me im using twitter to promote my website and even share whats on my mind and quite sometimes through key-wording i can  evenly gets some advertisers along twitter because other cool companies uses the media on how im using it..cool right? so you use twitter so often now and who knows you might get your unexpected advertisers as you posted on whats on your mind there, trust me this was proven with other as well that is why twitter is keep on getting a huge traffic each day through this kind of activities! ok thats what i have for today i hope you may learn quite bit on this topic, thanks!

How to have a reputable blog?

A lot of Newbies on the blogspehere are often asking us quite old ones on this stuff on how we can remain our online rather blog reputation because some bloggers has this not so well  educated blogs wherein they thrown words without knowing and considering other people feels and sometimes they might destroy other people out because of what they been posted on their pages, yeah through blogging and any form of social media you can might make other people miserable because here the news is rapidly spread out because mostly people have already an access to internet and even those kids nowadays so yeah as you have one blog its your responsible to watch your word out in every post that you’ll be doing because a lot of people will read it after and in regards on people’s comments just take it whether the comment(s) is good or bad on your end because by approving them, meaning you are open to change and expect what people thinks about your ideas and stuff that you been putted on your blog, yeah its really help you a lot to have this well reputable blog on the future..trust me on this.. and please avoid hitting or blogging other people on your blog and throwing some curses on your end because advertisers will look into that soon as you built your blog already! ok thats it for now and i hope this personal ideas will serve as your guide to have a better blog that you are trying to working out now..thanks!

Loosing my hope already!

Yeah im loosing my hope that this blog will be now included to the site broker that i was aiming to get through since i bought this blog out to my friend and the broker site that im telling you right now is this payu2blog, yeah i heard a lot of good terms reviews for their end that is why i was insistently wanted to try them out because i was extremely working hard each day that i think the company will needed most for such blogger? im just hinting like that..LOL anyways yeah i asked them again via email if they could review my 2 blogs again by the 2 time around because if you could remember this blog and my finkalixius.info was failed making through their dashboard by my first attempt because my blog wasn’t like this one right now who is well ranked and well searched on the Google(I Believed) that is why im trying my luck for the last time because if this recent application that ive been submitted via email will not push through, i think ill sell out my finkalixius.info and if the person who will buy the domain for instant ill push this domain out as well to sell because if i could make it to go on payu2blog i think there’s nothing reason to make this all efforts because as ive said the reason im working these 2 blogs so hard is to get on the payu2blog dashboard..so yeah enough, i need to rest now because its been tired on the house nowadays due with some renovation! i hate being tired offline because i wasn’t be able to update my blogs in that day happened!