I use to scheduled my posts nowadays

Yeah i just dont have choice just to scheduled them because sooner ill be having my online business then thats why i need to insure that all of my blogs are well updated still though i am too busy by fixing things on my online business and i hope the business will click on the market though, crosses fingers to that, anyways ill blog tomorrow new year on what the business all about because right now we are still tweaking the site where the business will be located and ill give it to you all by tomorrow so please kindly visit this blog tomorrow to be able for you to find out which online business that i was getting craze nowadays..LOL ok thats it for now and we need to prepare for the new year’s eve later night and i hope all days these new year will be blessed on me..thanks a lot and once again happy new year..

Want to have a new copper sinks

We renovated our home recently because a lot of stuff aren’t in the right terms  and such that is why we been all decided me and my family to have the house renovated and yeah indeed all stuff are in good terms now and i think one thing that we should have to change now which our Copper Sink because its quite old then and a lot of stink that we haven’t remove off that is why i am seeking now a new Copper Sink without knowing my family that im seriously wanted to change it..LOL and now i am browsing the net to find such good quality though so that as we have it on your home my family will compliment me a bit by having the sink, what do you think? thats a great idea right? oh well, let see if i could find such good quality one and of course in cheapest price as well..let see, ok thats it for now and ill make you updated on this, thanks!

many things to share but my mind isn’t working!

I had a lot of ideas now who are roaming on my head now but yet still i cant blog them all out here because im too lack of sleep who can bring me a bad mindset today though i can listed out all topics in one notepad so that if i got my well sleep then i can get back to them and recall what those ideas that i wanted to share here, i think that is the best thing to do if you had this same such because as i had a sleepless night ill definitely had also a bad thought,skill and stuff who can make me feel frustrated because i cant get to construct my sentences thats what i mean..LOL

Ok i think i need to take my sleep now so that i can maximize my work later and give way on my other blogs to get updated because its been already 5 days ago when i was able to update them out due with some glitches happened on my main server recently..ok thanks a lot and have a great weekend everyone..

I refer my self to use photo hosting site than to upload it on my own

I often change my name server nowadays rather my hosting due with some down time that Ive been encountering on my hosting server but no worries i bought another new server who haven’t any down time at all, yeah i refer my self to use any photo hosting site in order my images to get safe on my blogs because as i downloaded my xml backup files my photos that has been upload to this blog was not included on the back up that ive been downloaded but if i could use any photo hosting i am pretty sure all of my  photos will be get back then as i get my xml back up files, right? thats why after i transfer this blog out on the new server ill definitely use the photo hosting site so that if i got any problem or glitches on my new server then, i can easily transfer my blog into other hosting account that i have without any worrying on my post to get affected with..so yeah thats what im thinking right now and ill make you updated if this blog is already transferred.thanks

Yearning of the heart

A minute ago while im on Youtube a familiar song has been played automatically and i think i clicked somethings else that i wont noticed with, this song yearning of the heart, if you could remember, this was the one of the Tv series Boys over Flower background song way back time and i wasn’t know that this kpop group AST’1 is the one who sung this(now i know..LOL)..ok just want to share this video to you all to reminisce your crazing on the Tv Series before..LOL thanks a lot

Finally Ive been Received my referral reward on theadnetwork!

I’d often tackled here about the network that i was crazing with nowadays because they are indeed legit and awesome in away by paying me such good amount though each month, well finally after 2 months of waiting my referral reward on the network has been arrived and added on my paypal funds already and its 20 British pounds by just referring 2 blogger to them, i think i can now invite more bloggers to their network to work with because i can get 10 pounds each person that they will approved then, not bad at all right?

Im so happy today because i was planning to move on the reliable web hosting by this end of the month but i dont have such enough money then but when this 20 pounds has been arrived, well i think i need to transfer now and have a great no down time blogs after all, beside im pretty sure that i can support my monthly payment on my soon to be expensive hosting because of this awesome program that ive been found (LOL), i big to this program named theadnetwork i hope i can submit and they’ll approve  all of my blogs so that i can generate a ultimate good amount each month..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Sorry for the inconvenience!

As you stumbled on this blog 5 days ago i know Ive been noticed that this blog is freaking down at the moment because my hosting provider got their glitches inside the server thats why this blog has been affected on the problem but instead on stressing my self though to think on whats going on inside the hosting, Ive been decided to buy gold bullion online because my sister insistently want to have her own gold bullion on this coming new year thats why i spent my paypal funds just to make her happy and i hope she’ll like the gold that we were bought as a present to her, hopefully the product will be arrived by the 28th of December and ill give it by on 31th new year’s eve, and let see on how she find my present to her, ill make an update on this, so please do check the update sooner as i gave the gold..:)

I need Gold

I think one of my favorite color so far is gold because of the metallic and yellowish color on it who can gives a great impression on my end in some sort, and i dont know why i looked to this  gold like that maybe because i had this passion to collect some goldist  things and even to consider buy gold bullion ?yeah i think i need  such real gold in me so that i can more than appreciated on what this color has and having the valuable is  things(gold) is the best experience that i can treasure for long time, so yeah if you want  to make me happy on this coming holidays please give me any kind of gold that is available on your budget..ahhah ok thats it for now and by the way im not kidding ok!!


We went to the mall a hour ago and i saw this poster campaign on one of the best reputable beauty institution  here at my place which the Regency Beauty Institute and i think they really have a great campaign for this season because me personally they really caught my attention to read whats on their institution all about maybe because of the materials that they been used on the poster and sorry if dont have any picture on it at this moment because i was in the rush to go ahead on the restaurant where my parents and sister was freaking waiting me too long..LOL anyways maybe as i got a time again to go to the mall ill definitely gets some snap on it for you guys to see and read on what they’re agenda all about and i know girls will truly love it because they’ll tackle about on how a person and such girl turns to the beautiful swan..ok thats it for now and no worries ill updated you soon..thanks

Too Lazy now!

Yeah, finally Ive been experienced to have a dead air day meaning i dont have any topic on my head now to share with on this blog thats why maybe i feel this kinda lazy now, anyways if i couldn’t post any great topics for today maybe I’ll need to pay attention now on my SEO so that this blog will have a ultimate great standing of the Google search engine, ok i will do some blog hopping now and i hope i can get a great quality of backlinks to those blogs that i was aiming to get linked out, so yeah thats if for now because im indeed dead air, at least i can update this blog in some personal way by sharing this frustrating day to you.LOL ok need to end this up, thanks a lot