Personalize Uniforms to Your Heart’s Content


Although uniforms and dress codes can be convenient; you don’t have to worry about what you will wear in the morning, wearing the same thing everyday can also get very borring. At some point you want to add a little flair to that uniform or outfit you have to wear to work or school every day. With the help of sites like you can accessorize and personalize any outfit or dress code uniform you have to wear. But what do you do while you wait for those cool new accessories to arrive? Here are a few suggestions to give that uniform a little personal Pizzazz.

In the Know 

Before customizing any outfit, you need to know what your school or company policy is with regard to the uniform. Ask your manager about additions you can make to the uniform. Many company or school uniforms are pretty clear as to what you can and can’t do in the way of uniform personalization. Even so, many schools or companies are pretty lenient in this regard.

Go With the Shoes 

Personalizing your shoes is the easiest way to customize your uniform. Make your shoes the focus of your fashion sense. Make them stand out instead of match. Wear something totally different from everyone else. Find a great pair fo cute heels, neat sneakers or flats that work well with the uniformed look. If you are wearing tennis shoes consider taking your customization a bit further with colored shoe laces and appliqués.

The Right Jewelry 

You can also accessories your uniform with hair scarves, ribbons, neck scarves, shawls, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, socks and jackets. Add a big bag to carry it all off. Make your accessory jewelry stand out even further by wearing bright colors, and patterns. During the fall and winter add some interesting patterned stockings for even more of a fashion statement.

Add Logo Garments 

Just because you have to wear a uniform or dress code, doesn’t mean you cant have fun with the garments. Wear a cute blouse, pants or any other item you want. Just make the garment conform to your dress code by adding the logo to the garment.

If school policy is rather lax, then you can customize garments even further by adding fun patches, sewings and more. There are many ways to show your individual style even if you have to wear a certain dress code or uniform. It’s just a matter of knowing how far your institution will let you go in your personalization efforts.

Advice for singles in relationships with metrosexuals

The metrosexual man has it all – a good body, good skin, fashion sense and an awareness of his emotions. In a nutshell, he provides the ideal combination of lover and best friend. This, at least, is what the purveyors of the ‘metrosexual’ tag would like people to believe. But is this most modern of men really the perfect boyfriend?





The best thing about a metrosexual man is that he looks good – or at least makes the effort to. This is in stark contrast to certain males who think dressing up is putting on a pair of clean jeans.

Females who meet metrosexual men on dating sites, such as, often find that they have an extensive grooming regime, which includes going to the gym, eating well, finding the best haircut for their face shape and maintaining it, following fashion and making an effort to find clothes that suit them.

A metrosexual man will be more in touch with his so-called feminine side. He’ll freely talk about his emotions and be happy to spend time discussing his and other peoples’ feelings.  This can make for a relationship that is both honest and communicative.

Because a metrosexual man is not confined by established gender roles, he can allow his creative side to come through – more so than a typical male.

For a woman who likes her man to accompany her everywhere, a metrosexual is perfect. He’ll spend the day shopping, without becoming impatient, and enjoy meeting her friends and spending time with them.



 A metrosexual man may have limited depth to his personality. As with a female who seems obsessed only by her looks, overly narcissistic men can be shallow. While looks are obviously important, repeatedly discussing them can get a little dull.

Metrosexual men are unlikely to be religious – or spend much time thinking about their place in the world. For a Catholic, Buddhist or Christian seeking meaningful love, this could be important.

Unlike most men, a metrosexual man is likely to have formed a complex social network. This usually means lots of socializing and frequent contact with his many friends. This can be difficult for a woman who tends to be introverted or shies away from groups.

Because metrosexual men are so concerned with their appearance, their partners need to be confident about their own. A metrosexual man will often expect his partner to work at looking good and may comment if he thinks she’s not wearing the right shoes or needs to tone up.


Trends: North Face Jackets



We all know that I used to blog up some Korean fashion here especially the Big Bang fashion one because I simply liked how does these guys rocking their way by wearing these awesome outfits and statements when in regards to their fashion. Today, I was about to share to you what Ive found this recently which the Korean Boy Band Big Bang are the one endorser of the awesome brand called North Face for the Fall and Winter collection. Actually, I believed that this campaigns was done on last year campaigns but I am not still sure though about it. Anyway, check out the photo on top for you to see how the guys rock on the brand, North Face.

Also, Ive found their video on youtube for this campaign you may also check it out if you want to. By the way, there’s an north face jackets for women on sale going on to the nearest or brand itself inside the mall today. You can pay to visit as you wanted to be hip to on this fall and winter seasons.

Acid Washed Jeans


I think acid washed jeans aren’t that much trends these days. However, I’d still find them cool and awesome to wear on this fall season. Why so? because look, these acid washed jeans are quirky indeed and they have an awesome prints and designs on it that can definitely make you dope and still hip on today’s fashion. Actually, acid washed jeans are been trends last summer season due of the comfortably as you wear them but as the season change, of course, we also need to change our clothes and even style for us to be fits on the season. What my point is, you may still be wear this jeans here , however, you’d also have to consider the weather or sea sin which the fall and winter is approaching too..

We can still buy some acid washed jeans on your fave stores and brands. And try to check out brands new acid washed designs today because they might have some designs of it that is suits for the fall that can we rock on..Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks so much!

Comfortable Footwear from Schuler Shoes


There are a lot of online stores that sell different kinds of shoes. Nowadays, you no longer have to be in a mall to see and buy something you like. All you have to do is surf the net. One trusted online store is Schuler Shoes. It has been in business since 1889 and is the oldest family owned shoe store West of the Mississippi. Schuler Shoes actually has physical stores in eight locations. With their online store, shoppers will be able to have an easier, faster and more enjoyable experience. The company has grown through the years because of their excellent customer service and of course their stylish, high quality footwear.

Comfortable shoes for walking is a necessity for today’s fast paced lifestyle. Schuler Shoes has an assortment of comfortable shoes for men, women, and children. Among those that shoppers can choose from are casual shoes, boots, dress shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, slippers, and clogs. But footwear is not the only item that you can buy from them. They also have clothes, accessories, and socks. It’s quite easy to shop. Just choose items according to type, collection, brand, color, size, width, and price. Once you see something you like, click the photo and details about the item will appear such as colors available, size, quantity, price, and product description.

Dockers Footwear at Houser Shoes


When choosing to shop online for shoes, you can never go wrong with Houser Shoes. They’ve been selling shoes online since 2004 and is continuously growing. Buyers can shop for different types of footwear for men, women, and children such as dress shoes, boots, sandals, athletic footwear, slippers, and casual shoes. But shoes are not the only items that Houser Shoes sell. You can also buy apparel, bags, and accessories from them. It’s really a one-stop shop of famous and well-trusted brands like Adidas, Fila, Florsheim, Jessica Simpson, Reebok, Birkenstock, Timberland, Dr Martens, Naturalizer, Shoes of Soul, Rockport, Cole Haan and many more.

Shoppers who love Dockers will also be pleased to know that they are for sale in Houser Shoes. When looking for shoes that spell style, comfort, high quality and durability, Dockers Footwear never goes wrong. A lot of men and women choose to buy their dress and casual shoes. Buyers will be surprised to know that they’re sold at very reasonable prices at Houser Shoes. Among the eyecatching models they have are the Dockers Gordon Cordovan, Dockers Franchise Black Dress, Dockers Catalina Tan Slip On, and Dockers Castaway Raisin. These dress shoes can be worn either at work or at play. Whether you’re wearing slacks or jeans.

Trends: Feeling Good


Magnetic jewelry has been said to diminish pain associated with inflammation, such as arthritis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel. This effect is attributed to the magnetic field the jewelry creates near the site of inflammation. Ankle bracelets may be worn to ease discomfort in the ankles, wrist bracelets may be worn for wrist and hand problems, and magnetic necklaces may be worn for neck discomfort.

Quality magnetic jewelry usually contains special kinds of magnets called neodymium or rare earth magnets, which produce a strong magnetic field. This field may improve circulation in the wrist area when the bracelet is worn.

While research has yet to prove or disprove this, many consumers strongly claim that magnetic jewelry does feel good to wear and relieve discomfort. Athletes who need arm and wrist strength for their sport, such as tennis players and golfers, sometimes wear magnetic bracelets.

Aside from feeling good, another reason that magnetic bracelets are trending right now is they look great and go with nearly any outfit. There are solid metal bracelets as well as beaded bracelets that contain beautiful gemstones. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear these bracelets in any season. Magnetic bracelets are attractive enough to wear with sweaters, blazers, nice shirts or blouses.

Here are some of the popular styles of magnetic bracelets


Copper is also believed to be helpful for arthritis and is sometimes worn by golfers. You will find plain copper magnet bracelets, as well as woven bracelets at shops such as Magnet Jewelry Store. Paired with either casual clothes or formal attire, a copper magnet bracelet can help you look and feel your best.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel easily retains its shine through light cleaning and stands up to a lot of abuse. Choose from delicate woven bracelets or thick, bold bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets

These beautiful bracelets combine the power of magnets with the beauty of stones such as turquoise, amethyst, hematite, coral, tiger-eye, mother of pearl, and agate. Match the stone colors with your outfit to pull the look together.


Hematite is an interesting stone, with a unique, dark grey sheen. It has a place in history as a stone commonly worn to protect the wearer. As an iron ore, hematite can be magnetized. Bracelets made from hematite have a subdued and classy, low-sheen metallic look. Pair these bracelets with jeans and a t-shirt, or nice pants and shirt.

The Rolls Royce of the Accessories


One of the most important things to be fashionable are the accessories. With these, even a plain clothing style can become exceptional. Sometimes its even the accessories that make the difference between a good style and a fabulous style.

Finding the right selection of accessories can be hard though, since everyone needs to customise their accessories and cannot just take over a complete style from someone else.
Of course it is always possible to get some inspiration elsewhere, but truly fashionable people create their own style.

Finding the right accessories for men can be an even more arduous affair then for women, since the women’s accessories section is basically flooded with different styles.

Different Accessories for different styles

Choosing the right accessory is of utmost importance so you don’t accidentally ruin your own style.
Having some exceptional pieces in your collection will upvalue your whole style.
Men can be exceptional with Breitling watches, since the watch represents different values for different personalities. With an exceptional watch you not only show your own secure knowledge of style and the value of your fashion tips, but also carry around the Rolls Royce of the accessories.

But not only watches give new value to your style, other accessories that will definitely also make difference. Everything from necklaces to shoelaces needs to be well thought out to make your style unique. Don’t mind getting an appropriate handbag as well to complement and also complete your style.

And never forget that how you dress defines how people see you as a person at first. When meeting new people it is always good to choose a style that complements your nature, but also lets you come across as confident, self assured and that you know what you want. The right accessories will help you tremendously in that.

Yoseob rockin’ on SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee



SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee

This was my first post about b2st fashion style in here, And will try to put up some more on by my next posts – so please keep on checking the blog as you wanted yourself to be updated on what’s your favorite idols often and want to wear. Today, I have this SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee where Yoseob rockin on the photo on top. As I know the brand swagger is originally and locally in Japan so we might get some hard times to get the same tee of Yoseob’s tee and it might also out of stock already due of the demand ( I think so).
The tee has a price of 6,090 yen ( base on my source) and I dunno the converted currency for dollar..hih try to check it in any online currencies calculation sites.hih

Usually, as I noticed, BEAST/B2ST members are just usually into Black and white tees that has prints on it. And they usually into these street wear fashion brands like Stussy, alife, the hundred and many more. Just keep on checking me here for more b2st fashion styles and I’ll include the mentioned brands which their wore. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Stussy x Nike Off Mountain Series S&S Apparel Collection




First, I really liked the quality of these photos and also the concepts, so kudos to these 2 giant brands, Stussy & Nike,for putting these up and working so hard for this collection for the fashion industry today. Actually, I really look up to on this brand Stussy ever since as long to Nike because no doubt, they’re are most strongest and leading brands today when it comes to swag and street wear men’s fashion nowadays. Also, most celebrity, both men and gels, are really following what’s new piece that 2 brands are cooking that’s why its really great that they came up to these collaborative pieces which the pieces you’ll be seing on the top photos.

As for now, I cant include further details in here because of the reasons the brands haven’t yet released their info yet regarding to this. However, as Ive seen updates for this, sure thing!, I’ll also update you here..:) By the way, I just noticed the photographs, it just like they putted some HJC RP Max element to it? but I am not sure though..hihi alright, that will be all for now. Thanks!