My Contacts and Social Networking Accounts

Ok let me put my contacts where you can reach me out if ever you’ll having any review to make by this blog or in any of my other blogs that was listed on the sidebar..

email Addresses: if you have any offers and gift to make, i suggested you to email this add because i do check this for those private advertisers this email i even recommend you to email me in any offers because i do often open this almost every after a and you can still ask any question ro simply inquiries use this email if you want to share your blessing a bit via paypal, i hope you can get what i mean on


Facebook: just go to the search bar then search the name “ronel marin” and i think a lot of social networking site nowadays has a man member named ronel marin, so you better to check the social networking site that you belong and i am pretty sure that i was listed there

Ok thats it for now and ill update my entertainment category tomorrow for taeyang’s and 2ne1 photos and videos..thanks

My Blog Category!

Love adding new category on this blog and  yeah as you can see on my category list on the sidebar is pretty obvious that i really do working on my so yeah another category will belong on My blog because i think i need to have a listing to all of blogs thats why i thought of this new category, how’s that?

ok thats it for now and sorry for the quickness of this blog post  because i need to list down which of my blog one will first added on this category, thanks a lot i hope this may work as well on my seo

Use the Online Backup Plugin for WordPress Blog

Indeed wordpress is the best blogging platform in town nowadays, why did i tell that? well this recently ive been experienced such glicth on my other blog who can brings the blog down for long time and of course i quite bit worried on what happened because i wasn’t have any backup files on my hand during that time, to the fact that all of my posts there was indeed unique content and i was pending  for the  review on the broker company that i was intended to get in too, such a heck moment i would say, but its ok though because all went fine after a day of at least it will resolved then, right! so yeah i discovered this plugin called “online Backup For WordPress” who can make the backup for you automatically and the plugin it self can be send your backup everyday as you set it everyday backup on the plugin option as you activate and installed the plugin already, you can understand what i mean as you have the plugin just install it first so we might understand each

Yeah the plugin is well working and as i tried it just a moment ago and i think this plugin is one of the important or must have first before anything else.

Who loves Shopping? Me, because im using Paypal

I know everyone of us want to shop right? because in some way shopping can relief us in the  intense feelings that we were encountering like stress,depress and such kind but i had this question on you, where do you use to shop? to the mall that nears you? well i think mostly is in there but you know i knew a great place where you can shop your things out, which online, yeah there was a lot of online shopping out there who can offer us a great deal than we were going to the mall who has their full price than on the online who can give such discounted code, yeah that is one good factor on the online shopping, what else? hmm actually i refer online shopping with you because i know as you buy online do you have the assurances that your money is really safe, how? by using paypal account the online banking, yeah blogger like me use to have the paypal account to cash-out and to use it buying things online, because in paypal they have this feature wherein you can report someone fools you or scam you on what did you pay and paypal it self will actually fix it and turns your money back without any fees on that if thats happened, sounds great right? the protection is a must by buying online and i think only paypal has it so far thats why i really like the online banking, who doesn’t by the way?

Off to Baguio

I think time for me to update my travel category that Ive been forgot quite awhile, lol and yeah we went to Baguio one of the coldest place here in the Philippines and who told you that Philippines just had this hot sunshine weather?LOL ok if you want to visit the place make sure you can bring your own hoddie or any jackets available on your end. On Baguio you will see some indigenous people where you can rent their native dresses like we have on the photos below, and yeah going there is indeed fun because a lot of beautiful places that you can visit with and especially those delicacies was tasty good..

ok, there you go, and by the way how we look like? so i hope you’ll have fun as you have plan to go there thanks and soon ill update this travel category with some most demand places..

I made 4 pAid post under my friend private Advertisers

I published on how to get an advertisers on my personal experiences on my recent post right? so yeah indeed happened that my online buddy named hanna gave me a tasks to do on this blog, though this blog doesn’t work in any brokers companies but still i do get some pennies through out my friends names, thanks to them and to their private advertisers, now my life is make too easier because i can able to renew and pursue what i want to this blog, very overwhelmed i am now and i either hide it,

I hope those private advertisers post wont be affected on my application to payu2blog as i apply this blog soon, because i was too envy to those bloggers who use to work on the broker..i hope i can do also soon. so yeah thats it for now and let see what happen later and ill make you an update regarding on my application on the program, please wish me luck dear..crosses fingers on me of course

Having a Private Advertisers

We all know that having a private advertisers is really quite hard to figure out on how we can get at least one of them, so yeah i think time for me to share my personal experiences on how i can got my passed advertisers as i doing this stuff (blogging), actually i think im just a lucky one because my blogs doesn’t have any page rank on them but still an advertiser sent me a free gift which a designer flip flop, so how i can made that? the answer is a simply blog hopping, yeah while you are blog hopping i am pretty sure that someone look out into on how do you boost your blog and give you a reward after because as i asked my advertiser she told me that she just read some of my comments to those blogs that she followed with thats why she trying to make me happy by giving such awesome right? well it

And other thing was having a connection to those advertisers, like a friends, online buddies and it could be a simply group of people, why i would say that? because being friendly on this online world can be take you places because of the sincerity that you might shown to those people and in back they were include you in what they are achieving me these how its works..

Deleted My Fansite posts already!

LOL, yeah i think i need to have a very unique posts out here like what i have on my other blogs thats why ive been decided to deleted all of those not so unique one to start up a awesome and clean blogging like what i intended to do now on this blog, so yeah i hope my readers will love the new, though i know this may effect on my standing on google search engine but i am still pretty sure that i cab boost this blog in short of period of time so nothing to worry about guys and also if you dont seen your searched topics on this blog maybe that particular post has been included on those copied content one that ive removed due with my plans to this blog, so i hope you’ll understand on that and sorry for the inconvenience that Ive been made to your ends..

And wait last month i putted my travel category on this blog beside for being a fansite on that moment but still i am believing that i can make this a full blog like what i am doing right now and yeah you’ll see some of my photos and my travel experience to this renewed blog of mine..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Family Activities!

Yeah, as a family we often to go out just to have fun, we go to the mall more often, having a launch even dinner on our favorite restaurant and even quite sometimes buying some products that deal with, i think doing those things can really help us as a family to be more bond and paste to each and i think my parents did a great job and of course we wouldn’t forget to thank our GOD almighty who been given us a awesome life to this world and experienced such happiness that we were having right yeah let me share with you when we got off on our yearly religious gathering, you can see the photo below, how happy we are(me and my sister)

How we look at? honestly im quite laughing every time i seen this, why? because look at us we really look like a piggy pig right? because of that bulky faces that we have, ok i need to stop it or else my sister will punch me after she read this