Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 photo givenchy-by-riccardo-tisci-2013-spring-summer-march-delivery-1_zpsa7ff26bd.jpg

Givenchy had released their spring/summer collection 2013 designed by the great Riccardo Tisci. I must say, these pieces were really quirky that can makes you feel luxurious, nope, I think the right term is hippest. Because as well all know that the brand Givenchy is the one leading brand today when it comes to high-end fashion and in able to wear its piece is a great accomplishment too, on my opinion, because usually, their each pieces are indeed expensive that we normal people wont consider at all..

Anyway, these are the pieces, photos on top, that we could expect from the brand on their store selves this summer season. And as I’ve heard, each piece has a pricing range of ¥38,850 to ¥278,250 JPY (approximately $410 to $2,950 USD). Yeah! that’s how dope this brand,Givenchy, is..hahha

I am also pretty sure that some of these pieces were rock on by the some male Kpop idols soon. And as I’ve saw one wearing. Sure thing! will update you here again for the full details. Alright, That’s it for now and have a great day ahead. Thanks so much!

Kpop Cover : Loving U – Chunji & DongHyun & Zelo & Sungjai

I really liked seeing some Kpop idols doing cover of their co-idol or colleagues. Because this deeds are the usual most talked about not just on the fan based sites but also in the whole world wide web..hehe And look what I’ve found this recently when I was browsing the video sharing site, YouTube. A video of some idol guys doing the “loving U” of the all girl Kpop group Sistar. I must say, they did it kinda funny and fans really amused on their performance here as they’ve statement on the video Comments.

I think, the song has this flugelhorn element or sound on it. But I am not sure though. Let our friends in the music industry confirms it if there’s such sound uses to it.. I will update you soon..Thanks!

Uniform experiment x ENGLATAILOR by GB 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 photo uniform-experiment-x-englatailor-by-gb-2013-spring-summer-collection-1_zps20a4c773.jpg

Yes! another collaborative pieces here. These tees or top are from the brand Uniform experiment & ENGLATAILOR for their spring summer collection for this year 2013. And it designed by the awesome GB. I must say, these tees are very light and it can bring really comfortable feeling on each of our end as we wears it. That’s why I really wanted to blog up some collaborative pieces here because they are the unusual awesome pieces or this limited edition that we fashion bloggers and even enthusiasts are looking forward to have.

Good thing that these pieces here are already available at SOPH STORE. Just heads up on the online shop and check to yourself on how much these tees will be cost you. Because I haven’t spare time now  for this to search over.. So please bear with me then..ahaha Alright, that’s it for now and if you wanted to know further details about this collection. Please do search it over Google because some blogs have it their full details about this dope collection. Thanks so much and have yourself a great long vacay..hehe 🙂

The Hundreds 2013 Spring Footwear Collection

 photo the-hundreds-spring-2013-footwear-collection-delivery-2-1_zpsc1a69c2d.jpg

Seems like the camouflage designs are still hip when it comes on men’s fashion today. Though we’ve seen this camouflage already on some brands fall and winter collections last year 2012 but yet this statement or style are still trends for this spring summer not just for men but also in some girl’s fashion brands out there.. I think, designers and brands are trying out to reinvent on this great pattern called camou and yeah! I must admit that this print is pretty much dope that everyone’s can rock on with..

Look, the brand Hundreds used the camou print as well for their spring footwear collection 2013 that you may see on the top photo. My only thought about this collection is like these shoes are really look so comfy and might be also versatile that you may wear on your shorts and pants. As for now, I haven’t yet know any further details about it, like the availability, pricing ranges and other material used to it, however, the brand itself, Hundreds, will be surely update us soon on this great collection. By then, I can able to update you here. So – please, keep on checking the blog for more fashion updates.


Istarblog x Wishtrend Giveaway

Istarblog x Wishtrend Giveaway

Okay, I often promised that soon I’ll be holding one giveaway contest here,, as my thank you for all of you my dear readers for keep on supporting the blog. Yeah! Let do this now! Though I am not really into this kind of stuff because I might prefer to have an product review instead but anyway let’s make this done by the help of my loving sponsor This company sells a lot of Korean cosmetics and some related things, a girl things in short. Haha but they do sell some guy cosmetics too which I will review too soon once the product’s arrived on my way – so please keep on checking the blog,, for my review update.. Haha

Okay, this how the giveaway works. Actually, this was the easiest giveaway ever that you could join in, I think so. Because you’ll only require to sign up on ( for us to see your mailing address once you won here) and have their Facebook page liked over here –

After that, just leave me a comment below with your username or email address together with your full name and FB user link . Or just follow the format below for you to have an entry.

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We’ll be picking 3 winners here which will received this awesome  [Confume] Argan Treatment Oil (25ml / 4EA) each… Great,right? and This Giveaway is open Worldwide…

 photo WISHTREND-korea_cosmetic-hair-welcos-confume-argan_treatment_oil-wishtrendcom_03_zpsdeb1fef9.jpg

Also, I will draw the winners using the Yeah! call me old fashioned for not using the rafflecopter on this,but this was the easier for me to make this.. Heheh

Will run this giveaway until April 05,2013 and will announce the winners on the same date.. Ill keep you posted via fb. Thanks and good luck!

Ps: forgive those grammatical errors I am not perfect like you are.. Peace yow! Hehe 🙂


April 06, 2013

Check the list of the winners below. BTW, We’ve picked 4 winners instead of 3 because sponsor is quite happy on the result of this giveaway..

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Winner 1:

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Will email or pm you on fb for further details on how you may claim your prize. Thank you so much!

Weathering Financial Crisis

 photo make-a-budget-piggy_zpsc5e6342e.jpg

Life is full of ups and downs. That is why we should always be prepared for the unexpected things that may happen in our lives such as our house being devastated by a natural disaster, which is not entirely unthinkable nowadays because of unpredictable weather conditions, getting fired, and having a sick loved one. It will definitely be less stressful if we are able to explore our options before an intense difficulty comes our way. Learning how to manage and cope with our finances during these hard times is very important and with careful planning, we can lessen the effect of unexpected financial hardships.

People often ask themselves the question how to weather a financial apocalypse. Any person with assets should make a file of all his/her financial information and keep the data in a safe, easily accessible place. This includes identity documents, financial documents, insurance documents, and estate planning documents. It is also a must to save for emergencies. Always set three to six months of money aside in an emergency fund. For those who have more stable jobs, set aside six months. Actually, the true amount you need in savings is the funds you would need if you lost your job until you could get back to work again. So for instance you become disabled and have disability insurance that kicks in six months, you need six months of living expenses in emergency funds.

Furthermore, it is important to have an action plan in place if ever you become disabled, die after surgery, treatment, or accident. Always check your insurance coverage and determine out-of-pocket costs for surgery or treatment. Also check your disability coverage and be sure that you are current on premiums for disability, health, life and long term care coverage.

Leather motorcycle jackets for men

 photo yhst-130149862224791_2253_82775019_zpsd8217bd9.jpg

Who never thought that even the leather motorcycle jackets for men can be use either on your own fashion statements. yeah! because most of the men these days are used to have this motor leather jacket for their winter outfits like on South Korea, Japan, UK and even to US. I think, people, most especially men, are more has fashion sense these days than before, isn’t it? look on the picture on the top. That was the perfect example on how we guys can rock on our own motor jackets, pretty impressive,right?

Alright, I know most of you, my readers, will then ask me where to find a good leather motor jacket one? okay, let me suggest this online site that I’ve recently found which the , an online shop that sells different apparels and accessories for both boys and girls, and I must say, all of their products on this site are the one on hip today on today’s fashion trends. And of course, each product they had are has this great quality of materials that may surely lasted.

For more information about them. Just heads up on their site now and you’ll found out all the necessarily details you’d wanted to know about them, no worries, they can even ship international.

Stylish and Innovative Cases from Tenerarca



I have been working so hard these past months so I can go to places I want to go and buy the things I want to buy. Foremost on my mind is to purchase an iPhone. I know most people already have this phenomenal gadget and I am quite envious. I also see a lot of stores in malls as well as online stores sell different types of cases with cute and stylish designs. It would definitely be fun tinkering with my iPhone and exploring all its features at the same time looking for an iPhone case that would absolutely fit my personality and taste. is a website that sells biotechnological products using UPSKIN ™ technology. It started in 2012 but its parent company which is Parsk (USA) Inc. has been in the business for over 30 years manufacturing high quality leather and leather goods for popular fashion brands in New York. The Tenerarca brand’s use of this technology is done by applying biotechnological processes in the production of leather. These processes are advantageous to our health and nature friendly. As the company progresses, it keeps on producing innovative products that elevate the standards of quality which gives satisfaction to their clients.

The products that they sell are iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 cases, new iPad and iPad 2 cases, and Universa Pondera leather bracelets to match the Tenerarca iPhone and iPad case. These luxurious and stylish cases protect your phone and protects yourself since they are anti-bacterial. They are made from a patented leather that also produces biochemical reactions which in turn heighten levels of serotonin, the positive mood chemical. Therefore, these luxurious protective cases helps to ease depression, soothe stress, and raise energy. Furthermore, these cases strengthens the functions of autonomic nerves in the body.

These durable and fashionable cases also have functional features like easy grip texture that makes it easy and comfortable to hold, magnetic closure for convenience, and ultra-thin leather cover that can be kept closed even while on a call. They are made from a flexible 0.4mm-thick single layer of soft leather which gives it a slim profile. Items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Payment methods are Paypal, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.

Who wore it best?


Taeyang,Bang Yongguk,Changsub


Red star detail cotton sweater by Givenchy

While I was searching some sort of topics that I might post up here. This photos really caught my attention which 3 celebrities, Korean artists, wore a same piece from the brand Givenchy that I’ve found dope. Because look, they all rockin’ on the crew neck and I must say Taeyang was the one who got swag out of it. Nope I am not bias I just really found him more dope wearing this Red star detail cotton sweater from Givenchy.

On the sweater: the piece is pretty simple and the design was not that high-end but I think the street fashion touch or the element was the one bringing the clothes to become hip today. And I think they’ve used this print broker to print that star out on this awesome piece.

Wear the shoes you love


Occasionally, I also blogging some girls fashion topics in here to balance up my readers interests and to boost my traffic and such related matter. Anyway, this recently, Ive stumbled on this one site called , actually it is an online store where all the lovely killer heels are resides and selling. Yeah girls! if you needed any stilettos, wedge shoes and even insoles I may suggest you to check this awesome online stores and get your shoes there. Because as this moment, they do have this sale on going and I know most of you shoe addicts will definitely look forward on this site, I know right? because my sister is a shoe addict as well and she’s really pleased to buy some shoes on their site and even to recommend it also on her friends…lol

So what are you waiting for, girls?  wear the shoes you love and be more chic of it. By the way, can ship international too. specifically available on U.K., Australia, and Canada. So girls, this site is all for you and all orders are shipped out within 48 hours once order is placed..

Alright, that will be all for now and will also posting some pictures of my sister wearing her bought shoes on this site.. So – please, keep on checking this blog for the updates. Thanks and have a great day!