Three Must See Reality Shows


The next time you find yourself flipping through the channels or looking over streaming apps to find something to watch, consider turning to reality shows instead of scripted television shows. Reality shows now run the gamut from cooking shows that feature celeb chefs like Gordon Ramsey to dancing shows that let you see some of your favorite stars dance across the screen. No matter where you live, whether you have a Netflix account or if you still rely on cable, there are still a few top reality shows that you should watch, including current and previous seasons.

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is a reality competition show that pits celebrities from different areas against each other. They partner with a professional dancer, learn at least one new dance every week and compete live in front of an audience and panel of judges. The show is so popular that it inspired Dancing With the Stars in America and similar shows in countries around the week. While some think Craig Revel Horwood is the odds on favorite to win the current season, his competition stepped up their game in recent weeks, which leaves fans wondering who will come out on top.

Top Chef

Fans of cooking shows often pick Top Chef as one of their favorite reality shows. Top Chef picks professional chefs to compete in multiple challenges every week. They might have 20 minutes to create a recipe using an ingredient on the spot or more than 24 hours to work in teams and create dishes for an upcoming party. A panel of professional chefs and food experts pick their three favorite and least favorite dishes each episode and eliminate at least one chef. The show even had a spin off devoted to dessert chefs.

Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey owns several restaurants in the United States and Britain and appears on a handful of TV shows every year. One show that fans pick as their favorite is Kitchen Nightmares. Originally broadcast in the UK, there is now an American version of the show too. Ramsey goes to failing restaurants, meets with the chefs, talks to customers and offers helpful suggestions on how to turn those restaurants around.

Reality shows let you escape for an hour and enjoy watching drama unfold in front of you. Some of the top reality shows currently on the air include Top Chef, Strictly Come Dancing and Kitchen Nightmares.

Dress For Success: Tips For Your Professional Wardrobe


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Most men do just fine dressing themselves for a social context. I know countless guys who are very fashion conscious, and yet don’t know how to dress for an interview or other professional situation. If you have a similar issue, then this post is for you. Here, I’ve listed some great tips for fashion and grooming in preparation for a job interview.

Let’s start off with the suit. In the world of business, a man’s suit is a massive factor in how his colleagues view him. If yours doesn’t give off the right impression, you won’t be getting the job! The general rule is to go with plain, solid designs. One in navy and one in deep grey will usually be all the suits you need. While verbose pinstripe designs might rub certain executives the right way, your safest bet is to choose something nice and boring. Go with a two to three button cut. Either should be fine, but consider the mien of the company you’re hoping to work for. If you think they have a more traditional way of running things, a two-button cut is a little more classic. Having a custom-made suit from a good label also goes a long way. Look at for some inspiration.

Unless it really doesn’t fit with your suit jacket, I’d go for a plain white shirt. Traditionally speaking, this should have a straight point collar. However, these days it’s become much more common to have a less flashy button-down. The styles which should be avoided are tab collars, pins and wide English spreads. Look at for more details. You might think that a little gold monogram adds a touch of class, but they should be avoided unless you’re going for an executive position. I’d also stay away from French cuffs. These can complement the rest of your attire pretty nicely. However, if you’re not used to wearing these, they should be avoided. You don’t want to have a cufflink malfunction the moment you’re called in!

When it comes to the accessories, don’t stress too much about the tie. Yes, it’s the first thing you notice about a man’s suit. However, a classic dotted or striped pattern will usually be sufficient. As for your shoes, go for normal black lace-ups. You may feel that you want to stand out from the crowd, but don’t. Casual loafers, along with shoes with buckles or straps, will stand out in the wrong way! Aside from that, wear a nice mens watches and subtle cufflinks. Be sure to keep a comb on you and use it within the minute you’re going to be called in. Flair and individuality may be great for some situations, but when you’re looking to get a job, go with the uniform!

There you have my best tips on picking out an interview wardrobe. I’ll leave you with one last pointer; don’t be afraid to ask! Some people may see it as unprofessional, but for the most part you shouldn’t worry about it. In your initial phone conversation, there’s nothing wrong in a quick “what should I wear?”


What a Guy Wants This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here once again and for sure there are people out there who are in a dilemma as to what to give to their loved ones on this day of hearts. It goes without saying that it should be special since it only happens once a year. Women sometimes have a hard time choosing the right presents for their boyfriends or husbands simply because most of the market products are aimed at women. No matter what it is, always keep in mind that a good gift will not only make his day but will likewise show your love and appreciation for him, especially when he has been great all year long and he deserves only the best. Also remember that your gift does not have to be expensive. As long as it comes from the heart, it is good.

If you want to be on the safe side, the usual polo shirts in different colors and designs are the way to go. You can also give essential clothing items like socks, underwear, and boxer shorts but make sure that it is the right size and goes with his preferred style. If he likes ties, you can buy him formal and not so formal ties that he can wear at the office or at a special event. Throw in a pair of uniquely designed cufflinks. Accessories like belts, caps, sunglasses, watches, wallets, and messenger/body bags can also be given. If your guy likes footwear you can always give him sneakers, rubber shoes, sandals, and flip flops.

Pamper him from head to toe this Valentine’s Day with a luxe grooming set which includes a deodorant, body spray, aftershave, pomade, beard balm, and soap. If you want him to smell good all day, give him his favorite cologne or perfume. For him to not lose his keys and to keep him organized, a key ring is a must. If he is a book lover, you can get him a copy of the book he has been dying to buy. If you have the budget to get him a more pricey gift, give him the gadget that he is saving up for. If he has a sweet tooth, give him a box of chocolates or some delicious brownies and/or cupcakes.

Men’s Summer Essentials

For men fashion, there’s actually a bunch of accessories or pieces that we could pull off this summer season for you to fits in. And some of these are these colorful accessories that are might already available at your fave stores. Other brands called them summer essentials as they’re only be use or meant only for the summer season – but of course as you are fond enough, like I do, to wear off these in some other times or season, it still fine though as long you know on how to mix and match your total outfit so that it may perfectly fits based on the season or event, perhaps, you’d trying to attend with..

Basically, what are these summer essentials?

First, I think some good pair of wristband are proper to be listed out as it can gives a great accentual and summery looks in you as you have them. However though, you should bear in mind too, that not all wristbands are proper to wear as they were some to meant for formal wear not of summer looks one. But any colorful bands are great for summer even plain black one actually as long you can pair it up through these colors wrist candy and everything will gone look perfect, for sure.

Also outfit, you should consider it too. You can now wear something light as the summer season comes along, wear this plain white tee or some loose tees for the humid season and just pair it off with your colored pants or shorts and definitely it may look so perfect on your end.

Definitely, a great footwear, a comfortable footwear perhaps, are one you should seek about for summer because as we all knew summer is too hot to handle hence a great cool footwear is a must!

Men’s Fashion:Suspenders

Firstly, I am really sorry for not updating this site,, quite often now as I got myself busy at school and I am also preparing with my tour hence I really cant able to find a time to update you all here. But anyway, am still trying though to at least update one post a day,starting today – hopefully, as I am keen to have this site developed as it was before.  I hope all things gonna do right so that I can have this site running for the couple of years more.

Okay, as we all know at your dad’s times they used to wear this accessory called suspenders which actually the substitution for the belt and it does rarely today for teens even those man to have this accessory with their wardrobe. But you know what? as the 80’s era is starting to evades the new generation fashion today, I merely sees some teens who are now fond of wearing it and rocking with it, which I truly like because suspenders are great as long as you know on how you can match it on your total outfit.

What good about the suspenders?

Well, you can wear it off in either casual and formal attire and you actually rock it through your summer outfits because suspenders are versatile enough to wear hence you should  have yourself one now as you wanted yourself to be dope and be hip for today’s fashion.

And in regarding to pricing, suspenders are great to have than belt. Because this piece is usually cheap than those leather belt we used to have and yet it can gives a great accentual for your total outfit, right? hence you really have or consider this piece now as you’re a dope guys who trying to be fashionable and quirky quite sometimes.

You can search Google on how you can pull this off because there’s a bunch of lookbook even some people’s outfit posts , pictures, that you can mimic for your own fashion outfit.

Trends: Colored Blazers

Basically, this are not my first tike to see such guy roaming wearing his hot colored blazers. This trend is categorized as generic fashion where people are used to have as the certain season had comes and that would be the summer season, definitely!.

Colored blazers are very 80’s and guys these days are fond or found it little quirky that’s why, maybe, they’d trying to do their own version on it as they going dandy with these summery looking colored blazers. Personally, I would like to pull off myself in this kind of summer fashion because look, they’re looking so neat, photo on the top, and at the same time they can either dress down by removing the blazer alone as they needed to just casual though. Moreover, this fashion statement for men are dope and I actually planning to have myself one soon so that I can be hip for my summer.

Look Your Best And Stand Out From The Crowd With This Blue Halter Dress!

If you want to be on trend with the halter style thatÕs pretty much all over magazine spread nowadays, then this DRESS is perfect for you! It is perfect to wear on cocktail parties and other formal events such as a wedding, or a date night out with your hubby. You can easily pair it with a simple necklace or a pair of studded earrings. A pair of high peep toe heels would also go perfectly together with this dress.

Blue Halter Dress
ÒPurpleLINK and it will direct you to a website.


Here’s To Your Perfect Holiday Dress With This Champagne Sequin Lace Strapless Dress!

I’ve been looking for the perfect dress to wear for the upcoming holidays and I stumbled upon this DRESS and immediately fell in love with its style!

Champagne Sequin Lace Strapless Short Dress
Champagne Sequin Lace Strapless Short Dress
Red Sequin Lace Strapless Short Dress
Red Sequin Lace Strapless Short Dress

It is made of chiffon which makes it very lightweight and easy to wear. The lace detailing on the skirt adds a lovely touch of grace and flare to the dress plus the sequins on the top with the red bow makes the perfect ensemble to stand out from the crowd in a Christmas party. ItÕs also strapless so itÕs prefect to accentuate your lovely shoulders. Its Champagne color is just fitting for the holidays since I definitely do not want to look like a walking Christmas tree! If you want to look more festive, itÕs also available in the color Red. It is currently available in the sizes S M L XL XXL.

Not only did I get so excited when I saw this dress but I got even more excited seeing that itÕs on sale! Priced only at PHP 1038 (80% Off)save about PHP 4061 since it was originally priced at PHP 5099, which means I can buy more gifts for my friends and family. Being subscribed to the website also had its perks! Coupon codes are given which can be used as additional discount for the items that you buy!

I found out that I can pay through PayPal which is guaranteed to be 100% safe. Just in time for the holidays, I can immediately receive my item/s just a matter of 3-5 days done through Express Shipping.

If you want to see more dresses to wear for the holidays, just click on this LINK! So come and find your perfect holiday dress now and enjoy the party away!