The Reg G-shock

When it comes on Watches I think one brand that I’d often consider, rather I must say this brand that I only wanted which is the Casio G-shock. Yes! I loved the brand more than more and its watches, because they did have these features that I really wanted into a watch. Like the water resistance, time stop, lights and many more. Though the watch had this kinda difficult to its set, I mean the whole thing by setting it up on your time as you buy it, so I suggested you to ask the sales staff to reset it on the proper dates and time because I’m telling you that’s stuff is quite hard mind to understand.LOL Anyways, you can still do it by your own by following the watch direction paper that is includes as you bought the watch.

Right now, I had 2 g-shock watches already both black color that I bought to the US through my grandma and I’m very thankful to her by buying me so my 2 G-Shock watch. And now, I will ask here again to buy me another G-shock watch but on the red colour by this time. Hahaha

Bright Colours for Summer

Awhile ago when Im trying to find any photos that I can be blog on to this blog, I just saw these photos to my computer photo archives that Im pretty sure that I don’t yet posted out to this pretty blog that’s why they did here now. If I don’t mistaken, I just got these photos in one fashion blog that I cant remember at all, so please bear with me on this but anyway, these bright dresses that you are seeing on top are the one that are trends on the recent summer because summer of 2011 is all about colours and cuts as you can notice those dresses on the top photos..

Yes! summer is all about fun and comfortably that’s why those brights colours are suitable to use to those summer collection that those awesome designers did on this pieces. Alright, that’s it and I hope I can blog something informative pretty soon.

Men can wear rings?

I think most of the peeps specially more on guy are asking this, if they can wear these kind of rings that can be seeing on the top photo. Because girls are used to wear  these kind of rings here,right? However, these days on people are often open minded on this kind of fashion statement wherein guys can wear anything that they wanted to, and even skirt can they now wear it off for the sake of fashion. Believed me, I saw someone collection before that they did this skirt exclusively for men and as I found it again, I will definitely share it to you here. So yeah! bulky rings and other fashionable rings are can be also for guy and please get rid to a thinking if a guy where these kind of rings they might be a homosexual or gay.LOL

By the way, I’d loved the skull one and soon enough I will buy some of sort of these on the fave brand store that I often buy my stuff. Alright, that’s it and Thanks!

How to Dress Like Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was invariably immaculately dressed when he went out in public, always preferring carefully designed bespoke suits and classical tuxedos rather than the more common slacks and jeans. Never anything less than the epitome of class and refinement, the singing legend had a great deal of advice to proffer when it came to getting dressed up to go out. According to Sinatra half an inch of any man’s shirt cuffs must stick out from the sleeve of his jacket and trousers should land slightly over the shoe, black is absolutely the single appropriate color that should be worn in the after dark hours, vests will always be superior to cummerbunds, and lastly, you should not ever forget to get your shoes shined. Other famous and classical hallmarks of Sinatra’s style include fedoras,perfectly folded pocket scarves, conservative silk ties, gold cuff links, bow ties, and absolutely no jewelry.

If you are to dress like Sinatra in the modern era, and want to live life in a bespoke suit you will find it a bit more difficult and expensive than in Sinatra’s era. Similarly you could appear a little, well, dated as if you are going out in fancy dress. However thanks to a renaissance in the fedora it is possible to return to this old school look, at least on well-dressed occasions. Modern designers have thus gone back to this classic topper by putting it together with some styles that ranged from the old-style gangster look to a more rock ‘n’ roll look and even to grunge. Head to old-school James Lock & Co. for hats, one of London’s most famous and respected hatteries, and one that was established all the way back in 1676 and supposedly where Frank Sinatra is believed to have gone shopping for his hats – get yourself a hat from there and you will almost certainly have heads about you turning and tongues about you wagging, no matter what outfit you pair it with.

To copy the legendary singer’s style, you’ll also need to make sure you cock your hat when you are wearing it, meaning that you’ll have to roll the back brim up whilst simultaneously angling the front point of the hat downwardstwo inches to just below your right eyebrow.

Bright blazers are trending?

If we were talking about top suit, I know one or two color will be sink in to your mind which this black blazer or the white plain one,right? because we are usually use those blazers colours as we have to attend any formal events and such gatherings. However, these days on as the new generation comes, a lot of new pieces are came out and even some cut of clothes that are different on the usual we knew. Yeah! today’s fashion is a full of freedom and experimental that is good I must say becuase we can wear something different on the usual clothes that we grown with. Though having an vintage clothes are still there, but yet still there an new pieces with you that can make your self more confident and feel good.

And colored blazers can bring that feelings with you. Becuase the youthful was on the colours of the summer which those bright colours blazers has. Alright, that’s it for now.

8 Best Ways to Get Back Out on the Market After a Divorce

Getting out there after a divorce can be really tough. If you want to find love again or just companionship, these are the best ways to do so and you might find true happiness in the process.
1. Be open to new experiences. This is the most important tip and lesson to learn when it comes to finding a new person in your life. This doesn’t mean that you have to change your very moral structure but it does mean that you may have to change up your mindset a bit. Times may very well have changed since you were married and this is the time to find new experiences and be open to them as it may uncover some great things.

2. Be open to new people and mutual acquaintances. If you have a friend who wants to set you up on a date, don’t turn this down right away. Though you may not be comfortable with this idea initially, sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone a bit. Try it and see what happens, you could meet somebody great or even just get a bit of dating experience which you likely need.

3. Start hanging out at places where you are likely to meet others. Though you may very well not meet somebody at a bar at this point in your life, you might meet them at the library. You might meet them at a coffee house or at a book store, so start hanging out at these sort of places. Find something that you enjoy doing and then figure out if it may turn up others within your age group that has the same interests. It just might work!

4. Join groups of those who are also recently divorced. There are plenty of groups out there, locally and online, that pertain to the recently divorced. You can find this for any age group, interest, or walk of life so do some searching. Though you may not like it initially or be open to the idea, this can uncover some great people to hang out with and get to know.

5. Try out sites that pertain to your lifestyle and hobbies. You may have never used a dating site or even know how to, but these are working for millions of people out there. Try it out and see if perhaps the right person is on the other end of the computer. Check under similar hobbies, interests, or lifestyles and see what you come up with.

6. Put yourself out there in every sense of the word. Be open to the people that you meet and make yourself accessible. Don’t close yourself off or feel that you are above this whole dating process. Many have been through this before you and likely many will go through it after you so blaze a trail and see what will work for you in the end. Just be open and put yourself out there—it could mean something truly great!

7. Join clubs around town that could be great potential for meeting others. It could be something as simple as a movie club or a cooking club but it has the potential to join you up with others in your area that have similar interests. These clubs bring people together to have fun around a common theme or interest and they work wonders for dating again.

8. Make sure you are happy with yourself first and foremost. If you are still fixated on your ex or inherently unhappy then you are not ready to get out there yet. You need to first be happy with what you see when you look in the mirror and then once you embrace that, the rest will work out just fine.

Divorce is not easy at any age and these steps can really help you to find love again. Though you may not set out with that goal in mind, these steps can help you to find some happiness in your life again.

Mary Frederick is a commentator on senior dating websites.

Marc Jacob’s new design Sneakers

I loved kicks as you’ve noticed it. Because Ive often blogged about new trends of shoes on the market and to those sneaker stores that I usually considered to buy my shoe’s out. I did knew some online stores that can give a such awesome designs and style that we were couldn’t buy into your local stores that’s why I often liked to buy online than to the local stores.However, If you would like this Marc Jacob kicks here that has an snake prints on it, I suggest you to head over to the nearest stores online becuase this shoes in indeed expensive and buying online isn’t guarantee your feet size but if you are pretty sure on your foot size I may then allow you to buy online.LOL

Anyways, that’s it for now, and soon enough I will have this snake prints shoes(hopefully) I can have it.^_^ will update you,soon I bought it. Thanks a lot

Jeremy Scott Adidas Collection 2011

I know that we all loved this guy behind this collection which is Jeremy Scott under by the brand name Adidas. Because he had this huge and quirky ideas that he did putted in on his creation that peeps realized what is the real meaning of fashion and get hip these days. Yes! Jeremy Scott is such a genius that’s why I really loved his collection more than more. Like for example that pants out there, who’d never thought putting an wings accent on the hips of the pants out? I think Jeremy Scott was the only one who had this concept that can took him places.

By the way, I just grabbed these photos online, and if you had any terms or owner privacy on these photos, please do let me know so that I may pull these photos out. Thankies!

The Most Popular Earring Styles in 2011

Earrings are considered to be a jewelry staple.  Indeed, there are dozens to types of earrings, from pearl stud earrings to dangle earrings and large, diamond-studded hoop earrings and every imaginable variation in between.  Here are the most popular earring styles for 2011.

Stud Earrings.  Stud earrings are the simplest type of earring and it is for this reason that it is so popular.  They are made up of a stud and some kind of decoration on the front end.  Very often the decoration is a gemstone, such as a one carat diamond or high quality emerald, sapphire or ruby.  These earrings are particularly popular amongst brides, especially if they feature pearls.

Hoop Earrings.  These earrings are a loop of precious metal, usually gold or platinum. These earrings, like stud earrings, are the most minimalistic earrings on the market.  Hoop earrings are popular amongst both women and men, although women’s earrings usually have authentic and faux gemstones along the outer circumference while men’s earrings are usually smaller and have no decoration on them.

Dangle Earrings.  Dangle earrings are a huge category of rings that have numerous styles in them.  These earrings attach to the ear via a hook and have long decorations attached to the back.  The most popular earring this year are gold encrusted, in a chandelier designs and may have some very small diamonds set in them.   Dangle earrings are newly popular amongst brides and are increasingly popular if they have diamonds because they can easily match engagement rings.

Another cool summer outfit

This is me that’s why I blogged it over on this blog, I mean these was pieces that I used to wear that’s why this style is more than me. Gets what I mean? Okay, as I saw this online one thing that has been sink in into my mind which these pieces are cool to have and yeah! I am now planning to buy new stuff tomorrow that can be resemblance on these pieces. Though Ive got already these kind of pieces but yet having a new stuff is really relieving.LOL