Awesome Watches

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I’m really pleased to write about watches on my blog as they’re one of my favourite things and I like to choose designer watches that accessorize my outfit. Watches are definitely one of the most important parts of my wardrobe and I hate to go out anywhere without having some bling on my wrist. And yeah – I just basically love luxury watches! There is something about luxury watches from the likes of Breitling and Baume & Mercier that I adore and I’m always on the lookout for good looking timepieces.

I’m a big fan of stylish and professional looking designer watches and this is why I like Longines watches so much. This luxury watch brand is definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen and I love the stylish watch faces and straps that they have. Longines watches are definitely power watches and it lets people in your office know that you’re in charge and have a high level of authority.

There are also a great variety of ladies watches to choose from and they are great for finishing off an outfit. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs are just some of the most recognisable names when it comes to choosing ladies watches but there are styles and designs that will suit every taste and budget. I would love to hear your thoughts on luxury watches and the sorts of timepieces that you have or hope to buy. That’s all for now – thanks, folks!