Fight for your Fashion Freedom

God gave each one of us a mind to think what decisions that we’re think is good to us and the path that can we go through it . Like on fashion each one of us has this eagerness to become a unique and fab by our own little things that can shown up to those clothes and styles that we were wearing of. but sometimes if you were an alien into one place mostly you can hear some discrimination on how you wear your things out becuase trends stuff are not huge that can occupied all places, though nowadays people are open minded in all kind of fashion trends but we can avoidable rather best term was please other people to like your stuff on that brings into discrimination on your end as they found your style bored on their way. Actually if that’s happen to you and all things get worsen I suggest you to report this person to Misdemeanor Domestic Violence not only to gain respect but also on your own sake and safeness as you immigrant in one place. Trust me lawyer is our best friend any where we are.

I hope this post will be way to get other mean people to open their hearts on other people wants and like becuase its on fashion or anywhere.