How to find the perfect suit

If there’s one thing that forms a staple of the male wardrobe it’s the humble suit. Whether it’s a light linen number for summer weddings, a pin-striped piece for work or a black suit for formal occasions, there aren’t many outfits that are quite so versatile – or so tricky to get right. A couple of inches extra at the cuff; a trouser that’s just slightly too baggy; a jacket that’s not cut quite right – all of these are major fashion sins that are easy to succumb to. If you’ve never managed to own a suit that looks fantastic, then here’s how to get it right.

1. Don’t scrimp: It’s an unfortunate fact of a life that a good-quality, well-fitting suit will cost you. Think of it as an investment – unlike fripperies of fashion that come and go, a good suit will last you for years. If you only have one designer outfit, then your suit should be it.

2. Go for seperates: If your budget won’t stretch to a hand-made suit, look for shops which offer separate pieces. If you buy your trousers and jackets separately, it’s easier to get a tailored finished look.

3. Fabric is key: Cut is crucial, but a tacky-looking fabric can really let a suit ensemble down. Look for worsted-wool fabric that has been twisted to deliver a lightweight material – and don’t just look. Run the suit between your fingers to check that it feels as well as appears classy.

4. Go for versatile: If you’re going for the ‘capsule wardrobe’ look then aim for a suit that will work for all occasions – dressed down with casual mens blazers for dinner dates or smartened up with a shirt and tie for work or for a wedding. Next currently does a range of natty mens blazers for spring/ summer that look great with suits.

Rhino blue blazer from Next, £70

5. Suit your style: There’s no point getting a stunningly expensive suit which you’ll never wear because it just isn’t ‘you’. Look for a style that is well-made but also fits with your individual fashion sense. Women’s suits often offer a better range of styles and cuts, but a little rummaging through designer boutiques will unearth men’s suits of equal diversity.