Loosing my hope already!

Yeah im loosing my hope that this blog will be now included to the site broker that i was aiming to get through since i bought this blog out to my friend and the broker site that im telling you right now is this payu2blog, yeah i heard a lot of good terms reviews for their end that is why i was insistently wanted to try them out because i was extremely working hard each day that i think the company will needed most for such blogger? im just hinting like that..LOL anyways yeah i asked them again via email if they could review my 2 blogs again by the 2 time around because if you could remember this blog and my finkalixius.info was failed making through their dashboard by my first attempt because my blog wasn’t like this one right now who is well ranked and well searched on the Google(I Believed) that is why im trying my luck for the last time because if this recent application that ive been submitted via email will not push through, i think ill sell out my finkalixius.info and if the person who will buy the domain for instant ill push this domain out as well to sell because if i could make it to go on payu2blog i think there’s nothing reason to make this all efforts because as ive said the reason im working these 2 blogs so hard is to get on the payu2blog dashboard..so yeah enough, i need to rest now because its been tired on the house nowadays due with some renovation! i hate being tired offline because i wasn’t be able to update my blogs in that day happened!