Listen up and look good

So much more effort seems to be put into fashion tips for women. Men often get left behind and therefore often end up being a little lost about exactly what defines the latest trends and how to wear them. There are of course plenty of magazines and websites out there that do offer fashion and trend insights and tips, but aside from GQ and the broadsheet supplements they don’t offer much depth or breadth.

Generally it is easy to figure out what the latest trends are by walking through the typical high street fashion shop or department store, but exactly how to wear the latest trends is a little harder to fathom. Here we have picked one trend and will detail just how you should wear it.

Nautical-inspired fashion has made various visits to international catwalks over the decades. It plays a prominent and continue source of inspiration for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. This summer it’s back but there are notes of preppy Americana thrown into the mix.

There are several key features of this look. First is the Breton stripe. The stripe is found mostly on t-shirts and polo shirts. To add extra detail, look for stripes that change in density and size.

Along with the stripe are the key colours or red, white and blue, with a nod to both Royal Britannia and the Stars and Stripes. Don’t go overboard with colour however. This French Riviera style is rather understated and reserved. Keep it neutral and don’t wear all three colours in block; instead pick two, white and blue for example and accessorise with red.

Chinos are the must have trousers not only of this trend, but of the summer. They should be tapered, turned up and loose and preferably in beige.

Denim, which works in perfect tandem with the cotton fabric of chinos, is also a new modern addition to the otherwise traditional trend. The denim shirt, worn loose and open over a plain t-shirt ties a look together and is a great way of softening the otherwise rather smart appearance of this trend.

To top it off look for a tailored, but not over structured blazer. This gives the trend a mod feel that is both casual and smart at the same time.

In terms of accessories deck shoes are a must as are a pair of the classic Wayfarer style sunglasses.

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