Thanks WordPress!

I must to be grateful and thankfully on wordpress because yeah i wasn’t failed at all using the wordpress as my blogging platform or CMS, why? because wordpress can rarely made my everyday blogging activities easiest and convenience to the sense on what this wordpress has, like the publish option wherein you can schedule your post to be in the future and maximize the tasks that you have to do with in the particular day of your blogging stuff, well as for today on my own opinion only wordpress can made this (as i know, but not sure though) thats why if you are planning to have your blog to be you must be consider wordpress as your platform because of its feature that you  dont might see on the other platform and please bear with this post by the way, because i am not blogging this to be bias into wordpress and make some bad impression to other platform but instead i just wanna let you know what CMS can convince me on how their consistently and reliability giving such great free CMS to use with, but still yours, on what  do you feel is the best platform could be on your end.