Trying my luck on blogitive

I know this blog has this great stat that advertisers might consider with but yet still i dont get into in any paid post to this blog then because i was intended to work on payu2blog one of the best network so far but suddenly this blog needs more post then(based to them) when the time that Ive been applied way back time, but now i think this blog is pretty built then that the said network(payu2blog) might consider by this time ^_^, but im not hoping to get in there as well, just want to try my luck once again but let see on the next response on how they find this blog then, anyways i found this another site broker named blogitive and i think the network as quite good then like what payu2blog? because a lot of my blogging buddies is keeping on recommending this network to me thats why im trying my luck to get in into this network and yeah im done submitting my blog to them and i hope i can receive my approval email (hopefully) so that i can earn quite bit here to support all of my expenses to this blog..ok let see on what happen next, ill make an update soon as i got to them, ops such very positive thinker i am today, ok thats it for now, thanks a lot