Ultimate Fashion Turn-Offs

Even if you buy all the latest magazines and follow the trends, there will always be different fashion laws when it comes to dating. No matter how many celebrities have worn that style of shoes, you’re not guaranteed to impress your date with them. Whether you’ve met on one of the fashionable dating sites or through a magazine, here are some first date fashion turn offs:



Despite popular belief, showing too much flesh is a big turn-off. Your date will get completely the wrong impression and it could well cheapen the evening. Plus, leaving more to the imagination will usually turn someone on much more than revealing all from the first. Girls, try to balance your look by sticking to the simple rule that if you wear a skirt, you wear a modest top and if you wear a revealing top, go for trousers or dark tights. This will mean you’re look is much more sophisticated and sexy. Guys, try and keep all but the top button done-up and jeans not too baggy – flesh isn’t a good look on you either!



This is the ultimate fashion turn-off – as popular TV program Snog, Marry, Avoid has countlessly proved by giving people with a love of fakery more natural makeovers. Fakery looks tacky and off-putting. If someone’s on a date with you they want to get to know the real you, not the fake. So, lose the jewellery, make-up, hair extensions, false eyelashes and all other forms of fakery. Be as natural and create a great impression.



Although you might want to dress in a wacky style to show off your unique personality, make sure you tone this down, at least for the first couple of dates. You wouldn’t want to scare someone off by being too out-there with your look. It might take a bit of getting used to, so ease them in gently. Bold patterns, clashing designs, over-the-top accessories and neon colors could be baffling turn-offs.



Turning up to a date in the scruffiest outfit possible is mainly the crime of guys, although girls can occasionally fall below the acceptable level too. You must look like you’ve made some kind of effort when you go on a date. Arriving in torn jeans, a t-shirt and a general air of unkemptness really won’t leave a good impression. In fact, your date will probably assume that you don’t really care, either about them or the date!



At the other end of the spectrum, don’t make too much of an effort. Don’t show off with expensive designers and top-of-the-range watches and jewellery. This can be another enormous turn-off, as it will be interpreted as unpleasant arrogance and vanity.


Whether you’re visiting dating websites london or dating in Glasgow, don’t let these fashion turn-offs ruin your dating life. Make sure to steer clear of these five unsightly trends.


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