I support this company advocacy is to give us people a very unique of clothes that be cool and casual at the same. I’d never heard this before that’s why I’m blogging this out now for your to all know on what this company aiming for us.

Watch their Video for you to deeply know on how this company works.

This indeed awesome and I hope you may support them as well.

By the way the company is about to launch this first week of May and for you to see on what these guys can offer us. Here’s the sneak peak on their work.

These clothes are in trend but yet still unique onto others, how? because these clothes aren’t made by  the machine that mostly another companies did. These are made by the Artisan, meaning they don’t use any electricity just to make  a great pieces like these. I support this concept, really! and I hope I can have these kind of clothes to soon.

Website: http://www.theiouproject.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theiouproject
twitter: @iouproject