Unusual Contact Lenses

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Fun and unusual contact lenses are an ideal way to make sure you stand out in a crowd. Whether at work, a nightclub or any other social situation a unique fashion accessory can boost a person’s confidence, and create an instant conversation topic.

Since special effects contacts are designed for fashion purposes, they feature no corrective properties for eyesight. This makes it possible for anyone to wear such lenses. So, if you want to dress to impress at a themed event, costume party or any social gathering the perfect contacts can be found.

Tinted Fashion Contacts

Traditional fashion contacts are the same as normal contact lenses (no patterns or theme), except that they change the colour of the wearer’s eyes. Turning grey eyes to striking blue, or brown eyes to a vivid shade of green can produce a dramatic effect, especially on your friends and acquaintances. For many people, a change of eye colour gives them an extra boost of confidence in a social situation, or helps them to coordinate their eye colour with their outfit.

Cat’s Eye Designs

Those in search of something a little more than a simple change in eye colour should consider contact brands with unusual designs, such as cat’s eyes contacts. There is no better way to stand out in a nightclub than returning someone’s gaze with a feline stare. Anyone who is looking to make a big first impression should consider these interesting designs. Cat’s eyes lenses can be found in a variety of colours, such as blue, yellow or topaz, but the popular favourite with most wearers is a striking green.

Halloween Fun

At Halloween time, or maybe just for going to the cinema for a horror film, you may wish to consider a pair of vampire contact lenses. Whether to hand out sweets to local trick-or-treaters, or make a frightening entrance at a Halloween party, vampire designs can be a fun and original way to add spice to the spooky holiday. Zombie eyes are a good choice as well, especially for those who enjoy startling their friends and neighbours. Such lenses are similar to Vampire designs except that they are typically red in colour.


Smiley face contacts are also a top choice of designer contact fans. These can be worn for fun at a variety of occasions or events (though perhaps not funerals), and are available in traditional bright yellow or other cute colours such as pink or baby blue. Animal smileys are also a fun option for fashion contact lovers, and these can be found in many colours as well.

Additional Choices

For something that is sure to surprise and intrigue your friends, you could consider zebra patterned spirals. These appear to be moving in a circular motion, although this is not actually the case. You can even purchase contacts referred to as blank-out eyes, which means that the lens is one solid colour that covers the entire surface of the eye, including the sclera–the eye’s white area.

Those who need their vision corrected will be pleased to find that certain manufacturers offer designer contacts that feature a prescription. Naturally, such lenses must be custom ordered, and choices of designs may be a bit more limited than contacts featuring a 0.00 prescription. In addition, such contacts are not mass produced, so their price is sometimes considerably higher than traditional party contacts. Try LensWay for a range of interesting contact lenses at bargain prices.


Designer contact lenses are an ideal fashion accessory that can provide fun and entertainment in almost any social setting, and make a nice change from glasses.