Use of Twitter!

Twitter is the second top social media nowadays because people getting crazed on how other people tweets them self out and such, that is why maybe people uses twitter as a place to promote their things as well, yeah you heard it right because some companies are using twitter as they medium to let other people know about their services and even on whats on their site and all that!

So yeah, what is twitter on you? i mean what is the uses of twitter on you? well for me im using twitter to promote my website and even share whats on my mind and quite sometimes through key-wording i can  evenly gets some advertisers along twitter because other cool companies uses the media on how im using right? so you use twitter so often now and who knows you might get your unexpected advertisers as you posted on whats on your mind there, trust me this was proven with other as well that is why twitter is keep on getting a huge traffic each day through this kind of activities! ok thats what i have for today i hope you may learn quite bit on this topic, thanks!