Waiting to my Adervertiser!

Today is a lame day for me because i wasn’t have any tasks who been waiting to serve in any of my blogs then and my private advertiser who is been scheduled to give me some tasks to do on this blog was gone and sleeping at the moment i think, because ill be waiting her till now but yet still there’s no email coming over from her maybe she got some issues i think, i hope she’ll email me a soon as possible because i really need some money now, by the way on this blog i really choosy on  what form advertisement will serve because as much as possible i wanted to have a clean blogging activities and i had this plan to get in to payu2blog the one of the best broker company nowadays that is why im quite carefully to those tasks that ill be considering here, anyways i totally avoid those other broker companies to this site i just refer to those private advertisers one..LOL

Now , Im looking forward to have a lot of private advertisers to this blog as this new year coming over because i do believe that a private advertisers can gives me this extremely earnings than to those brokers one beside of payu2blog of course..LOL ok thats it for now and let see if my advertiser will email me any moment now..thanks and had a great day ahead..