Where To buy Musical Instruments?

I made this post up, to find out where do i can buy some good quality of Musical instruments, like Trumpets,Horns,Clarinets,and so on, though i am not planning to form some band name but instead ill be donating them to our church to use too as i got them all on the near future, becuase right now i need to be considerate on the musical instruments prices. Well, i hope i can find some shop or maybe online shop wherein i can buy all these things for very reasonable prices, and please if you knew any shop out there,kindly please leave some comments below so that i may check that shop too.Thanks in advance

Actually, i most instruments that i really looking forward too is this Electric keyboards,why? because i find it unique in away, i dunno why i feels that things on,LOL anyways Drum sets and Saxophones are the instrument that i use to hate the most becuase they killing me to much by understand how they works.