WordPress 3.0.2 is now available

I often blog about wordpress here becuase i really appreciate on what wordpress can make to me by making this blog more convenience on my readers end, becuase of these plugins that i can use for free as this blog run in wordpress CMS and now as i long in to this blog a while ago one thing that Ive noticed with which the wordpress 3.0.2 is now available so what now? do i have to upgrade my old wordpress into this new wordpress? what do you think? actually i dont know on what do i get if i upgrade my wordpress and what is the differences between the wordpress that im using now into this new wordpress 3.0.2 do you know what is the different to both wordpress? if so, care to share some information here by simply leaving it to my comment box so that people will know as well as they search the same information, ok thats it for now and let see how people find this..thanks a lot