Working on the real world

I know the tittle of this post is quite confusing for you because i titled this working on the real world, so where’s the real world? nope i did meant that because me as i blogger i use to earn on the cyber which i consider as my work then that why the real world was indeed the real ok im too confusing as well now, anyways i made this post because i think i quite miss to work outside to because there was a lot of benefits that we can get like, SSS, health benefits, tax refund and many more and i can even get my payday loans online rather apply a load online which can be deducted under my company names and my company of course deducted me as well on what or how much amount to i load with, thats is the good thing if you are working on the real world, so why do i chosen to work online or making a blogging stuff? because on blogging there’s no boss who looking at your shoulder more often and you can have your time time whether you want to work or not it is all depend by sounds awesome right? well it is in some sort but i think your social life will be death on this kind of job because you’re just on the front of the computer all day long and typing just that you have to finish of, though there’s other bloggers who use to get friends online but i think have friends on the real world ill definitely good as having a friends online..but wait i am not saying that those online friends cant be your real friends ok, its all depend to the situation you it? ok thats it for now