Summer Men’s Fashion Must Haves



Men want to look fashionable this summer too. Attribute it to “metrosexualism” or “manity” all you like, but the truth is that most men are not slobs and actually care about their appearance. Whether it’s spending a little extra to look good or finding a nice pair of cheap sunglasses you can lose, you always want to know what’s fashionable so you aren’t stuck looking like a fool.

For men who fit this bill, check out some of the must haves for summer 2012 listed below.

V-Neck Tees

In fashion for the past half of the decade, V-Neck tees are still very much in style. Deep v’s have been featured in Summer 2012 runway looks in bright, bold colors. However, these colors are very rich, not the neon color trend of a few years ago. Its is safe to say that these tees will continue to stay in style for a few more years, so they are a good investment. Gap and American Apparel are great places to find v-neck tees.

Horn-rimmed Sunglasses

Every guy needs to buy a new pair of sunglasses for the hot and sunny summer weather. This year, horn-rimmed glasses are a stylish choice for men. This style is part of the vintage sunglass trend that is overtaking America thanks to the hit series Mad Men. Other popular vintage style sunglasses include round glasses and aviator lenses.

Camel Blazers

Even in the summer, sometimes it can get chilly at night. When this happens, cover yourself up with a sleek and stylish camel-colored blazer. Blazers help to give men a very polished look, and camel is a wonderful summer color that can also bleed over to fall. Whether you are looking forward to a night on the beach or a night out on the town, a camel blazer will help to give your outfit that classy look that is so popular for men.

Orange and Blue

Orange and blue are the two unique colors of the season for men. Many men’s clothing will have these colors presented in bold and bright hues. While your first instinct may be to think of a Florida Gators football game, do not at all worry. The orange and blue trend for men is done in a classier way than the University of Florida’s sports jerseys. When thinking of men’s fashion for this summer, the easiest way to sum it up is in three words: classy, classic, and bold.

Taeyang X Alexander McQueen


As we all know that the K-pop group called Big Bang are used to wear some high-end fashion and dope brands because this might be how the group, Big Bang, showcasing their self to the public by wearing these well known pieces and brands.

Recently, Taeyang had spotted wearing an very swag jacket that has name Silver Printed Bomber Jacket from the brand Alexander McQueen. Actually, I’ve already blogged this jacket somewhere on my other blogs,so happened I’d remembered it becuase this jacket leaves an something magical on my eye that’s why when I’ve seen taeyang wearing it in one of their performances, I dont doubt it that this piece is from the awesome brand Alexander McQueen.

And if I dont mistaken, this jacket is includes on the brand’s,Alexander McQueen,Menswear Fall/ Winter 2011. You may see some information below:

Name:  Silver Printed Bomber Jacket
Brand:   Alexander McQueen
Season:   Menswear Fall/ Winter 2011
Price: £1520  knocked down to £760

Photo credit:

What Makes Personalized Handmade Leather Belts The Perfect Gifts For Men


The easy thing about giving gifts to men is that males are generally less choosy than their female counterparts. This makes it relatively less problematic to think of gift ideas for them. However, this does not mean you should not put much effort in considering what is perfect for your special man. This is exactly where personalized handmade leather belts come in.


What exactly makes personalized leather belts the perfect gift for men?


First of all, men will always wear leather belts. Regardless of whether it’s formal wear or casual wear, since most men tend to wear pants more than any other type of lower garment, leather belts for men are some of their most commonly used clothing accessories. Leather belts are versatile enough to be worn with jeans, slacks, khakis, and almost any type of pants. A personalized leather belt will not only be a unique gift idea but it will also be a very useful one.


Second, only a few generic gift ideas bring out a man’s character. Sure, some mugs can be very masculine but they are too common to bring out any personality. Ties carry personality but not everyone wears neckties regularly. Watches, on the other hand, can be a real find but giving one requires knowing the recipient’s taste and preferences. The problem is that these things (taste and preferences) change in time. So what your man considers a great timepiece at the moment may not be as great several weeks from now. What then?


With personalized leather belts, however, you can bring out a man’s character and not be worried about how trendy your gift is. Leather belts are not just classic. They are also timeless. And depending on how they are designed, these belts can bring out a man’s elegance or loudness.


Cowboy belts, for example, scream ruggedness and toughness. Dress leather belts, on the other hand exude refined elegance and class. You can even go as far as to customize details like brass buckle engravings or even overall basketweave surface layout. It’s a perfect way to compliment your man while providing him a basic clothing accessory.


Third, whether they admit it or not, a lot of men consider personalized leather belts as some of those nice-to-have-but-don’t want-to-spend-money-on things. For fear of being called vain by others, some of them would rather just wait to receive one as a gift than to save up for one. There is a good chance your man is one of those people wishing for the same gift idea. However, even if he is one of those who are willing to buy one, it’s still better that you be the one to give a personalized leather belt to him. Right?



Cheap Monday Men Fall 2012 – 2013 Collection





These are the awesome pieces that we could expect on the brand Cheap Monday for their fall collection for the year 2012 – 2013. Actaully, I usually blogged this brand because as you’d know that the K-pop group that I’ve always blog over this site,, which the big bang are used to wear these pieces that are from the brand Cheap Monday that’s why basically I quite knew this brand out …:)

So- yeah, these might be the pieces that will be trend by these months ahead. Let’s all see as these pieces are been available to the market and how does men will react or how they’ll find this collection out.. I will update you again soon on this great fall collection of the brand Cheap Monday..

Marc Jacobs Fall Lookbook 2012







Marc Jacobs,  an menswear brand, has released their lookbook for this year 2012 that you may see on the top photos. I must say, these looks or outfits are really way better than to those other menswear brands out there. And I know most men will look forward too on this Marc Jacobs fall season. Because Marc Jacobs offers us an great pieces that are quirky and yet will suits in every men’s needs.

In additional, on my own opinion, these pieces can be also be use on the other season’s fashion since Marc Jacobs used an light materials on each pieces and the color blending are quite universal too, that means these pieces can be seen or use on the  other season hippest pieces too.. But of course this was only my own opinion…LOL Alright, that’s it for now and I will update you soon these pieces are available to the market.. Thanks!

B. Store X TOMORROWLAND Capsule Collection For 2012


B. store an London based company has teamed-up or collaborated on the other brand called Tomorrowland, just to have this awesome capsule collection for this year 2012 that you may see on the top photo. Actually, brand names company are used to teamed up into the other company to have this great fashion pieces that they can both to offer on their each consumers. I think, that’s an genius idea,right? Anyway, all in all – I’d liked this collection because look, those tees are dope and each piece has an swag…

As this time, I really dont know the other further information about this collection,however, soon I got to know I will then update you  on this blog… By the way, I suggest you to search instead over Google as you wanted to buy these tees online. Because might other blogs has an full information about this great capsule B.Store x Tomorrowland collection.

Bailey Braid Hat

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Summer is all about wearing hats and some light pieces. Because as we all know that summer is the hottest season had ever made..LOL that’s why having an light pieces and pair it to an dope hat like this Bailey Braid Hat is really must be do because these pieces can really give refreshing feelings toward the sun hits.

Fedora hats are the trend hats as this season summer comes. Because the hat is made of straw and such other light materials that can gives chilly feelings as you wears one. That’s why I really suggesting you to have this Bailey Braid Hat as you go along in to any beaches or either just under the sun, because sure thing. This hat can protect you and it helps in away to balance up your body temperature.

Regarding on the Bailey Braid Hat, as for this moment. I really dunno what are the other details of it like pricing details, availability ans such more,however, sooner as I got to know, no worries, I will then update you all here..:)

Looking Good With Swanthorpe

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I am a guy who loves to dress up and I can be very picky on my wardrobe. Dressing up appropriately is very essential as it brings out our character and it is very important in giving a good first impression to the others. We should never force ourselves to dress up clothing that make us uncomfortable. I always watch what I wear whenever I go out from my house, to work or to the malls. I love to put on a coat so as to give me extra comfort especially during cold weathers. There are days when I have to do some presentations at work and I make sure that I wear the formal type of coat to so as to look smarter and giving a good impression during the meetings with my clients. Therefore, when it comes to formal or informal wear, I would love to go to this website that offers these stylish Outdoor Coats for all occasions. They have a wide range of attire to choose from and not only that, their prices are very reasonable as well.

Wearing a proper coat can bring out a character in us and one can feel more confident and comfortable in the outlook appearance. When it comes to official meetings and presentations, I will make sure that my attire will bring out the confidence and trust to my clients, what I wear will sort of reflect in my character and outward appearance. It is very important to portray a look of confidence to others especially when it comes to official matters. I used to tell my friends this…”It sure feels great to look good!”

Anniversary gifts for you boyfriend


Are you having an hard time to think on what are the best thoughtful anniversary gifts for boyfriend ? well, why not to give him an watches? because watch is the most guy like and I think it is really a perfect gift for him since watch is not only for fashion but also to be aware on what’s the time…LOL

So yeah – I suggest you to buy watch instead of clothes or other accessories because guy will really appreciate watch whatever happens..

Meet my Ray Ban RB2140



When it comes to sunglasses brand, I think the most well known or the most liked brand was this ray ban. Because celebrities are often wearing some sunglasses from the brand as they goes in any media gatherings and such events. And also, Ray ban sunglasses has these selection of designs that can really suit’s in to everyone’s needs and to necessarily medical use. In short, Ray ban, brand of sunglasses, is the most versatile sunglasses among to the other brands of sunglasses nowadays.


Recently, Ive decided to buy my own Ray Ban RB2140 , color black, that you may see me wearing it on the top photos.. How do I look? lol Anyway, Ive bought the ray ban on the online store where I used to buy my stuff on because the store had really have these cheapest prices on their things on there, however, they just have this quite defective products selling on their site since its like an wholesale warehouse store one. But anyway, is still okay then, because they do have still some products that hasn’t any damages and well made one.

But you know what? there’s an UK based online store that I’d recently stumbled with that has these selection and wide range of brands on their sunglasses and one of their best seller were these ray ban sunglasses, so, if you’d like to buy your own ray ban I suggesting you to check them first through this site and I’m pretty sure that you may like all of the designs and brands of sunglasses they were selling there.

By the way, the online store,, they have this advance feature wherein you could try their sunglasses online thru this url, try to check it and amaze on how does the free try works..:)