Roberu Leather Sandal Spring/Summer 2012


We all ready had the summer season today. And I know most of you folks are still searching on what pieces are hip on this season, summer, that can give this comfortable feeling on your end too. That’s why today, I’m going to blog this great piece that I’d found online which definitely help us all to have this comfortable feeling and at the same time it is trends on today’s fashion. And the piece I was telling you was this Roberu Leather Sandal that you may see on the top photo. Yeah! this kind of sandals are the one demand and been trends already on today’s season because it has these only light materials and the designs are way quirky than to those usual designs of sandal out to the market these days.

Roberu brand had already released their spring summer collection for this 2012. And one of their pride pieces was this Roberu Leather Sandal that is indeed to be proud of, because look, the sandal’s design is pretty high-end that I was sure that most of the fashion enthusiasts out there are already wanting themselves to have this Roberu Leather Sandal.

Alright, that’s it for now and regarding on the pricing details? as for this moment, I’d still dunno how much this awesome piece cost, however, soon I got to know it. sure thing! will update you again on this blog. Thanks!

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