Stussy Bags


Twin Peaks Backpack €75


Link Up Multi Case €28

I admit! I’m so pretty crazed on this brand called Stussy, you may noticed it by simply digging up my blog archives over this blog as long to my other blog, Because this brand rather their pieces are really speaks to styles that is why I am so pleased myself then to blog them over here, Actually, since the day I’d found out about this brand, stussy, and their pieces I really hooked up to them, I dunno, maybe because each of their pieces has its own character that can be surely bring dopeness on each person who wears it.

Nowadays, a lot of peeps, both men and girls, are often wearing some dope bags from the brand, that makes me envy of course, that’s why I made my own list of the bags from the brand, Stussy, that I wanted to have. And these are the bags you’re seeing on the top photos. Why these so? first, the backpack (Twin Peaks Backpack €75), because its usable to my end and I can bring all my stuff in there but yet I may still look fashionable to it. And this Link Up Multi Case (€28) that is perfect on this summer season and it just a light piece one that can easy to bring anywhere.. I hope I can have these 2 pieces pretty soon..ehehhe

Okay, that’s it for now and have yourself a weekend too. Thanks! and keep on checking me here..:)

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