Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-2_zps4ffaa403.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-3_zps5a55d429.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-4_zps772f6759.jpg

Others might started their summer season already, depends on where they resides, but here where I currently based in, I must say that summer season is officially here because  the sun shine is everywhere now , plus, it keeps me feel hot and the sweats are pouring allover my body which made me quite uncomfortable. But overall summer is indeed fun, right? because this season we can wear off anything light pieces such as: tanks, shorts, trunks and either you can topless as you fond enough. hehe That’s why I am kinda excited too when the summer season comes.

Today, the brand called Stussy had released their Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals  which can make each guy there dope and hip on today’s fashion. You may check out their cooked pieces at top photos for you to consider. I personally liked that tank top they have as well the floral shorts. Because it can gives you an comfortable looks as you wears them, Also that type of styling are the ones trend today for men’s fashion so you really better to have it as you wanted yourself to be as hip for this summer hot season.

As for the availability and pricing range. As of now, I haven’t get the details yet in hand. However, after a week or 2 the brand itself, Stussy, will then release the details as well to release these pieces in the market. So – we better wait to them to get these pieces available for us soon..


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