G-Dragon x Patricia Field



Marilyn Monroe Dress by Patricia Field

We usually seen G-dragon wearing some girl’s pieces. I dunno why he used to wear some girls pieces than having him self some guy piece. But anyway, girl pieces suits him well and looks still masculine to him. On this photo, Gd is wearing an Marilyn Monroe dress that he makes it an top only from the brand or designer itself, Patricia Field..

What do you think? dope or nope? for me,this totally dope and I even want this dress as my top too..LOL so quirky and unique as a guy wearing it. And for course, no one guy cant have an idea wearing some girls stuff when it comes to fashion, only G-dragon can did..hahha

About the pricing details, As for this moment, I really dont know the price of the dress, but soon I got to know it, sure thing, I will update you again on this blog..:)

Thanks folks and have a great day ahead..

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

I simply liked this song. Because it has a great range on its musics and the same time, the lyrics are blended well and the intense and terrific sounds are the total spice on it that can made this song so awesome..

Actually, this song had been released passed months already, however, I am quite busy on some matters that can keep me long to blog about this, Fantastic Baby by Big bang..So – yeah, that’s it for now and btw, Id liked their customized jackets too on this MV..

T.O.P & GD x Russian Naval Pin Hat by Patricia Field



K-pop fashion is one of the huge influence on today’s fashion. Because a lot of people and most especially those fans out there who’re keeping on patronizing not only the musics that these guys,kpop, are offering but also their awesome quirky outfits and statements that can make them difference into usual fashion thing today. I think, Korean fashion is have their own place already on the market industry today.

As you’ve been noticed on this blog, Istarblog.com, I really used to blogged some Big Bang fashion, one of the leading all guy Kpop group today, because they’re the most searched over Google when it comes to their fashion. and I admit, they are all swag and got this dope that everyone wants to have. That’s why maybe these guys are the most looking forward on their fashion these days.

Today, I found this hat piece from the one blog that TOP and GD wore for their Japan Concert if I dont mistaken about the details, bear with me then if I was wrong,okay?, the hat is from the Patricia Field and has a product name of Russian Naval Pin Hat. And as this moment, I still dont know how much this will cost you because I am still searching it though for the full details of this awesome hats, but of course, soon I got to know it. I will update you immediately here for you too, to find out..:)

Big Bang for Vogue Korea






Big Bang for Vogue Korean. These are the peak photos that we could expect from the Vogue magazine this coming march issue, wherein the all boy kpop group big bang are the one they’ve been featured with.

Actually, this was my first time then to see this group having this kind of concept, because they usual had this high-end fashion and quite sometimes a high revolution concepts that’s why this Vogue one are way different to their usual thing. But all in all, I must say, these photos are great and sure thing, all the fans out there are cant wait to have this magazine copy as it release by march..Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you could often check this blog..Thanks!

Taeyang and G-dragon x Balmain


I often blogged these guys over this blog, Istarblog.com. Because I simply liked their fashion sense as much the brands they’ve often wears too. Today, what I have was this photo wherein taeyang, the guy on the left and G- dragon, on the right, were spotted wearing the same brand of coat recently which from the European fashion house brand called Balmain.

Actually, these guys and the rest of their group mates, I dunno if you do know their group big bang or not. But anyway, their group as always seen, they do wears the brand balmain often. And I still don’t know if the brand is one of their main sponsor or not, lemme confirm it first, then I will let you know. Alright, these coats that the men wore are includes on the balmain fall/winter collection 2012. Check the pricing details and some further info over Google and I am pretty sure that they were some more relevant blogs out there that could give the info you’d wanted to know. Because this blog is only emphasizing the celebrities outfits..

Thanks so much and I hope you may comeback to this blog for more celeb fashion and such related things. 🙂

Note: photo credit to ygcloset.. thanks 🙂

GD rockin ‘Galliano’s red coat’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GD – G Dragon is the leader of the all boy kpop group big bang. This recently, the group went to London to attend the EMA MTV award. Because they’ve got been nominated under the category “World Wide Act Asia Pacific”. Actually, the event had already done and yeah- they wins it. Awesome,right? But I know most of you also awaits on what these guys wearing on the awards night. nah?

The boys are wearing each leather jackets that has spikes on it. Check google for more pictures rather come back on this blog tomorrow because I will post some. Anyway, one of the eye catcher was this GD’s Galliano red coat. The coat looks dope and its really suits in on Gd’s personality.

The Red coat is belong on “John Galliano S/S 12 Men Collection“, check the collection for more further information on the coat belongs on the other pieces that are included on the collection. And at this moment, I don’t know how much this will cost you just check again online for the pricing. Please bear with me. Hahaha but rest assured, I will update this post too soon for the full details. Promise!

Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead to everyone. 🙂

BIGBANG -“SOMEBODY TO LOVE” Performance Practice

Ive been too busy these past few days because my family had these events that we had to gather. Though I really needed to attend my job here at the online world, but yet still, I need to get involve my self out onto those gatherings that my family planned already. Anyways, I am too stress after those tiring activities that Ive done together them, though I admit its fun,however, I need to get my self alive again so that I may back on my track,right? On this scenario, I’d chosen to watch or to listen some high intense musics performances that I was sure can lift  my spirit up again to do my left tasks this recently. And I found this music performance practice video of the Kpop group called Big bang that way. Just watch the video and I’m think you’ll like it as well.

Alright, that’s it for now and please do check out my other fashion entry soon. Thanks and have a great day ahead everyone.

G-Dragon Rockin on his Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White by A Child of the Jago

I know you are following G-dragon’s fashion most of the time. And I know you’re did seeking on what he usually wear off specially the brand names. Today, I will let you know on what brand that he did wore on this top on photo. The shoes is from Christian Louboutin while the pants I dunno at this moment but try to check if balmain has it becuase usually GD loves balmain most of the time. And the tee was on “A Child of the Jago” What? is that a brand? I am not familiar with it though so please bear with me. But the tee was in quality and as far as I know this brand names are from European house fashion company but let me verify it first and will update you some other time.

The T-Shirt has an name of  “Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White” and the price is quite expensive for me. It will cost you £78.00 for one piece. Goodness! I cant afford it.LOL

Big Bang Nikkon Endorser

This was quite late then to blog but yet I wanted to post this out on this blog. Recently the group Big Bang and the entire Yg Entertainment artists are became as Nikkon Endoser South Korean. And one thing that Ive been noticed on this group, Which they often wearing some black pants with pairing of boots, I think this was the group fashion statement, What do you think? So far I dunno on what are the brand of thier black pants and boots but I will definitely search it on for you to let you know folks. Because I knew you are looking to the brand of their each outfits that they did wore.