Done renewing my Hostgator Account!

Last month of december this blog is messing up truly that i cant help with because my former web hosting is having some glitches on their end at that time and i think right now the hosting will be closing any of this moment because they cant now give such great services that they been promised on their clients when they are starting out, well thank God that i am not longer with them now because i realized that having some problem on my hosting is really brings me a lot of stress and a lot of my online activities will get affectedly hugely that is why ive been decided to moved out on the one of the best web hosting companies nowadays which on hostgator, actually if i am not mistaken i blogged this already last december right? that this blog is moving out on the old freaking hosting and yeah this blog is under and running by the hostgator and thanks to theme because i dont often experiencing any down time and even any glitches and such like on my old hosting who gives me a lot each day..LOL

And now my first month has been about to terminate by the 20th because i chosen the monthly basis of payment because i dont have enough breads to consider their yearly package at this moment but no worries because i use to receive 60usd from my advertiser monthly that is why its ok for me then to pay monthly for my hosting, and yeah as the 20th will be held i got some funds already and done paying my bills already to avoid being down and blocked by the main server..hahah ok thats it for now and let see if i continuously running this blog out on the hostgator!

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