Family Bedding

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Experts recommend three sets of bedding for each bed in the house, with one set on the bed, one set in the laundry and one set at the ready; if you are responsible for a family the sheer amount of bedding required can be almost overwhelming. One way to make bedding management easier is to take an inventory of what you currently have and decide what needs to be tossed, donated or is still serviceable. From there you can review the colors and types of bedding you have and determine what additional items are needed. It’s a good idea to take a bedding inventory in either the spring or the fall as you are then most likely to be switching out bedding for seasonal reasons.

 You’ll also need to consider tastes and décor for each member of the family; teenage bedding is very different than kid’s bedding as most teens want “grown-up” looks; the once loved cartoon characters and juvenile patterns will need to be replaced with more trendy and sometimes even edgy looks. Little girls tend to go through various fashion trends starting with the fairy princess stage and moving through diva to fashionista – it’s tough to keep up; one way to get ahead of your family bedding needs is to shop online.

By shopping online you can save time and hassle – the websites of the major bed and bath stores are open any time of the day or night and the goods are delivered directly to your front door.

It’s hard to earn money

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How to Stylishly Layer Clothes for Fall Season

Fall is known for being an erratic season, like spring – going from hot to cold to windy within the day. This is why layering clothes became not only popular but essential. Layering clothes is mixing practicality and a good fashion sense – by layering up or down, as the weather calls for.
The color and fabric are some of the major points to consider when layering clothes. Usually, three kinds of layered clothing are enough without having one to look so bulky.


Neutral colors are deemed safe and good for layering clothes as they can be mixed and matched with bright or dark colors.


While layering is essentially a trial and error process and depends on the personal style of the dresser, here are basic tips one should follow:


  1. The thinnest layers should be the ones closest to your body. These include camisoles, shirts or dress shirts. The heavier the material of clothing, the farther away it should be from your skin.
  2. Longer layers below shorter layers. It is a practical tip – short layers can bunch up underneath your long layers of clothing and it will be hard to adjust.
  3. Play with colors. Generally, you should layer clothes from the lightest in color to the darkest but fashion sense is unique to every individual. You can play with prints and make some of your layers stand out by adding bold colors.
  4. Play with texture. A sequined cardigan or shrug over a cotton shirt, a military-inspired blazer with a white shirt – the possibilities are endless.
  5. As a rule, wear layers that could otherwise stand on its own when worn alone. For example, you can wear a sweater, dress shirt or t-shirt by itself.


Martha is a freelance content writer who enjoys blogging and photography.  She currently writes about gallakjoler (prom dresses) and other formal clothes for ladies.

Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection featured in 2NE1’s “Go Away” Japanese Single

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This recently, the Korean girl group 2ne1 had been released their Japanese single from their previous Korean go away album. This means, the girl band will be debuted in japan soon, but I think they’re starting at this moment.

Of course, their fans can wait to hear their Japanese version of  “Go Away” that been a big hit recently in Korea. And the another thing that most people looking forward to see was these outfits that the girls wearings.

On their poster on top. You may noticed their dope kicks from Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection. Becuase the kicks looks unique and very colourful which is the trend pattern for shoes this fall. At this moment, I still don’t know how much is this kicks is, let us wait for the collection will be available on market for the further pricing information.

* I will update this post soon.

Messy room

On this blog, I occasionally blog something personal, to of course balance the topics and to quite neutral in all things.

Anyway, me and my mum had an misunderstanding today because she was insistently wanted me to clean up my room for God sake.(lol) I admit that I have this messy room but I think I can’t clean it up so often due of my workloads that I’ll be needing to attend with every now and then. I’m also too lazy to move right after my works. Hmmm- what do you think is the best solution for this? Well, I just recently reads a blog that tackled about the House cleaning service Fairfax Va which I think this service of cleaning will be the answer to my messy room. And even on my mum kitchen. Will get their services soon or better yet were then hired an maid from them to satisfied us and give the convenient we needs.

Long eyelash, you want?

I know most of you girls are wanting to have an long eyelash ever. Because you have this thinking of an having a nice long eyelash is beautiful,right? Actually, it is. Because I find beautiful those girls who have it. So girls this was an alert for ya’ll.hahah

I read some of the eyelash growth products review online and I found out that there were some artificial lashes that you may use to get your eyelash long. Sounds great,right? If you want it, go to your nearest deems care clinic they might have this long lashes services. 🙂

Taeyang wearing a Givenchy Rottweiler bomber jacket, and Chrome Hearts belt + shirt

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If we’re talking about Taeyang’s fashion. I’m pretty sure that Givenchy and Chrome hearts will not be abolish on the list. Because taeyang is often wearing these brands. I don’t know what are things on these brands that can he often wears them, maybe these brands had an sponsorship contract to him or so?(dunno) Anyway, on the photo on top. Taeyang is wearing an Givenchy Rottweiler bomber jacket and  Chrome Hearts belt and a plain shirt. Sorry, I have no idea on how much these pieces is, just check on the online stores for the pricing information. (bear with me)

Alright, that’s it for now and I’ll update you for more celebrities outfits. Thanks!

Cyber Monday, I can’t wait with it

Today is Friday,though this is the busiest day ever among all the weekdays. But yet still I am super duper excited. Why? Because I can’t wait on my Cyber Monday to be arrived on my door because I recently bought it to the cyber store whose selling all quality products like cyber Monday. And I have a hint, that my cyber Monday will be on my bear hand by Monday(lol) because the seller emailed me already that they’ve done shipped the item. I’m so excited now. Will update this on the photo folks.