Converse All Star Trainers


One of the most popular footwear of all time would have have to be the Converse All Star trainers. It’s just a simple looking footwear, but most can attest that it’s the sneaker that never runs out of style.

The Converse All Star trainers was first manufactured by Converse Shoe Company in 1921. Originally, it was designed for casual use and the design was not nearly perfect. Until such time that Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined the company’s basketball team and promoted the shoes to the public. He helped further in improving the design to provide comfort, patch for ankle support, and flexibility so that it can be used for basketball. Thus, the shoes became known as “Chuck Taylor’s” ever since. It was widely used in the sport of basketball for almost 4 decades (1920’s-1960’s), but it was reduced to a fashion item in the later years. Still, it is one iconic shoes ever made.

I like the Converse All Star trainers for 3 reasons:

1. All-in-one shoe – it can be worn on almost any occasion. I can
treat it as my everyday shoe, I can use it playing ball, and it goes
well on semi-formal and formal events. The versatility of the Converse
All Star trainers are endless.

2. Made with the highest standards – the canvass upper and rubber sole
the shoe is really durable and it can stand the test of time.

3. A medium of expression – I love customizing my Chucks, painting it
with cool designs, changing the laces, and sticking some accessories
to make it look more fabulous.

And that is why Chuck Taylor would always be a part of my collection.
It’s a one of a kind shoe that’s sometimes imitated, but never
duplicated. It truly is my kind of shoes.

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