Polka dots hat of Taeyang

I admit, one of my fashion icon  is taeyang. Because I liked how the guy wear his stuff on. And even you, I know you look up on taeyang’s fashion as well like I do. Actually one of the best pieces that I often likey to him, is his hat. Because he wore something quirky hat that you wouldn’t imagine that  guy can wear off with,liked this polka hat with him right there, it’s indeed looked cool to him though and I think I need to get mine, same like his hat on top photo. And I’ll share it to here as I bought it already pretty soon.

That’s it for now and please do often check this blog because will blog such related topics on this soon,by the way you may purchase the hat on eBay.com just search the keyword “taeyang hats” and a lot of his hat will shown of.

One comment on “Polka dots hat of Taeyang

  1. i just wanted to know where can i find the whole picture of bigbang where in you cropped taeyang. i’ve been looking for it for quite sometime. thanks 🙂

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