Might get my blogs approve though!

Last months ago, i dont know what is the specific month is that sorry, Ive been emailed the payu2blog to take a look  on my two blogs then the http://finkalixius.info and this blog http://istarblog.com because my brother told me that the program can gives us rather generate to us a great good amount though each month because the network really have a great amount of tasks to work with as you get approved by them, that is why me and brother was getting crazed on what we’ve been found and yeah we both tried our luck then to ask if our blogs was qualify enough to be on their network but suddenly my two mentioned blogs was declined by them way back time but they do told me that maybe one of these blog might get approve soon or anytime in the moment and i do hold on that words because i really insistently wanted to be their blogger too soon and work to them for good as i wanted to pursue these 2 blogs of mine, well, i admit that i was dead at this moment, though im doing some private advertisements to this blog though but i am pretty sure that working to payu2blog is one of the blogger must aim about because we might get our life easier as we get in to the program as my blogging buddies often told me so(so envies to them), but let see if the network  can given me a changes to be with them so that  i can personally proves then if those good reviews are real or not..^_^

OK, i hope on my next update i can bring you some good news though regarding my application to the network because last 2 days ago i submitted my 2 blogs again for approval via email i hope by this time around they’ll consider at least one blog of mine so that i can experience for being paid on what effort that Ive been putted each certain  blog post that ill be making on the future..ok i made this quite long now, thanks a lot everyone..

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