Notebook and Pen

I am not too techie to use an cellphone to write down some topics who will be sink in to my mind any moment as i roaming outside and stuff  because i really dont know on how to use the cellphone it self, yeah too bad for me and i admit it because i use to type and blog then than wasting my time in texting others who doesn’t too important with me, but noted i do text only in any emergency matter and to those long lost friend who been closed to me quite a while,hahaha and yeah i think i refer my self then to use the notebook and pen as my blogging tools to write down which topics can get my interest with so that if i had a time to write them out ill definitely consider them to be posted by my own idea in any of my blogs and i think thats how i blog and update my all list of blogs through the help of my notebook and pen and beside of that i can rarely practice my hand writing as well that is help a lot on my end now, because type only on my lap top can be put my hand writings down because i can practice it at all, LOL so yeah this how i look this things..

One comment on “Notebook and Pen

  1. i tried writing on my notebook before but it didn’t worked out on me. maybe im just too lazy to write down notes eh? lol.

    glad to know that you are using notebook on creating your blog topics. So envy. :))

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