Smudges, Cracks and Streaks: The Woes All Eyeglass Wearers Share

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There are plenty of very good reasons why you should wear your glasses if they have been prescribed as necessary, but many people do tend to struggle with them and the practicality issues that can come with them.

It is not just the battle to keep your glasses free from smudges, cracks and streaks; it is also the fact that everyday activities can sometimes take longer simply because you are wearing your glasses.

Maintenance and practicality woes

A trip to the cinema is a great family experience and 3D movies are more popular than ever before, but have you tried those 3D glasses over the top of your regular glasses?

That might seem like a minor irritation but the need to regularly clean your glasses can definitely get a bit tedious at regular intervals throughout the day. What you are wearing can make that task even more difficult, as wiping your glasses with the wrong material such as wool, if you don’t have a cleaning cloth to hand, will make your glasses worse than before you tried to clean them.

Other practical issues that glasses wearers have to contend with include dealing with rain and then there is the need to switch your glasses from indoors to outdoors in order to cope with the changing light.

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems of them all, is the fact that when you lose your glasses, you actually need them to be able to see well enough to find them again.

Alternative solution

Some people might see glasses as a fashion statement these days, but many of those who are making that observation, probably don’t wear glasses for practical rather than aesthetic reasons.

Sites like the Laser Eye Surgery Hub are an understandably popular port of call for many of us who want an alternative to wearing glasses that allow us to get on with our daily lives without so much hassle.

Opting for laser eye surgery or contacts as opposed to wearing glasses is now proving a very popular choice and a much better scenario than simply choosing not to wear your glasses and trying to get away with it.

Help with your vision

Choosing not to wear your glasses, despite having being prescribed as needing help with your vision, is actually storing up some long-term problems and most likely is going to create some short-term difficulties.

If you are not functioning with the clearest level of vision that is possible, you are leaving yourself and others exposed to potential injury as well as creating some potential eye-health issues. Almost all of our reaction ability when we are driving a car, relies on clear sight, so not wearing your glasses or contacts, could put you at a higher risk of causing or having an accident whilst behind the wheel.

If you are one of those people that sometimes forgets to use their glasses in certain situations like driving, you may want to consider something like laser eye surgery as practical alternative.

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