Late Holiday’s gift

Its already January 8, 2011 now but yet still someone gave me a awesome gift though its quite late then but still i really appreciate it because the person who gave me the gift was indeed sweet by remembering me and loved me a lot..LOL anyways ill upload my gift photo(s) maybe tomorrow because i was death so often now and i think my gift photo will save my day by tomorrow because as we all know i am aiming to blog at least one post a day to develop my archive as long as my blog stat as well and even my backlinks of course, i hope this may serve later as Google update and have my own page rank rather increase my page rank into a pr4 because right now im just had this pr of 2 that is quite good though but i am not yet satisfied on it at all that is why i extremely working out to this matter now..

By the way Dara of 2ne1 is currently  here in the philippines  and read my post about it here , so yeah thats it for now and i am looking forward for you to get back by tomorrow to see what the gift that ive been received off, ok thanks a lot and i need to end this up now..bye and had a great day ahead everyone

WIll I am of black eye peace will be collaborating on 2NE1 Next year April

We heard a folks before that Will i am of black eye peace want to work with the girl group 2ne1 in Korea and it seem that this was a open door to the girls to be launch globally through back eye peace leader Allan pineda by the way Will I am real name is Allan pineda when he was here in the Philippines way back time..and i know this collaboration will be a big hit and im pretty sure that Dara can surely communicate on Will I am through Tagalog language that they been both using quite awhile..can wait this happen..

2NE1 Comeback Album title Track ” GO AWAY “

2NE1's ComeBack " GO AWAY "

after 1 year and 2 months for 2ne1 last album with  the following track ” I Dont Care” Yg entertainment revealed the title track of the comeback of the girl group 2ne1 which titled ” GO AWAY , today august 30th as YG Interviewed on the Money today news  they been told that the music video of the said comeback is almost done and they expecting tomorrow on 31th 2ne1 finished all the music video that they been promote on the date comeback on September 11,2010 (same date on Rain and U-kiss Concert in the Philippines) and they said that fans will surely love the music video’s because leader CL is will be a female car racer on the music video that YG Pretty sure that they fans will love to see..:)