Threat has been detected

Oh, i just noticed that Ive been made a lot of categories to this blog and i laugh out loud on that, anyway let me tell you a short story that is happened awhile ago which on how i detected a threat on my computer. yeah indeed my little computer detected a threat when i checked out the person profile that i really pissed of on the social networking site facebook, lol i dont know if my computer really reads on whats on my mind and hitting me that kind of txt when i was browsing the person profile, how funny inst it?

but the really was my computer got an virus that i dont know where the virus came from? do in facebook? what do you think? not sure though but at least i had a great antivirus software you can automatically deleted the threat and yeah my computer was indeed ok now and still kicking and clean..ok thats it dear for thanks

Finally im approved!

im quite stress when i bought this domain to my friend who sold this domain out to me because i was empty shell what should i do nor what is the best thing to do on this blog because of the domain name it self, but suddenly i thought to make it as a fan page wherein people are most search about on the big boss search engine(google) and yeah i posted out some kpop artists here and some of my personal then and one day i seen this program who will be claiming that they are the best banners ads advertisement that the webmaster like me must consider, so i tried it and yeah i got approved by them and now i am running 3 banners ads under their advertisers and so far so good my review to them and they’re consistent by paying me each worries ill blog the program on my next post