My First Series of Post ” How To”

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I am actually finding ways on how I can consistently updated this blog, Because I am always run out of idea to blog up in here since I am also updating my numerous of fashion blogs. I know most of you got the same problem am facing now as a blogger and quite sometimes too, I got myself writer’s blocked which the one I am trying to avoid to happen because I have to write some bunch of articles each day for my client’s tasks as well with the normal blog update. That’s why I’ve decided then to have this series of post ( actually my first series of post here) that’s tackles about on questionable ” How to” you might seen this series of post already on the other blogs but I think this one is way different to them because I am only including these how to stuff in fashion related like How to pull up your shirt’s sleeves, how to style yourself, how to know the best pieces fits on you well and so on that’s starts with “How To”.

In this way, I think I can be able to update this blog even everyday because I got already some topic in mind to share for my series of post. I hope you’ll keep om checking the blog,, for this fun and exciting series of post. You’ll definitely learn about fashion here.

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