Retro Jacket

Retro Jackets are trending again on the fashion scene, I believed. Because mostly celebrities are often considered this Jacket as they fashion signature and favorite to wear of as always. Liked what Korean celebrities, Hollywood, and even some part of the top countries of the world though they aren’t be celebrities, because those countries are the one that can deal with this kind of jackets due of their weather. I think so, not like for those poor tropical countries liked mine, we cant really wear this of for the simply day(on the typical day) nor we just have some gathering that needs this kinda outfit or in night out maybe, we can quite consider to wear this. But not so often like you do.

Of course, I still have to connect this post into a celebrities because I was on the celebrities and fashion niche. And now, I found this one picture of  Taeyang that he worn one red retro jacket as he performing the “I need A girl” I think so, on this picture of his, but not sure though, kindly correct me if you’ll know where he worn this awesome jacket.

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