I refer my self to use photo hosting site than to upload it on my own

I often change my name server nowadays rather my hosting due with some down time that Ive been encountering on my hosting server but no worries i bought another new server who haven’t any down time at all, yeah i refer my self to use any photo hosting site in order my images to get safe on my blogs because as i downloaded my xml backup files my photos that has been upload to this blog was not included on the back up that ive been downloaded but if i could use any photo hosting i am pretty sure all of my  photos will be get back then as i get my xml back up files, right? thats why after i transfer this blog out on the new server ill definitely use the photo hosting site so that if i got any problem or glitches on my new server then, i can easily transfer my blog into other hosting account that i have without any worrying on my post to get affected with..so yeah thats what im thinking right now and ill make you updated if this blog is already transferred.thanks

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