Requesting a Cash Advance

Ok, on my recent post about working on the real world, i differentiate  between what are the differ having a job online and a job outside the web and yeah i forgot to mention that working on the real world has this called cash advance wherein you can advance your salary to be on the certain days or weeks rather that you’ve been working at, that is one of the best thing on having a work on the outside world and yeah i am quite envy now to those people who working and sharing their professionalism to the other people, could someone there hire me on a job? could you sir?lol  anyways i just looked into my situation on the positive way that someday ill be a great man by just doing this, i mean i dont need any cash advance to made because i had a ton of money ok i am starting to compliment my self now which ill be laughing at to this moment, who doesn’t by the way? i know you also laughing out load when you reading this nutness post..ahah

so you, do you  ever experience having a cash advance to your boss? and how is it? can you please share your lovely quick story here? because i want to know how does it feels because as Ive said i cant experienced that thing, so poor i am yeah! ok i just looking into it ok and i think i need to go now and update my other blogs then because its been quite awhile when my other blog been updated…thanks

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