Want to have a new copper sinks

We renovated our home recently because a lot of stuff aren’t in the right terms  and such that is why we been all decided me and my family to have the house renovated and yeah indeed all stuff are in good terms now and i think one thing that we should have to change now which our Copper Sink because its quite old then and a lot of stink that we haven’t remove off that is why i am seeking now a new Copper Sink without knowing my family that im seriously wanted to change it..LOL and now i am browsing the net to find such good quality though so that as we have it on your home my family will compliment me a bit by having the sink, what do you think? thats a great idea right? oh well, let see if i could find such good quality one and of course in cheapest price as well..let see, ok thats it for now and ill make you updated on this, thanks!

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