Metallic frame sunglasses 2013

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We’ve seen a lot of pieces this recently that are made of wood. There’s an wooden watches that I’ve recently blogged up in here, frame glasses that are made of wood and many more. However, as fashion brands and labels releases their each season’s 2013 collections at the last Berlin fashion showroom. I think wood made of pieces are not the one leading today because metallic accents had kicks to the said fashion showrooms too and one of the awesome pieces that I’ve seen ( which I got over the web) was this metallic frame glasses. I actually don’t know where these metallic came from, on which brand they’re belong, but I’d decided then to include them up here for you to have the hint on what we do expect from the some brand’s collections this coming season’s collections ahead.

I rest assured that most of the brands now are working on their own line for this metallic sunglasses. Because I see this piece to be the next big thing in the fashion industry due of the quirkiness of it.