Aloha Army 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook

 photo aloha-army-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-3_zps88492049.jpg

 photo aloha-army-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-4_zpscc481f98.jpg

 photo aloha-army-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-2_zps5162000c.jpg

Usually, fashion brands and labels lookbook photos are serving as an guide on how we can style ourselves through the brands newly releases pieces. However though, these passed seasons of these sorted brands collections. It seems that lookbook released photos are likely like a magazine photos instead of showing on how we can mix and matches things as we got fond having a certain brand’s pieces. Look at these photos from the Aloha Army 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook, what you can say about the photos? Photography wise, these were quality and had really a great shots but on the styling though. I think these were way far on what am expecting it as I’ve heard an lookbook released.

Anyway, I might maybe outdated with this. Because this might be also the trend ones when brands having an lookbook because seems everyone having this kind of lookbook now than the usual I knew before. but do fairness with Aloha Army, they really has a great finds on their stores. You can visit them as the nearest mall where you resides or better yet to check them out online. Also, I would like to let you know that sterling silver jewelry is the one hip today when it comes with fashion accessories. Grab yourself one today!