Berthold 2013 Spring/Summer Preview


On today’s fashion news. The brand Berthhold had released their 2013 Spring summer collection preview that you may see on the top photo. I must say, this piece is kinda mess? oops sorry, I just found it that way, or maybe, I am not just really into this kind of designs. However, I know in most designers and to these group of people that has this deep understanding about how fashion runs today. I think, this piece here is really dope. That’s why then I’d still include this up on this blog, Because I know most of the peeps today are trying to gather information about this  Berthold  piece here for them to review too.

So – yeah, this was the one we could expect from the brand  Berthold  for their spring summer collection 2013 and let see if they do have some pieces to offer us as for the same collection. I will update you once the brand updated their 2013 collection soon. Because as this moment, I still dont know any information about it. Like the availability and some important info. Thanks a lot and please keep on checking me for more fashion updates.