I made 4 pAid post under my friend private Advertisers

I published on how to get an advertisers on my personal experiences on my recent post right? so yeah indeed happened that my online buddy named hanna gave me a tasks to do on this blog, though this blog doesn’t work in any brokers companies but still i do get some pennies through out my friends names, thanks to them and to their private advertisers, now my life is make too easier because i can able to renew and pursue what i want to this blog, very overwhelmed i am now and i either hide it, sorry..lol

I hope those private advertisers post wont be affected on my application to payu2blog as i apply this blog soon, because i was too envy to those bloggers who use to work on the broker..i hope i can do also soon. so yeah thats it for now and let see what happen later and ill make you an update regarding on my application on the program, please wish me luck dear..crosses fingers on me of course