Asking For a Friend – What Men Actually Do on Stag Do

Top view on the old town with beautiful colorful buildings and streets in Riga city, Latvia, bird eye view

Stag do weekends are an immense source of pure entertainment, especially for the soon-to-be groom and his crew of friends. Think of it as a get-together where boys can simply be boys.

Of course, customs dictate that the best man is in charge of organizing a stag do weekend but there are no exact written rules as to how this probably once-in-a-lifetime holiday is supposed to look like. Look at it this way: some like exploring cities and indulging more refined pleasures, while others prefer your typical excursions and getting hammered in the process.

people, leisure, friendship and celebration concept – happy friends drinking draft beer and clinking glasses at bar or pub

And what are your regular stag do activities? Well, you can have:

  • Water sports such as parasailing, weathercocking, canoeing, and water scooters
  • Outdoor activities, such as quad biking, hiking, and trekking in nature
  • Games like paintballing and laser tag
  • Pub crawls all through the night
  • And enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet on a chartered cruise, to name a few

Are you and your male friends still thinking about spending your weekends overseas? Well, there are so many good places to keep the stag weekends in the world and some of them can be found in Europe.

You should definitely consider a stag do weekend in Riga. Riga City has been a tourist destination for many years now and its beauty and quality service can be a trigger for men like you to chose it before other European cities.

A stag weekend Riga style is also an unforgettable experience and is extremely economical for the fun times on a low budget. Riga is a small place but there are many things inside the “walls”, which are enough to keep any party pumping.

This is the place were Russian and Latvian cultures merge, where nightlife is vibrant and you can meet some of most beautiful women in the world. Clubs in Riga are amazing, attracts some of the finest DJs from around the world and will propel your stag do to another level.

Woman driving go-cart on a sports track

Also, if you want to experience something else, you can do pumping balling, go-karting and water-rafting and other blood-pumping and adrenaline-running activities, Riga is a place for you. You can try many stag activities during the day as well. There are plenty of outdoor spots to choose from like spas, pools and other activities for you relax and enjoy with your crew.

If you like beer, here you can try the cheapest world-class beer like Prague Budweiser, Gambrinus, Pilsen Urquell, and Staropramen. Pub crawling is the best way to get you the taste and atmosphere of the city. After that, you should definitely visit a strip club, enjoy a lap dance inside a special VIP room, and finish your special night in style.


If you are looking for a stag do weekend then Riga is the right place to go! As well as a reputation for beautiful sightseeings Riga has excellent restaurants and food culture. Latvia loves its food, and that reflects on the whole city.

Taking everything into consideration Riga is a vibrant and modern city which has a lot to offer. Since you want only the best for you and your crew on that special night, don’t think twice and start working on your travel arrangements.

Another Chance at Love

 photo tumblr_m7nmgqMRye1rb787go1_500_zps3d5e5496.jpg

If there is a dating website for young adults, it is but natural that there is also an online dating service for more matured or older individuals. Even men and women above 50 years old have the right to find their life companions or sex partners for short-term relations at any mature dating site they like. One of the more popular online mature dating websites in the UK is It has over 13 million profiles and provides everything you will need to meet other people with the same interests as yours.

The “About Us” has a lot of information about the website. Everything you need to know about the website you will find in this page. Signing up at is easy and free. Among the perks you will have are a safe email system, instant messaging, text and audio/video chats and a lot more.
It is quite hard to meet someone the conventional way so this online mature dating service makes it easier and simpler for a person to be on a date. They have an extensive database and virtual chatrooms where you can first engage in chat with possible sex and romantic partners before going on an actual date.

Furthermore, this free dating website is totally safe. Rest assured that any of your private data are tightly secured. provides the highest security level to its mature members where members can even post revealing pictures of themselves. Remember that with, it is never too late to meet that special someone and have your second chance at love.

Delightful Shopping at Posy Lane

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 photo 551366_582919471732748_1591869841_n_zps6f91c021.jpg

The great thing about online shopping is that there always seems to be more stores to be explored everyday, right at the comforts of your own home. I discovered this really cute online store which happens to have almost everything I need. Posy Lane, which used to be located in McKinney, Texas, now does all its business online. But nevertheless, the store never fails to impress all its customers and visitors with its wide selection of products. This one-stop shop certainly has what it takes to make it big.

Posy Lane has the biggest selection of the finest products. Shopping is easy because items are categorized. Its categories are Uniquely You (Personalized Ink Stamps, Phone Cases, iPad Cases, Cutting Boards, Mouse Pads, Platters, Plates and Placemats etc.); Apparel & Etc. (zebra shower wraps and other Bath Wraps, Bath Robes, Tote & Travel Bags, Fleece Throws, Throw Pillows); Edibles; Stationery (Kid’s Address Labels, Kid’s Flat Note Cards, Kid’s Folded Note Cards, Kids Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Labels); Children (Table Top, Water Bottles, Crayon Apron Toolbelt, Portable Activity Center, Kids Artwork Holder etc.); Baby (Blankets, Lovies & Stuffed Animals, Bloomers and Shorts, Burp Cloths, Baby Bibs etc.); and School (Kids Sleeping Bags, Lunch Totes, Duffle Bags, personalized backpacks and nap mats etc.).

Not only does Posy Lane sell beautiful items they also provide printing and embroidery services. They also pride themselves in having an excellent customer service staff as well as their attention to detail. Plus, the website has a fun and inviting quality to it so it’s nice to browse around. Domestic shipping costs $6.75 for any order and both UPS ground and USPS priority mail are used. Faster shipping options are available though.

USPS shipping usually takes 2-3 days while UPS can take up to 5 days depending on the location. They also ship internationally but transient time is longer. They have a 30-day return policy on items that have not been personalized or used. They do not refund personalized orders unless they made a mistake.

Advice for singles in relationships with metrosexuals

The metrosexual man has it all – a good body, good skin, fashion sense and an awareness of his emotions. In a nutshell, he provides the ideal combination of lover and best friend. This, at least, is what the purveyors of the ‘metrosexual’ tag would like people to believe. But is this most modern of men really the perfect boyfriend?





The best thing about a metrosexual man is that he looks good – or at least makes the effort to. This is in stark contrast to certain males who think dressing up is putting on a pair of clean jeans.

Females who meet metrosexual men on dating sites, such as, often find that they have an extensive grooming regime, which includes going to the gym, eating well, finding the best haircut for their face shape and maintaining it, following fashion and making an effort to find clothes that suit them.

A metrosexual man will be more in touch with his so-called feminine side. He’ll freely talk about his emotions and be happy to spend time discussing his and other peoples’ feelings.  This can make for a relationship that is both honest and communicative.

Because a metrosexual man is not confined by established gender roles, he can allow his creative side to come through – more so than a typical male.

For a woman who likes her man to accompany her everywhere, a metrosexual is perfect. He’ll spend the day shopping, without becoming impatient, and enjoy meeting her friends and spending time with them.



 A metrosexual man may have limited depth to his personality. As with a female who seems obsessed only by her looks, overly narcissistic men can be shallow. While looks are obviously important, repeatedly discussing them can get a little dull.

Metrosexual men are unlikely to be religious – or spend much time thinking about their place in the world. For a Catholic, Buddhist or Christian seeking meaningful love, this could be important.

Unlike most men, a metrosexual man is likely to have formed a complex social network. This usually means lots of socializing and frequent contact with his many friends. This can be difficult for a woman who tends to be introverted or shies away from groups.

Because metrosexual men are so concerned with their appearance, their partners need to be confident about their own. A metrosexual man will often expect his partner to work at looking good and may comment if he thinks she’s not wearing the right shoes or needs to tone up.


GOODENOUGH 2012 Fall/Winter August Releases


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Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses



Recently, Ive been stumbled on the one blog who had this enthusiastic feeling on the most famous cartoon character before and even today which Hello Kitty. The Manga character,Hello Kitty, was the most played toy and most watched TV series way back time and it’s actually then on this generation. Yeah – that’s how famous the cartoon is, And everyone’s grew knowing the cartoon character I’m pretty sure on that.

Due of public demand, and how people getting crazed on the charter, someone company thought to made these awesome Hello Kitty wedding dresses not only for those hello kitty dolls but also to those girls who wanted to be look the character rather to be look kawaii. Because everyone’s find hello kitty kawaii or cute that people wanted to be, I think it so..

At the moment, I dunno where to buy these dresses and how much they will cost. Kindly search Google about it and I assure you someone knows the further information about it.. Thanks!

Best thing to give for those fashionable men

For us fashionable men. Yeah! I included my self,hahah you might wonder on what is the best thing that you should give as a present, right? Because you might have this thought that we are indeed picky on what thing we should have rather on what thing that we consider. But that way of thinking is was really wrong because you can pleased us on a simple Golf Gifts for Men because we men are usually play the golf as are way to distress our selves on those streetwise that we’ve got along our way, so yeah, if you have your friend guy that has this huge opinion about fashion then, just give him any golf accessories and I am pretty sure that he’ll like it.

I Likey!

I was searching the web to find such cool belt with me then, that I may use on this up coming summer get away that family was planned to do with, and yeah I’ve been stumbled on one online shop that has these elegant Hermes belts that really caught my attention then. Because as you’ve seen these belts on top, they’re like an heaven to wear off,doesn’t it? Alright I was planning to buy the blue one because I think blue belt will suits on my white short and jeans as we go somewhere this coming summer season, And soon as I bought the belt out and been have on a vacation in summer,I’ll definitely share my outfit photos here so that you may see what is the outcome wearing a blue belt into white bottom.

Let’s help those single Mothers

I was trying to be help on those single mothers out there by simple blogging this out. Actually I knew some people that has on the situation and some of them are my friends, yeah, being a single mom is not really that easy because you have to be a mother at the same a father on your kids, though sometimes a mom on the situation can easily handle it, but majority speaking, a single mother has this very huge problem when it’s comes on financial stability because a single mom cant be fully to get on work full time though beaus they needed to take care on their child as well.

Good to know that there was government agencies that can be help on these group of single moms out there. They really do on financial help for single mothers that seeks any assistance for their needing, you, we can do some help as well by giving such excess funds of yours to this group for mothers because they really do need our help at this time for their children to have this great education. I really sorry for them because the guy who’s the one that needed to shoulder this things out are irresponsible enough to support their former family if that it so, I hope this kind of family set up will be abolish through legal law because a lot of child lives has been destroyed.

As you read this post,and you feel lucky enough to have your strong built of family,please do give support for those unfortunate kids whose been abandonment by their fathers. Thanks a lot I hope I can open some people eye in regards on this matter.

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